Backer 459 forsale on ebay

Will watch this with anticipation and interest nearly 700 GBP already 5days to go

If I survive my scubadive adventure in Bonaire this november, I will save for my next big adventure: Pimax.

I hope the seller doesn’t forget the import taxes/V.A.T. he still has to pay himself…


He can change the package destination this means you aren’t receiving any goods and unless the country he lives in knows everything about what he/she buys they won’t be able to know he must pay VAT. Atleast thats how it is where i live. VAT is only applied when the package enters the country where it is supposed to be processed :stuck_out_tongue:

Now at 1435 GBP wow 4 days to go

Seller going to use this to fund a StarVR purchase? What will be more expensive, StarVR or the final selling price of 459?

Someone sold a pledge on here recently,
claiming he had to pay vat already, thus a higher asking price. Sounds fishy, but someone bought it anyway.

I hope they don’t set the retail price based on that!

i think its a must have now price ,but if they do go 3x on the price i think alot of people will pass

If they did, they might sell 2 headsets? Becuase that’s the result of 3 bidders, and I assume one is going to walk away with an 8k (albeit maybe giving up $5k+)

EDIT: Just saw the retracted bid of ÂŁ3,100 at the bottom! Was that someone accidentally bidding their maximum figure?


yea as said it depends on where you live. Perhaps the buyer lives in EU and so has to pay VAT since it was via ebay?

All this is evidence of is that some people have more money than sense and patience.


A backer for sale, huh?

Hard worker? Light eater?

(Sorry, had to. :P)


To some people , money means nothing to them cause they have so much of it , very ugly truth

1400 pounds that is disgusting. I would sell for that price, I am not the impatient type.

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Its all good till the buyer claims the headset wont work and ebay sides with them then ships it back and you open it and its a box with a brick that weighs the same.


No, the seller was claiming he paid the vat from the kickstarter pledge itself.

i also sell my pledge on ebay (backer 215) but i can not see my offer in the uk version of ebay (i’mfrom germany). seems that the british are willing to pay more :smiley:
i sell to anybody in eu…looks like ebay already took uk out of the eu :D^^

i can just see it when i open it directly but it doesnt appear during search.

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As a Brit, I find that funny. As a Brit, I am sad. Damn Brexiters!


Ive got a feeling it may be that you dont have global shipping active on your ebay account ?

Given that we still have boarders anyway ,i mean still need apassport to get across the water in any direction
maybe ebay just consider Britain sectioned to begin with ?