Artisian stock where is it?

what happen with the Artisian being in stock this week?

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You know Pimax huh. They did not even ship the Index bundle scheduled to be shipped before 15th. :joy:

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The funny thing is Aliexpress has a seemingly endless supply of Artisians yet pimax cant even stock there own on there own site.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Actually there are plenty stock of Artisans(called Meister) in official reseller here too. :sweat_smile:

What is the official reseller where you are located?

There you go

I don’t think Aliexpress actually have any. I ordered my first one 7 weeks ago from them and after giving up on that as it never left China I got awarded a ‘refund’ from Aliexpress (but haven’t actually got it yet). I then ordered another one this time using DHL delvery. So far (3 weeks after ordering) DHL have only ‘received information’ of the shipment, not the actual shipment. So I’m fairly sure there is some serious lying going on (all around)!!

My theory is the Aliexpress Pimax stores are actually part of Pimax (or at least in coalition with them) and are selling still to be built headsets to maintain cash flow while trying to avoid bad PR from the headsets not actually turning up.

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I think you will find Aliexpress does not hold stock of any items, they pass the order onto the manufacturer, your ordered items come from the manufacturer, not Aliexpress.

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Actually, it comes from the seller, whoever he is.

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Not from the manufacturer as drop shipping is less common in asia because sales typically occur on a cash basis for resellers in the region.


My friend ordered 1 from the rykzz store or whatever irs called and its in the usa after 13 days from order.

So Pimax being the seller AND manufacturer, it comes from Pimax.
Or are you selling them to sellers and they put them on Aliexpress ?

Wow, we are not an AliExpress seller. You seem to naturally draw the most negative possible conclusion from any sentence. You even do mental gymnastics to turn negative.

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I just ordered mine from Aliexpress via RYKKX with DHL delivery on May 13 !!! you scare me guys :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

I have the head of my avatar

Sorry were did I say you were a AliExpress seller?
I asked if you sell them to sellers (resellers) and THEY put them on AliExpress.
As AliExpress are selling them, were are they getting them from ?
OR does AliExpress order then from you?

They get them from distribution which is what makes it difficult to keep track who on that platform is selling them and how they are presented.


To PimaxUSA. You don’t need to do mental gymnastics to draw negative conclusions after being fed so many dodgy pieces of information. To name a couple (but clearly over Pimax’s history there are hundreds) - when I went to cancel my 8KX order middle of March the person from Pimax trying to convince me not to cancel said that it was a shame as mine would be one of the first batch that would be going out on the 3rd of April which was clearly not true. You say that you have nothing to do with selling through Aliexpress and yet you guys have been out of stock of the Artisan for months (my name has been on the ‘inform me’ email list) and yet Aliexpress now seem to have a batch of clearly new builds with the blue case!!! - And what is your explanation ‘they get them from distribution’ which you expect us to then think ahh that makes sense clearly nothing to do with Pimax. This is exactly the same type of nonsense I’ve been hearing from the Aliexpress shop I’m dealing with for the past two months. (OK, these Aliexpress based companies may not be legally part of Pimax but Pimax must be in some form of control of how many headsets they get hold of to sell).

Edited a few times for typos and to calm language!

Added: It pains me to be so cynical at the moment. I’d love to be hyper positive as I love VR - I’m one of those guys that can honestly say they fell in love with VR in the 80’s having tried on an early contraption and been following it ever since. And that’s why I’ve been following Pimax passionately up to now as they were the only guys pushing the technology. But now I feel there is a strong need for more honesty as the misinformation (and clearly there is a lot of it) is starting to be counter productive in terms of confidence in the Pimax product.


Thank you.
There seams to be 3 main re-sellers on Aliexpress
So who is RYKKZ?
RYKKZ Virtual Reality Store, Also seam to have Base stations in stock.


Virtual reality glasses Store