Assetto Corsa in Pimax 5k plus - advanced setup guide

This setup is for advanced or semi advance vr simmers which playing a lot in AC AND WANT THE BEST POSSIBLE DISTANCE SHARPNESS AND MUNCH BETTER COLORS ,SATURATION AND MAINTAIN SOLID 90 FPS .Setup in my video is prepared for at least gtx 1080 or 1080 ti and modern i7 processor.
This game in Pimax is surprisingly dark and colors are bleach and faded.
So please download custom launcher and content management app for Assetto Corsa. Content Mananger is still in development, new features are added regularly. Please consider father updates.
When we have mods instaled we are not runnig this game from steam anymore but form DESKTOP shortcut.
Instead of in game PP filters recommending shaders-patch for Content Manger it’s so munch better than in game Postprocesing filters, and almost don’t hurt your performance
Personally I don’t like in games PP becosue non of them give good colors , saturation , filters are not VR friendly and based my experience they are taking sometimes 20~30 fps when you run game with high resolutions like 4000x3000 pixels per eye . And we need this high res for the best possible sharpness and low SDE
Links to 2 mods:
Contenet Manager
and Shaders Patch

and go to my YT setup guide:

This game shine even better thanks to this MODs . There is a lot of gfx settings options to play ,
sky is the limit guys :slight_smile: Enjoy


Wow ! Impressive clarity and sharpness…I play AC a lot on my racing rig and still have to get to a satisfactory graphic quality settings using the Od+

It would be interesting to see how this launcher works with an Od+ and find suitable settings for it.


@Yata_PL Thanks for the guide. I have downloaded the full version of CM, when I click on the CM patch tab, it says custom shader patch not installed. What do I do with it? Sorry I’m new to this Content Manager thingy.

Instal it from my second link

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I did went to the second link, click on the 0.1.24, and then click install, open up CM, nothing happen. When I attempt to close CM, it says something is being install but I don’t see anything being download.
Edit: Never mind, I figured it out :slight_smile:

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@Yata_PL Any shader file optimized for WMR/Od+ ? Or the one posted just works well on any headset ?

@Lillo CM and Shaders Patch should work with any headset but my setup is for Pimax 5k , don’t have any WMR hmd

Thanks for the guide, the game looks much more vibrant now.


@Yata_PL finally got it working! now my main issue is supersampling. I set OpenVR supersampling ingame to something else than 1.0, save, restart, not changing still on 1.0.

Am I the only one that can not set anything else than 1.0?

edit: Jesus, who needs ingame SS. like you showed: pitool 1.25, 70% Steam SS, -1 LOD bias and that thing is clean and still runs at 90fps, unbelievable!!! thanks man!


Thanks man !:slight_smile: I’m glad that it’s working in your system.

If I have time I will give it a try tomorrow ! <3
You did speak about a free version ? where can I find it ?

in my first post:) …

I thought you were talking about the game itself
so I buy it on steam then install the mods, is it right ?

yes, only mods are for free… as usually you have to pay for game

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can you still play online after installing the mods ?

sure, I’m local league racer…

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thank you ! :slight_smile:

That is madness. Much better resolution, colors, contrast and also the black value.
In addition, the native resolution can be adjusted.
Wonderful. Such settings should also be possible in the PiTool. Thank you!


The white lines flicker with me. Is there a solution?

@Yata_PL Thanks a lot for this post.

I still dont know how to install the shaders patch. I click on install using CM and CM opens but it shows me :
“Custom shaders patch is not installed”.

If someone can explain , thanks