Artisian stock where is it?

Seriously I would cancel if you can now. Yes a few people have received them OK but I think they are having particular trouble suppling Europe for some reason and they are not being straight with us about why (whether they really don’t have the headsets or it’s a political or logistic problem who knows but I ordered my first one from these guys nearly 2 months ago and the last one over 3 weeks ago changing delivery to DHL this time and I don’t feel I have a reliable tracking number for either). If you do keep the order can you let me/us know if you get a real tracking number that seems to work - i.e it doesn’t just say ‘information recieved’.

My friend ordered an Artisian from rykkz about 14 days ago and it is being delivered today in the US with dhl service.

I’m starting to think they have problem with getting them to Europe for some reason.

I can 100% say that pimax support has direct contact with the RYKKZ store, I personally bought in this store (because I know how the official pimax store works for a very long time) and now, while waiting for pimax to make my helmet, I thought it might be profitable to add money and It will be updated to 8k + and I said this in support, then I visited aliexpress and saw a message from RYKKZ that I need to add 450 dollars to update, I did not inform aliexpress seller about this.

I am sure that pimax itself is very profitable that a separate seller (reseller) is engaged in the sale on a proven site, in addition, a Chinese.

This is what made me wonder, as the URL reads and it takes you to RYKKZ, witch is only selling Pimax stuff.
So is this another Pimax store ?

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I have 4 days left before I can cancel my order but I hesitate.
When I read the message from John-9950, there is a little hope!
I also think that they have trouble delivering to Europe, if things change by then, I will inform you of the situation
Proverb of the day: hope gives life

Hope left me after about a month of tracking something that wasn’t moving from a Shanghai sorting office.

My friend just got his today ordered may 4th to NY state in the US.


All this talk about the Artisian stock seems like all a sudden there are now 0 available through Aliexpress.

I know, I noticed that a couple of days ago. I noticed it before though and a day later they had loads in stock so I didn’t mention it. There’s one shop though that reckon they have 999 units (which I would be surprised if true)!!!

If Pimax sells to a distributor, they have little to no control of where their product is sold afterwards unless they place restrictions on the purchase of their product to those that violate their sales agreements, if they had one, it sounds like they do not. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

Likewise, if Pimax is selling to distributors, they WILL have the items in stock before their own store, because they buy headsets by the dozens, or hundreds per order. In a small company, this can be a logistical nightmare as you try to keep track of/prioritize product delivery between individuals, and bulk purchasers. This is especially true, if you do not place in stock restrictions on your retailers, allowing them to sale product they do not yet have on their shelves, in anticipation of the next order/delivery.

Just because someone has Pimax products in stock, is not a direct link to Pimax the company/retailer. Pimax is not going to talk about their business with a distro to the public. I’m sure individual sales are important, but the fact remains, distro buys are way more profitable, and way less of a headache.

I apologize if anyone in retail is here reading this part, but I hope to explain some things to those who are not. (this is oversimplified, please don’t rake me over the coals) The retail food chain starts with the factory. The factory just makes the product normally. It’s rare that a factory directly sells to the public, if if it is under the same brand, usually the store is it’s own entity under the corporate umbrella. The next buyer in line, is the Distributor. The distributor usually warehouses items they buy in the thousands. The bulk purchase keeps the price low enough for the next buyer to make a profit. The next buyer is either a Wholesaler, or a very large retailer (think chain stores). The wholesaler and large retailer can’t buy quantities that will net them a profitable discount, so they buy from the Distributor, who passes some of that large buy discount to them. The next buyer, is either the small retailer, or you, the consumer. The small retailer is at the mercy of the factory direct, and large retail sales. You are at the mercy of all of them, and what the market price will bare.

If Pimax says they are not directly affiliated with any Alibaba store, they probably are not. Furthermore, unless the retailer is violating the MAP price, or regional restrictions of sales, of their item, Pimax is unlikely to seek out the source of the retailer selling their product.

This wide distribution through the chain, allows people to purchase items at a much lower price, as the volume of products production can be higher, lowering costs to make the item, and made available to a much larger customer base, keeping sales volumes high.

The last thing to talk about is authorized retailers. If Pimax does not restrict after sale support, to only authorized retailers, there isn’t a whole lot of reason for a customer not to buy from another source. I.E. an Alibaba e-store.

Drop shipping items one by one from a factory is never a recipe for success, unless that retailer is selling large single item, think boats, trailers, mattresses, etc… If I had known that was what was happening, and my item was not being fulfilled by Amazon as stated on the website, I may have purchased from an unaffiliated party retailer myself.

Also @PimaxUSA Being affiliated with an Alibaba retailer like RYKKZ is not a negative if the store’s customers are satisfied. I can understand your frustration with hearing about it in comparison the the Pimax retail store, but, man, that was a harsh reply lol…

If a USA distro could or would buy a run from Pimax, it would cause a shortage in the short run, but once the supply chain is established, it would make for many more happy customers. Unfortunately, I think tariffs and low production numbers may be a likely roadblock to Pimax’s establishment of retail sales outside of China.

My purchase experience is being documented here:

It is a perfect example of why drop shipping is a terrible idea. There is no way the $160.00+ is going to cover the multiple couriers, and multiple packages being imported factory direct from china.

Pour information :

“hi pimax has delayed our order until begining of June, sorry for the trouble caused we just got news today also. Can you help to extend the shipping time by 1 week? or if you don’t want to wait you may cancel order and get full refund immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

I got a message from DHL finally that they have picked it up and are aiming to deliver on the 27th.

happy for you, lloyd709!

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