Apparently I need to activate PiTool?

Hello excuse me what? I think I read about this but then I also thought it was backtracked.


i just seen this myself 2m ago.

i just filled out random stuff in it.
So i can use it(with NOs)

no need for this BS.
been using the same headset for over 3 years now…
(i would not have it anymore(order number, is buried somewhere), since the shop site keeps changing anyways)

I was surprised by this too. It wasnt an update
Maybe it’s intended to make the tradeins quicker?

Yepp, came here, too, must have been in the PiTool code waiting to be triggered? No idea which order number to enter. Entered my Kickstarter number.

Does anyone want to try




Does it keep popping up?

I had the same window. What the hell is it?

Now theres a link at the bottom right. But the website is down?

Yeah, this is just not acceptable. Who knows what this is or who it’s actually going to, and even if it’s actually from Pimax why the hell would they think they can block access to the app needed for our extremely expensive equipment?

I’ll be entering fake nonsense for now, and if I were Pimax I would work around the clock to get this crap off our screens ASAP. If it’s legit they just needed to say ‘Enter contact info for future Trade In offer’ and then also have a ‘later’ button.

This is pitool 275? If so might be a variant as 275 has been out for quite sometime with no reports like this.

@PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal @PimaxUSA

Can you look into this development and possibly post a link to the earlier pitool 275?


It happened to me today out of the blue. Pitool was not updated.

It’s a dialog I got on the first initial install of Pitool, but never after until spontaneously today.

My suspicion is that asking for it again was triggered somehow by a Windows update that’s going around recently. I doubt that it’s intentional on the part of Pimax or that Pimax had any control over it. But maybe.


Difficult to say. One thing that may work is to block pitool & pimsx services from Inet access and see if it still has the pop up on launch or simply re install pitool 271. Shouldn’t need to downgrade Firmware.

It is the latest V275 pitool that I installed couple month ago. I did not updated it, actually nothing changed with my pc confuguration or windows version. I am not sure this chat icon showed up on the bottom right corner earlier.

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I think you’re right. That icon is new.

Now I’m changing my guess as to what’s happened. This is something that was signaled by Pimax since Pitool calls into Pimax’s servers on launch. It pushed down new configuration which enables this button with a URL. But it also clobbered the stored registration information as an unintended side effect.

And actually, I notice that clicking on this button just opens a web browser that gets connection refused. Perhaps Pimax was just intending to test turning on the button, but the configuration change instead got pushed to production servers or something. Or perhaps is just down.

Any which way, something went wrong.


Would be nice if we can hear something from Pimax officially.


So, how do I get past it. I can’t fill it in as I have not ‘purchased’ Pitool. Or is it referring to the purchase of my Pimax 8k+ ?

your HMD, the soft is free

Reinstall pitool 271.

Or just enter some random info that fits.

Sorry but this is not how we should deal with this problem. I did not update my piTool and am getting the same message. I was on the latest release and donˋt know why this issue has to even exist!

I will not enter anything because I should not have to in first place. And even entering wrong data. Ha, canˋt wait for the support mail: „Your order could not be verified. Now we suspend your headset permanently.“

I am sorry but these things really p*** me off. Why do you have to design a software this way that something like this is automatically triggered. Why not implement a „Need Support“ button that links to this pop-up.

Man, I really do love my 8KX besides all the downsides and even the crack on the corner which came out of nowhere.

But these things are making all the hassle not worth it.

Donˋt get me wrong, everyone makes mistakes and that human. But this is not the first time and looks like the issue a time ago. Hope this is just a misunderstanding and something like this wonˋt happen again. I really believe that the team is doing this with good intentions, but the result is … :grimacing:

Hope they fixe it soon. If not this is it for me.

What a … :roll_eyes:

Sorry by beeing a bit emotial but I thought we had left this long behind us.

@PimaxUSA , @PimaxQuorra , @PimaxVR Hope to see a permanet fix for this soon. Already one day without a fix for the piTool. And one more Question. Was this already in the piTool code or implemented silently via Software update without user interaction?

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There is no deactivation on pimax headsets.

Downgrading pitool works fine.

Or as I mentioned block pitool in firewall and pimax services. Restart pitool. Without access to inet pitool pop up should likely not occur.

You can test theory simply by rebooting without an inet connection.

It comes down to if this pop up is going to interfer with adjusting settings via the pitool interface. You might want to use a temporary solution until a fix is released. Which is unlikely to happen over night as it has already been “over night”.