Awesome! Dying light VR : How to play on pimax 8k, 5k, 4k without revive and steamvr

  1. Go to the folder C:\Users\username\Documents\DyingLight\out\settings\

  2. Open up the file video.scr , add “OculusEnabled()” and save

  3. Create “steam_appid.txt” in the folder where Dying light is installed,
    add “239140” and save

  4. Import “DyingLightGame.exe” on pitool

  5. Start the Dying Light on pitool

  6. Option in game : off antialiasing

video setup in game by SweViver


And it’s on sale on Steam :wink: Does that version work or does it have to be the Oculus version?


Yep, on steam. 202020


Perfect. I’m bying the enhanced edition then… :wink:


Which resolution should be set under video settings in-game?

Is there any way to supersample the game?

Can I play the game with the large FOV?

Does it need Parallel Projection to be activated?

Are you using SweViver’s method with one activated Vive controller to solve the problem with fuzzy movement and head-tracking?

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  1. Resolution is not modified
  2. Maybe, but I don’t feel the need.
  3. yep, large FOV
  4. Turn off Parallel Projection
  5. Don’t need a Vive controller I used an xbox 360 pad(off lighthouse on pitool)

Don’t change any video settings while in VR, otherwise menu gets bugged.

The game is very heavy on the GPU, but it is running surprisingly nice !


Turn off Blur, HBAO, DOF to get smooth frame rates.


Awesome thanks park!

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Using Steam version here but I cannot open these screen saver files. I cannot even assign to open with notepad or anything in windows 10. Any ideas?

In the video @park renames the file to .txt edits it and renames it again.


I got past that stage but game doesn’t boot up in VR. The location of the file is different as well due to onedrive nonsense.

Just install notepad++

.SCR are a well know source of viruses, so windows is very startled by it.


Well it’s not working for me. Steam VR or Oculus does not run when the game is launched via Pitool.

@RobCram Steam VR or Oculus does not run but your hmd will have the game output to vr.
power off basestaions and off lighthouse on pitool


Do I understand this right…so you’re running this game without lighthouse support?


Yeah, watch 2:18 on my YouTube video.

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ok so 3DOF only…hmm, not sure I can get on board with that as much as I appreciate your efforts and this great game. I miss it, from my now sold PS4. Seems like a step back compromise to get it working. Why is it necessary to turn of lighthouse tracking?

Ok got this to work but it’s running like at 24 fps or less using large fov 8K and lowest in game settings. RTX 2080 Ti user here. Looks nice though. Controls are wobbly and the lack of proper tracking hurts.

How are you guys getting it to “running surprisingly nice” ?


@RobCram hmm… I want to know exactly how you did it. Settings in pitool and game.
There seems to be a problem with your pc optimization

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