Assetto Corsa Competizione - Pimax 5k+/8k Settings

Hello Community!

I’m really into sim racing and today Assetto Corsa Competizione came out but I haven’t been able to get it dialed in looking good with a smooth image ever since the beta releases and up until V1.0.0 today.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should set my in-game graphics settings, PiTool settings, and SteamVR SS settings at?

Any suggestions would be appreciated in this posting, for myself and the rest of the sim-racing community.


Pimax 5k+ + ACC 1.0.0

Pitool (latest beta)
SS 1.25
SmartSmoothing ON
everything else OFF

SS 60%
app resolution 100%

ingame settings:

20 Meters


Image Costomization

Only did career so far! So far i got stable 45 FPS and graphics are OK on a Strix 2080 TI OC

Hope this helps.

Looking still for optimization but for now i can live with these settings


Thank you VERY much.
Ive tried everything and just got fed up and bought a Rift S to try it on that one.
I cant stand blurriness. I got used to iRacing’s amazing VR view

I’ll try though and hopefully it looks decent. Most people with Vive and other headsets are having issues. Its not just an issue with Pimax. I only heard reports from Oculus users saying its good.

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If you care about clarity check out the just released HP Reverb Pro - I’ve had a evaluation unit for 2 weeks now and it’s amazing, make the 5K+ look like a blurry mess by comparison. I also just tested the Rift S where I was sorely disappointed as it’s such a tiny upgrade over the CV1.

CV1 PPI: 460
Rift S PPI: 550
HP Reverb PPI: 1000+

Screen door is a thing of the past, it’s beautiful.

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I have tried everything possible all different types of combinations of settings. 72 and 90 fps, Small and Normal FOV. 1.0 PiTool, SteamVR 60-100% SS, etc.
It all either looks blurry and smooth or too crisp with massive frame drops.
I’m running ACC 1.0.2 as well.

Hi Mike,

I’m currently also testing for a clear sight in ACC. I figgured out, that if you Change the 100% Basic down to probably 80 % it seems to be clearer then at 100% :roll_eyes: don’t ask me why I’m still testing.

What do you mean change $100% basic to 80%? Did you mean super sampling?

Sorry I mean the Application Settings in Basic choose 80% Resolution and 100% VR-Pixel Density - set all other Parameters to low or Mid especialy Post Processing.

Ill try that - how does it look though?

This comes from the lastest 1.0.7 update for Assetto Corsa Competizione, on the Beta fork:

Predictions for 1.0.8

Specific targets:

  • revising Career and Championship modes, especially in the light of the recent overhaul of the driver stint implementation and other open issues
    Unfortunately this couldn’t make it in time for this hotfix cycle.
  • we will be working on specific AI scenarios, such as the ability to recognize blue flag situations


  • we will be looking at revising the formation sequence in Multiplayer.
    This might take more time due to the many corner cases a more complex system brings with itself, so it is likely to be in a subsequent release later on
    - as said before, we are constantly looking into improving performance and VR-related features, but again, we heavily rely on 3rd parties here

@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA @SweViver

Please Pimax, let your voice be heard to Kunos, ACC is a great racing game for serious simracers but it is known to be a lot visually unsatisfactory on most VR headsets, BUT on the Pimax ones it is one of the most visually detailed already !! Let the Pimax headsets become the VR reference using ACC by working closely with Kunos developers !! They are asking for this.


What settings are you using

It is known that VR in ACC is a mess and doesnt look good on any headset (ive tried pimax, index, and rift s)

Still experimenting with settings on ACC, but generally speaking, many headsets are doing far worse than a Pimax 5K+ on ACC , still havent’t had chance to try an Index tough.

One of the biggest problems with ACC in VR is that it’s still far from optimized, and heavily taxing on the GPU, this is mainly because Unreal Engine is still not well suited for VR titles, and this is why I think that Kunos could greatly get help from the various VR manufacturers, Pimax is at an advantage here in my opinion, and could take the chance to get noticed on the VR scene.

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People keep blaming the unreal engine for the poor vr performance. But Robo Recall is using the unreal engine and that game is excellent in vr! Assetto is just not optimized properly.

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Well…you can’t really pretend to compare the two, one is just an arcade game with not much to compute except good graphics (where UE excels and has no problem with…) and some simple physics (probably using PhysX here) while ACC has an huge amount of physics processing to do, tyre grip simulation, road grip simulation, engine, suspensions, aerodynamics, weather, AI for opponents and a host of other characteristics…plus one of the best graphics ever seen on a racing simulation.

So yes…the difference is huge, maybe UE is not the best choice for such a serious simulation like ACC, even Kunos said they almost regret their choice; in any case it will still be optimized over time, including the VR side.


I think the problem is that while it will be optimized somewhat it won’t be anywhere near enough. Basically they made a terrible choice. If it will get better in 4 years when hw is better remains to be seen but it could end up like PC2.

It’s a great shame as its a good sim

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I think this is true, as even in the menus when there is just the one room and the driver pit guy it has horrible FPS … no simulation at that Point

EDIT: I mean that Kunos Simulazioni really is messing something up in VR, most likley they have not dedicaded ressources to further enhance it since they have a ton of work on other places - like taking out RTX suggests…

Sorry for the issues, will get a teachician to assist you. Thanks.

Hello Guys , I’m newbe for ACC and struggling to run this game in P5k+ , PT . 249 .
I have set PT at 1.0 steamVR 70 % and receiving error after clicking run game in SteamVR mode Iout of video memory"
But wait a minute I have 2080Ti I should not have a problem with video ram .
I have setup and check this game at monitor and runs well.( gfx settings was set on “high” but not at ultra.

What is going with this game ? Anyone can help or had this issue before ??

Edit : Solved that issue. Too high gfx/ texture settings.

I gave up on Acc in VR. I got it working with custom settings before but decided to stay on a monitor until it’s better optimized

yea the first ACC is much better,and great performance in VR