Backed 8k, can I switch to 5k BE?

Just got my survey for delivery, I was wondering if I can change my 8k backing to a 5k be instead of the plus. Also is the oled worth it? I would be happy to not get the $100 voucher if the oled had better image then the plus.

yes you can switch

You can use the coupon in whatever Pimax produced:

  1. Accessories: headstrap with earphones, face cushion, 10m cable, cooling fan, VR frame;
  2. Modules produced by Pimax. e.g. hand motion, wireless etc.
  3. Pimax controllers;
  4. When X becomes available, we’ll provide more benefits for both the 5K+ and 8K backers.

You can use both wireless coupon and the $100 coupon with 5K+ ($200 in total) to buy wireless module.
Since the accessories are not available now, you can use the $100 coupon in the future.

@Heliosurge could you point me in the right direction for who to ask. To be clear, I backed the 8k and would like to know if I can swap to the 5k BE. Also are there any reviews/comparisons of the 5k+ Vs 5k BE? Thanks :slight_smile:

It ask this in the survey.

I saw, it doesn’t make clear if the BE comes with the $100 voucher or not or is there is a delay in shipping with the BE. Also I would like to know if the oled makes a difference or not so would like to see some reviews/comparisons

I believe the BE cost more so you do NOT get the $100.
And some one correct me if I am wrong but I think it cost you another $100.


I believe you are right.

For backers of 8K:
5k+ -> +$100, get voucher
8k -> no change
5k BE -> -$100, must pay extra


That sounds reasonable, but is it official? Has Pimax stated this anywhere?

I swapped down to the 5K+ and asked if the $100 voucher could be used to change my 1 base station pledge (75+10postage) to the full $300 base station and controller pack.
I would need to add $115 and was told they had no way of accepting additonal money and the exchange was not allowed.

@anon74848233 @anon23564932 @Pimax-Support
Any chance to have more Info about the 5kBE?
I really would like to consider your offer and pay extra but so little is known about the device. When do you intend to send it to testers? I’m backer ~4700, how long can I wait to send back the survey? Is it likely to have conclusive Info during that timeframe in order to consider changing to the BE?


Also received my email. Leaning towards 5k+ would love more info on 5k+BE

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Yes you can~but please contact this problem via service desk.
Please contact our support team via service desk, they are handle this and will respond very quickly.

The service desk link :

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Ah, just found the reference regarding the price for upgrading to 5K BE:

It is pointless trying [ it times out

Thx, I did. Let’s see if they are able to provide any information regarding my questions

I was leaning toward the 5k BE based on the single review I could find of it. When I wrote to Pimax inquiring about the price, I was informed that it was $100 more than the 8k, but when I clicked on the link, it said “We have a surprise for you,” and I was charged $1. I felt pretty good about that, but I also asked about the resolution of the 5k BE because that is important to me, and the “information” I got was worthless. It boiled down to “Since all our products are excellent, we cannot provide any recommendation.”

Anway, I decided to roll the dice, but then I saw another link from someone who provided a straight answer from Pimax today that leads me to believe I made a mistake. Check this out: https://forum.pimaxvr/t/about-pimax-business-versions-and-models-for-the-upcoming-pre-order/9462

That leaves me with a much different impression than the article about the Pimax 5k being an underdog turned wolf, which had some favorable things to say about the 5k BE, although the person who wrote the article had only a very brief time with the BE.

The problem is that there are NO reviews posted by Pimax about the 5k BE at all. I’d at least like to see some comparison photos of gauges like they have for the 5k Plus and the 8k.

Has anyone else switched to the 5k BE? As much as I’d like brighter colors and more contrast, I’m nervous about going with a completely unknown quantity. Has anyone been able to compare the 5k BE to the other headsets?

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When I tried it out I personally did not enjoy it.
Good: awesome colors as expected
Bad: Very high screen door effect, very weird pixel pattern that accentuates the screen door effect.
That’s pretty much the main takeaways I had from trying the BE in skyrim and elite dangerous
I don’t personally recommend it over either the 5k or 8k


Oh, the BE isn’t RGB stripe? Screw that. I’m sick of Pentile and all its cousins ruining displays.


Link doesn’t work.Any chance you could repost please?

The BE is using the same Samsung phone panels as the 3Glasses S1