Artisan basic through the lense

Some through the lense shots from Artisian Assetto Corsa,I can now saying from using a 5k plus a 8k plus the Artisian has the sharpest visuals of any headset i have used besides the reverb.


Thanks, also this time Sebastian of MRTV was right.


Absolutely i just got an 8k plus and i much prefer the Artisian.


I will buy one me too, but Im waiting to can do It by Amazon

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Very interesting, but what can you say about the SDE Artisan vs 8K +? (how big is the difference).

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Is the distortion really better on the Artisan too?


What is the fov and the setting of video resolution?

When I use 5k+, I use the small fov and highest video resolution of steamvr because it get the most clarity (normal, large never get the clarity).

Last time I test 8k with potato fov, and it get better clarity although still not equal the 5k+, but look better.

Hi John

Are all these images are from the Artisan - I assume they are but wondering why you have posted what seems to me duplicate images (2 of the first image and 4 of the second). I’m just checking I haven’t missed anything?

Also, roughly what proportion of the view are they from would you say?

Yes all artisian,what you mean proportion of the view?

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I was expecting to put on the 8k plus and be like wow even running high ss on both the Artisian is just alot clearer trust me i wish this wasnt the case.


Very interesting as I’m currently trying to decide between Artisan and 8k+.

I’m leaning more towards Artisan just because people are reporting better clarity/sharpness and also it’s cheaper.

How do you find the FOV for sim racing? Still good enough? Can you easily see side mirrors without turning head? Also between the two, which is the best for clearly seeing objects in the distance like brake/corner marker boards?

The 8K Plus is more sensitive to the Steam base resolution because the input data runs through the scaler. That might be worth making a video about to achieve maximum sharpness.


That would be a great idea.
I’ve had a bit of a play at things with the 8k+ but would be good to get solid setup guide.

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I’m not sure if this is part of the issue but Lukdiks initial had the same view but then seemed to change his mind when he used it without Paralel Projection. This is hid vid:


Not for me with pp off in iracing and dirt rally 2 Artisian very noticeably clearer,I mean i have tried alot of different settings and the Artisian is just clearer unless im really missing something here,as i have alot of experience with messing with pimax settings.

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both Artisian with pitool 1.5 and steam ss 120

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I can only agree. I’m also very happy with the artisan. Here are a few pictures with the iPhone through the lens. Use them only for dcs. I could make the picture even sharper, but my PC is limited. Render is only 1.25, so it is even sharper if you have the cpu power.


Do you see differences in distortion between artisan and 8k+ ?

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There isn’t any distortion with the Artisan, none that I see.


But why instead of trying to deny the evidence in search of magical configurations to make 8K + what it is not. Don’t you decide to focus everything on Artisan?

You wanted to make an entry level and for this reason you limited the FoV and resolution … but this turned out to be the right choice! You have been lucky for once, take advantage of this luck.

Bring out an Artisan Deluxe with MAS and housing Vision … sell it at a higher price … an intermediate level between Artisan and 8K + … and become competitive with Index. Checkmate for once, courage.

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