Artisan vs 5K+/8K+ Buying Question

I’m new here and about to enter the Pimax VR world (currently using a Quest 2, mostly into sim racing) and was thinking about getting a 5k+ or a 8k+ but then discovered the Artisan. Budget wise that would be my go-to choice, but my main reason for Pimax is the much bigger FOV vs Quest 2 and others.

The 5k+ is about 50% more expensive and a 8K+ 150% more expensive then the Artisan and I was wondering whether they are really so much better than the Artisan?

Hope to get some help in making the right choice

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A difficult choice.


  • Horizontal FoV between 125 and 130.
  • Max Refresh Rate 120hz.

FoV still much higher than non Pimax Headsets. Index Horizontal around 110 (source @risa2000 hmdq database). Compared to 5k+ and 8k+ headsets between Small(120 wide) and Normal(140 wide).

SDE similar to 5k+. 5k+ has more FoV & Refresh options(max refresh 144hz)


  • Less SDE than Artisan and 5k+; however softer image due to upscaling picture(same input res as 5k+ 1440p/eye)
  • Max refresh rate 110hz

It varies among owners but some prefer the sharpness of the 5k+; however each is good. The 5k+ has an advantage of much higher refresh rate.


Thanks for your analysis @Heliosurge - you made my dilemma very visible :thinking:

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I believe @Ludiks has both an 8K+ and an Artisan? :slight_smile:


Artisan is cheaper but if you have a good GPU a 8k+ would be a decent upgrade from the Q2 since they both have similar displayed image with, of course, a wider FoV for the 8k+.
Artisan is very good but coming from the Q2 you might be disapointed about the SDE maybe…8k+ and Q2 have an almost invisible SDE.
If you are not very SDE sensitive and on a budget, Artisan might be the right choice.


Ok thanks for your judgement! So best choice would be 8k+, budget choice Artisan and the 5k+ is out of competition because too close to Artisan?

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I have not tried artisan but I have 5k +, a friend had artisan and 5k +, he kept 5k + and sold artisan for it was better 5k + not to mention the hz and superior fov options.

Regarding artisan or 8k + you have to take more issues into account, I will compare with 5k + in my case, but that could be similar in artisan (idk)

5k +

  • More Vibrance Colors
  • More brightness
  • 144hz

8K + /X (upscaled same as 8k +)

  • Better SDE
  • Better detail and clean
  • Better blacks
  • Better deep 3D effect
  • Less jaggies

take into account the color and brightness factor, there is an important difference in favor of the 5k+ unfortunately, although this will improve with future updates in 8k/x I hope…


thank you very much @MKB for this information, although its not getting easier to choose, you brought the 5k+ back into the game. I wish there was a coin with three sides I could toss. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Ludiks just being curious: what made you keep both the Artisan and the 8k+?

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Well you could use a standard 6 sided die.

Result Headset Model
1-2 Artisan
3-4 5k+ (or Super if workable in Budget)
5-6 8k+ (or X if workable in budget)

Dungeon & Dragons gives even more dice options. :beers::grin::+1::sparkles:


Artisan was for my 15yo son.
About the 5k+ vs Artisan, I am not the only one thinking the Artisan is better than the 5k+.
5k+ have better colors but only when you compare them.
And the Large FoV (the Artisan only have “normal”) have too much distortion for many people and that why most of users uses only normal FoV, also for performances.
And Artisan have better LCD panels than the 5k+ with less SDE.


Thanks guys, really appreciate your support & help, I guess I will use the Number Generator and will let you know whats it gonna be…and please not more choices, this is hard enough already


I remember 110 hz !

am i wrong ?

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Thanks for the correction that should have said 110hz.

Corrected the post.


After using @Ludiks Number Generator I am now awaiting this baby and I want to thank you all for helping me out making this choice:

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So which pimax model?


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I thought you can tell by the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Its the 8k+ (although after spending quite some time here I feel that it soo much less good than the 8kx that I made the wrong choice (my wallet thought the Artisan was good enough)

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I have to admit, I own now also a Blue Artisan :innocent:

for which I now have to find the most comfortable strap solution as it came with the simple head strap.

As the normal SMAS and DMAS seem not to fit the Artisan according to that table, which btw is a pity as I soon will have a spare SMAS lying around unused :cry:, what strap mod should I go for?

The MAS strap should indeed fit as all models share the same housing save the center strap hole is wider/bigger than the black housing which the KDMAS comes with an adapter(which @crony demonstrates works on the X for better comfort). The only thing that shouldn’t work maybe without an amp would be the SMAS audio on the Artisan.

As for Mods check the #Guidebank it has multiple alternatives. @Ludiks also has posted some great alternatives.

On the bare cheap there is also the poor man’s face sheild ratchet mount.