Automobilista 2

Someone play this on Pimax?


Looks great. Uses the Project Cars 2 graphics engine. Although he says they’ve made improvements for VR performance. Lets hope it runs smoothly.

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he also says the cars are less like spinning tops and the FFB is tight.

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Yes looks incredible on a 5K plus Can’t wait to see it in the 8kX
Even though the game is in Beta , FFB is phenomenal !


if i buy now can I get the beta? is it worth the extra cost or should I just be patient and wait for Early Access?

Depends how much your into Sim racing, If you love it like I do sure it’s worth it but I don’t know your financial situation, myself I’ve already invested about 3k in sim racing hardware so having a game like this justifies my investment The Force feedback , Physics graphics and sounds are just that good .


Can you play it on the 5K+ without Parallel Projections?

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No it uses the same Game engine as project cars 2 so you need to enable it .

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Has anyone tried it? It came out yesterday

Sadly, it needs PP on. Physics are great, but graphics are worse than in PC2. I´m playing in 64hz, PP on, normal FOV, graphics medium/high, with the .txt sharpening trick. System doesn´t give me higher stable framerate with this settings.

My config:
I7 7700k
Rxt 2080ti
32gb ddr4 3000mhz

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I did not try, but it might be possible to run it in Oculus mode, just as PC2, which removes need for PP.

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Thanks for your reply!

Do you use Project Cars 2? If so hows the performance compared to that? I was hoping they’d make improvements.

Yeah, playing in Oculus mode is much better. Now I can play at 72hz and with sharper image in Normal FOV.

For those who don´t know how to play in Oculus VR mode, follow the steps under:

  1. Create a .txt named steam_appid.txt in your Automobilista 2 main folder
  2. Write this number in the .txt: 1066890
  3. Import the AMS2.exe in pitools.
  4. Run the game from pitools.

You need to have Oculus Software installed to this steps work.


thanks for sharing this. I am planning to try AMS2 when 92 DTM is out (if it will look like real series).

I believe two .dll’s are enough though, no need for full oculus suite


I’m new to the Madness engine. How can you see fps when running as Oculus?

I’m able to get the standard Steam fps meter on the monitor but it’s not very convenient…

EDIT: Ok. My initial tests show worst performance in Oculus mode with PP off compared to Steam mode with PP on. About 10%. This is with comparable image quality. I have a hard time to believing it…

Its like a slideshow in oculus mode with a 2080ti but much clearer. The steamvr mode looks like a blurry mess in the horizon with PP enabled like American Truck Simulator . Looks like I wont be playing this in VR unless they encorporate native PP support. Been running into a bunch of titles lately which require PP and its kinda a bummer considering how much it reduces clarity and visual fidelity.

weird because people on their forums say the performance was one of the best.

does oculus home need to be running

No, it doesn´t need to be running.

Strange, for me in Oculus mode I can run much better… I´ve set my HMD 64hz again due to low framerates in night races and when is raining.