Apple VR - ‘Sooo Good’ (June 5)

WWDC June 5–9, 2023

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Apple Reality Pro VR HMD

Dual 4k Micro OLED Displays
5000 nits
M2 Renderer

Sounds like Apple may have lowered the price as all expected price point had said $3000

From 5 days ago

What is your source rumouring it at $2000? All articles on search here say $3000.

Folks on Reddit have said it is almost 3x what an iphone costs and would be around $125/month for 2 years to own at $3000 price point.


Be interesting as that seems to be one of the only ones claiming $2000. However if they tag a subscription on it still likely then around $3000+ then based on a likely $100/month model.

Thanks for posting the source. :beers::sunglasses::+1:

Have to find it unless in 9ne of the Articles I referenced above but Apple is only expecting a low volume iirc 7mil to 10mil in first year(imho that is not necessarily that low but might be for an Apple product)

That article is pure junk and in many aspects so:

  • The $2,000 claim can only be found in the abstract; the article itself cites the $3,000 rumour and offers no data that might suggest otherwise
  • It is close to certain that the HMD will use at least one M2 processor and no M1 derivative
  • there literally are no 8K mico-OLED panels. Even suggesting them as an option for the HMD is laughable

I fully expect at least a reveal at WWDC 23 and with the noticable increase in rumours that suggest a less than defensive approach to the expected sales, I find it increasingly likely that Apple will have spread the $3,000 rumour intentionally to pull a repeat of the iPad launch.

On the other hand, if that is in fact their strategy, I would expect only a dev-centered reveal at WWDC23 and an actual B2C launch in Fall.


The Apple community seems to be even more innundated (by an order of magnitude), with fan-art speculative concept renders, and wild speculation (both, as is inevitable, constantly being confused for real, the farther they travel from the source), than other rabid fan communities; And that’s coming from an Amiga computer user. :9

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In a research note, Kuo reiterated that Apple plans to announce its long-rumored mixed-reality headset during an event in January 2023. The company’s first AR/VR headset is expected to cost upwards of $2,000, making it a niche product. As a result, Kuo says shipments of the device are unlikely to exceed 1.5 million units in 2023.

I don’t think Apple has made their mind up on the final price yet and I guess its down to how many they can make a month.

Either way I won’t be buying one as I’m a gamer if its not aimed at gamers it’s pointless.

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Latest from RdToVR 4h ago posted.

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I’ve been following this for quite some time as I support Apple products in the K-8 education setting. I’m one of those few people who gets along just fine with both Apple products and Windows.
I expect the visual quality of this thing is going to be top-notch, and Apple’s got really good scalers going on behind their ‘retina display’ tech; I don’t know anyone who does resolution scaling as well as Apple does.
I think we here on Pimax equipment will find the FOV very disappointing however.
And finally, I humbly suggest the following acronym, since let’s face it, it needs a good name, and it will be really fun to say “I just got the latest Apple Stereoscopic Simulation Hat” - but using the acronym. :thinking:


Indeed however with. FoV is concerned that will be pimaxians whom are on the Wfov preference. Vs the Crystal it might be on par or one feeling better; but Apple formfactor on that side of things will likely be an Apple win.

  1. Can you use it with PCVR (non-Apple devices & non-Apple Ecosystem)?
  2. Do you have to use iTunes? (yuck)
  3. Does it have inside out tracking?
  4. Does it have Face/Hand tracking?
  5. Does it require something like LH stations?
  6. Does it have color passthru cameras for AR?
  7. Does it have wireless/stand-alone capability?
  8. Is it compatible with STEAM VR?
  9. If Stand-Alone, does it have hot-swappable battery system?
  10. Does it have ET and DFR?

I seriously doubt it. I doubt it will have a display port or any port that with allow third party interaction.

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From what we can read it seems the following questions can be responded to:

  1. Does it have inside out tracking? Yes
  2. Does it have Face/Hand tracking? Hand-tracking plus potentially a small pointer to be clipped on a finger. Eye-Tracking very likely; may include the reproduction of the eye section of the face on an outwards screen for better social interaction. I am not sure I recall any more firm statements regarding mouth tracking.
  3. Does it require something like LH stations? No.
  4. Does it have color passthru cameras for AR? Yes.
  5. Does it have wireless/stand-alone capability? Yes, designed as stand-alone device (with a small tethered compute box carried by the user)
  6. Does it have ET and DFR? ET see above, DFR likely to be utilized for better performance.

All mere speculation, of course.


Thanks. Even so. I don’t think I’d get it anyways.
I’m not keen on spending thousands of dollars to be limited to the Apple Ecosystem (mostly if not fully).
Interesting design. Maybe some competitor at some point will provide something with at minimum what it can, plus a bit more, at that form-factor.

Don’t think that’ll happen until 2-3 years out at the earliest. My opinion.
And I mean something reasonable in price too (under $2k)

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Even if Apple released a cut down version in 2025 at half the price it would still be £1500 if this model is £3000. Still a lot. No doubt Valve, HTC, Varjo even Bigscreen will reach 2880x2880 which seems the base line for zero SDE.

I think what we gamers want from a headset is different to what Apple want to give us and their new headset will be more of a lifestyle choice blending iPhone, iPad, iMac, iwatch into a new wearable.

I just hope their optics if they use pancake are so good they give the same performance as Aspheric lenses but in a tiny form factor not hindering the FOV which needs to be at least 103 degrees lol.

It’s just great to have a second giant throw their hat in the ring while Meta goes low Apple go high and we sit in the middle - unless you’re @Djonko haha.

We finally get to see what happens when a company throws everything at VR which I think is the first time it’s ever happened.



I am very excited for what Apple will reveal and I continue to hope that Godin is already busy developing a VD version of rOS.

If this first HMD is meant to be targetting primarily devs and is meant to show what will eventually be possible for consumers, I do have hope that they will allow for an interaction with at least OpenXR and maybe even OpenVR, just as they did when working with Valve to support the OG Vive in macOS.

Apple will most likely deliver THE benchmark when it comes to hw design, UI and UX but they are also lacking content. If the showcase is meant to focus on introducing the computing interface of the future, I don’t see how it is strategically meaningful to negate all content developed since 2015.


Let’s be fair, Apple has made plenty of bad design decisions (butterfly keyboard? anyone? anyone? plus literally the worst mice ever made; they’ve never made a good mouse. Not even once. Trackpads yes, mice no) in the past, along with the good ones. Let’s hope this is one of the good ones. My hope is that Apple took so long because they got it really, really right (except for the FOV, grumble), and that this will push the adoption of VR in general. I’m also hopeful that it might have enough power right in the HMD to seriously aid persons with certain disabilities. Image having night-vision so bad you can’t drive at night (happens to many humans as we age), put one of these on in an AR ‘night vision’ Mode and suddenly the nighttime world opens up again. Stuff like that would be a real usage for a device this costly.


Heh, given how quickly Google Glass users got a… shall we say: “nickname”; If a noteable amount of people end up wearing the thing in public, and it has conspicuous outward-facing lenses, you could very well see your minted acronym become commonplace… :9

On the other hand, people have since had plenty of time to get used to being in the field of view of numerous cameras, at all times… :stuck_out_tongue: