Backer box - Fedex tax and duties


As some other Backers I wiil;get backer box in few days !
Today I received following message from Fedex:
I live in France
My question : “how many did you payed” for Backer box ?

(base stations should be included)

Thanks !
(I can say that I am a little bit disapointed …)

Your charges*

Import Duty €0
Import Tax €40
Other Taxes €0
Direct Payment Processing Fee €18,0

Total €58


Got mine today in Canada. With two basestations, package declared at $210 USD.

Customs charged duty only on $150, only the basestations as far as I can tell, and they gave me a break on that, perhaps due to codes on the other merch, or it’s low declared values, or some “only taxed above --” threshold that I’m unaware of.

$14.10 in actual GST (Goods and Services Tax),
$1.42 in customs duty fees,
$11.30 in FedEx fees, for a total of
$26.82 CDN (About 20 USD).

I did some checking, fedex might have done it wrong, GST is only 5%, but we have HST which includes that at 13% in Ontario, but I guess I was only charged at the 5% rate. Lucky me.

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20$ !
in my case it is 67$

WTFH !!! :rage: :nauseated_face:

Pimax Team , can you give me some explanations ?

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You have 20% VAT so do the math.

ok for VAT but
Direct Payment Processing Fee : €18,0 !!!

That is what Fedex charge you for the work they do with gadering the VAT.

DPP is the FedEx charge… it’s based on how high duty is in my experience, they know they can charge more fees if you paid more duties since you want your package. If they had correctly done me with HST, I probably would have ended up around $45-50 USD total, my fedex fee would have been 20 instead of 10…

Unfortunately none of those charges have anything to do with Pimax, basically.

Sounds about right according to my invoice (

I have got the invoice Pimax declared from FedEx though, with the HS codes and prices. According to my layman’s calculation, there should be ~ 1 USD import tax and the VAT.

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When I got the notification from FedEx to submit my explanation about the imported package they offered me to handle the tax and duty administration for a fee, or I could handle it myself then there will be no fee. For them to handle the package I had to sign a contract though. I guess you should have to do something similar too, unless you already did some business with FedEx and already gave them the power of attorney to handle your packages for you.

In Canada you have “the right” to self-clear… you request a copy of the documents, and they hold the package while you go visit the customs office, pay the duties, and then fax/email back the completed documents. Then you can save the DPP fee. It’s a hassle, and for any brokerage (DPP) fees under about $30 bucks not worth your time (especially if you take a while, they can charge holding time fees anyways).

It’s an ‘affirmative’ right though, they’ll never tell you about it, you have to request it when the package is en route to Canada or being held.

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Well, I still dont have receive it, not even have a tracking number, they could send it to be by EMS so no taxes would be applied, just as usual.

Someone always pays import taxes, if EMS is your domestic mail or European mail service, then Pimax would have to have paid the import duty when they imported it to the EU before shipping it via EMS, and Pimax wouldn’t eat that cost, they would pass it along. People would then be outraged since we ‘paid our shipping’ when we did the kickstarter, so they chose to let the courier companies collect duties from you.

Well, from the 54 pages of order I have on AliExpress using very very often EMS, I had to pay taxes…no wait, I never paid taxes from this actually ^^
The faster is the delivery the more chances you have to pay taxes, because it is fast the parcels are almost automaticaly checked then taxed (in France at least) but for slow delivery, there are too many parceles, they cant be all checked and when they do they rarely got taxed.
And no I didnt ordered only small things, but some 3d printers for examples…an Artisan and a 8kPlus…
And the seller/sender never had to pay for them.

If you’ve found shady dealers on aliexpress willing to dodge value declarations and border taxation, then I guess you’ve gotten lucky. Pimax is a large enough entity that were they to try and dodge duty (and countries really don’t like entities who avoid taxes), they could be hit with sanctions, fines, or blacklisted from import. Not something a decent sized company is likely to risk. Add in that it requires ‘slow’ shipping methods, which would be howled against by the many people waiting for their items, and you have a double whammy.

No it is pretty common.
My 8k wasnt taxed so backer box should not be either, it all because of Fedex.
After 3 years of waiting it would not change much to be deliverd in a week or in 3

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They have previously said that they paid for the import duty/taxes on first wave (8k/5k+ -both Kickstarter and pre-orders - I at least didn’t pay taxes on my pre-order 5k+) meaning they didn’t really make much money on it.

I guess they did the same on the 8KX shipments but this time asked us to pay afterwards.

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Hmm yeah but I am pretty sure it has no taxes because it was not using a fast delivery system.
Was one of the first to be send though, maybe they changed after this.

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I believe it is because of the law :smiley:.


Salut @soda31

Je suis Français et dans le même cas que toi.
J’ai reçu un sms disant que j’aurai 58 euros à payer.

Quand je clique sur le lien se trouvant dans le sms pour régler , ça envoit sur le site de fedex, puis
au bout d’un moment il y a un message d’erreur.
Pas moyen de payer.

( j’ai essayé plusieurs navigateurs, téléphone et sur pc , rien ne fonctionne )

As tu réussi à payer la facture de ton côté ?

Merci :wink:

i got an E-Mail today from Fedex too. Im a earlier Pimax8k Backer from 2017 (switched to 5k+). My Backer Box and one Base-Station arrived and the Customs make some Problem. They do not accept the invoice in the package from Pimax, because they say the price for the items is to low. I think, they have make a look at the Online Shop from Pimax :wink: . I dont have a proof payment and a order confirmation about 135,-$ from the Backer Box. So, after 5 Days they will sent them back?. If Fedex them sent back to Pimax, do i have to pay something?. If someone from Germany here and have the same Problem?.

This ist the E-Mail from Fedex (translate from German to English)

Dear Mr. XXX, After a customs inspection, the customs officials doubt the value of your shipment. In order to be able to process the shipment properly, we need a meaningful proof of payment from you with reference to the shipment. (Invoice is not accepted as proof of payment) PayPal / credit card billing, bank statements, transfer slips come into question here. In addition to the correct amount, proof of payment should also contain details of the sender / payee, buyer / consignee and goods so that the reference to the consignment can be identified. If the document does not contain this information, send us the order confirmation as well. Please redact any sensitive data contained in the documents, such as card numbers, account numbers or the like. If no proof of payment can be provided (e.g. in the case of sample goods or gifts), the customs authorities require a statement with an explanation of the facts and an indication of a realistic value of the goods. In addition, customs require the order confirmation.