Apple VR - ‘Sooo Good’ (June 5)

Cool! For that kind of money they must have sourced some high quality hardware. Getting more and more excited about this reveal, really praying for some kind of compatibility.

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About half of the costs are the two 1.3" OLED panels


So the OLEDs must be quite spectacular. Absolutely intriguing, even if we know that us ordinary non-US peasants will only be allowed to buy the actual consumer version in 30 months from now. But the ripple effect of Apple demonstrating new tech, new design approaches to the VR/AR/MR community may give us some of the goodies earlier in PC VR headsets.

Bring it on, Tim, create your personal iPhone moment!


I’m pretty sure they’re good. But since they’re so small I think we can also forget about anything spectacular in terms of FoV.


Hmmm, I’m not so sure. The panels are 33% bigger than Bigscreen who are at 90-100 degree. At 30% Apple could push 120 degrees while having a PPD higher than any other headset and call it the first “retina’ quality consumer HMD.


Do we even know if it is PCVR?

Not yet but this new rumor id interedting

Looks like it has the M2 and a second for image processing.

Again… It’s being tied to the Apple Ecosystem…

I doubt they’d do this, but…

If they release this without requirement to use their iTunes crap software or other crap software, and you can use this with your PC for other use-cases freely, then…

THEN. I MIGHT consider it. But I’d still be paying a lot more money for it, because, ya know, they gotta price-up for the ‘Brand Image’ and ‘Luxury’ look of the product, besides whatever great hardware they may have in it.

I admit I’m rather biased about this.
Way back when, I was an owner of the first iPhone. There were certain things I just didn’t like about the OS and limited hardware abilities. Let alone the bloatware that was iTunes and the difficulties of loading my music on to it using with Winamp etc. Even though over time there were 3rd party apps even that’d help doing this. Still the whole lock-down of the ecosystem by Apple and the above just made me never want to have another Apple product again. I suspect that, being in Japan as well, during that time, Japanese cellphones were simply much better than what you could get in the States. (the playing field definitely leveled over the past 15 years for sure!)

Nah. very likely to NEVER go back to any Apple products ever again.


I’m pretty sure this will be two units. One unit with a battery and M2 processor and its own AMOLED panel which will look and can be used as a mobile phone. The other a light slim HMD that’s devoid of batteries and heat inducing processor.

So maybe the price isn’t that bad if you can replace your phone with this M2 unit at £1500 and a 4k HMD at £1500.

Here is another supposed leaked BOM.

Screens here ate around 280 to 320. Was the tweet maybe priced per pair?

No, the BOM stated 350 each for the Micro OLEDs.

So the new Bom leak rumour is cheaper each by $30 to $70 ea.

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Not as far as I can see. The BoMs are both the same but the second report made a mistake when they listed the display price. As far as I can tell anyway.

OLED 350x2 700


Apple Invites XR Media Outlets to WWDC Keynote for the First Time


I just don’t see the point if Steam VR is not compatible. VR games are few and far between, I doubt Apple has lined up many games for their exclusive platform. Its already hard enough to get VR devs to develop for multiple platforms this will only fracture the games even more.

We are not getting enough games for their to be more splitting of the markets.

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Typically Apple don’t care about gaming too much. So that wouldn’t bother them and they would not open it for SteamVR. The use cases for this headset will be social, lifestyle & productivity apps.

The only reason I am hesitating to leave it at that statement is that I read a rumour the other day that there is an Apple manager involved who is said to be advocating to value gaming more than Apple usually does.

In 10 days we will learn more, so no real need to speculate too much about it until then I guess.

I believe that HMD will be the most gaming-centric product we have seen from Apple ever.

That isn’t much, admittedly but I would be very surprised if they haven’t lined up a couple of titles that can show what the M2 is capable of.

And I have hope that whilst a native PCVR interface is utterly unlikely, we still might get a VirtualDesktop like streaming solution - given the immense performance advantage between an M2 derivative and a Qualcom XR2/XR2+, this could enable considerably higher quality PCVR-streaming.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the HMD is 100% wireless. So no physical connection to the M2 unit. Wireless headphones/iPods. So no tether and no ports for connecting anything.

Strong doubt.

Even if the wireless link had sufficient bandwidth and low enough latency, power delivery wouldn’t work and it appears Apple wants the HMD entirely seperate from power+compute for ergonomic reasons.