Apara Micro Oled HMD Discussion

This HMD looks really good. Im actually more impressed with it than the AERO. If the steamVR tracked version is good I’d be tempted.

Edit: Some more impressions


I’m tempted too if the base station tracking is good, they have an up coming all in one/wireless too on their website with a qualcomm xr2, now if that can wirelessly stream pcvr games like quest 2 can, wow, this hmd would make a nice addition to my 8kx for when i feel like something lighter on my head. I’d sell my quest 2.

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I wonder if the streaming would be compressed. Probably right?

I guess it comes down to how high a resolution it can stream.

But even as a wired headset, it would be cool because it seems to beat out all of the hmds out there in terms of PPD and black levels And if it comes with oculus style controllers , thats something Pimax couldn’t even manage

With all the investment from HTC and Facebook can somone explain how a small Chinese company managed to produce a next gen micro OLED headset with pancake lenses?

I’m strugling to understand why these panels were not used in the Vive flow? OLED/Pancake is the ultimate combination for media viewing. The Flow really could have been somthing special


Looks nice doesn’t it, the display looks fantastic. And only 200 grams!

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Looks like going to be many options next year, are you looking to buy something next year @Davobkk ?


But one thing,its only 30hz when selecting 5k.So that a no go…
But when they get it on 90hz with the upcoming steam vr tracking it could be realy nice…


Plenty of its preview in mandarin language from 1 month ago for this headset, I read somewhere you need the optional 3.5m 1.4dp cable to get 90hz. (not very certain about it, but in 1 video it was set at 4k 90hz)

There will be an AIO variant device too similar to Quest 2, with qualcomm xr2 chip, and controllers for $599. Where it said it will have 90hz in AIO and cable mode.


Yeah would love a media viewer with a soft strap. Kick your feet up :zzz:

AIO model looks to be interesting, I wouldn’t mind having one of those :grin:
the 12k going to be AIO too but let’s face it, it’s gonna be massive, to be portable.

the Arpara 5k, I saw in 5k mode it was runnings 70hz anad 4k mode 90hz

damn, the japanese price is only under 700usd, with light house tracker and dp1.4 cable for the tethered version


I’ve just ordered the 5k headset (not the AIO) for $399, says shipping will be february 2022.


Banking on the steamVR addon coming out by then?

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Yes i hope so!
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Problem with microoled is the FoV. According to sebastian it’s as good as the quest. I’d rather first see that confirmed. I think Panasonic had difficulty reaching even 100 degrees (where is that headset anyway?)

This particular headset doesn’t look too interesting though because of the lack of tracking, bad comfort etc. But I’m sure we’ll see micro oled turn up next year in other headsets too


From apara website :

“With silicon-based dual 1.03 inch micro-OLED displays to achieve 5120*2560 resolution and 3514 PPI, along with industry-leading field of view, image quality, color contrast and gamut.”
I don’t think so!

The AIO version has inside out tracking, the tethered version will have an add on module so it can be used with base stations. Comfort is subjective. At 200 grams i hope many will find it ok.

Yeah, It’s so funny how much this destroys the HTC Vive Flow.

Poor HTC one flop after another

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Crazy, and I’d assume that being that small the gap between rgb would be ultra tight. Do we know if these micro oleds are using pentile?

Also what is the magnification on the lenses might not make a difference to screen door if it blows it up too much.

Also I wish someone would give us Pixels per Degree that’s what will really matter

Fur curiosity what is the PPI of a Quest 2 or 8KX or G2?

So, you can order ahead of there kickstarter this month?

Is the kickstarter just for publicity?

If I order now I wonder if that would put me ahead in line

I tried searching for this but couldn’t find ppi for those hmd’s, only old hmd’s like the rift and htc vive and playstation vr which had ppi in the 100s.

Seems so yeah, and you can cancel at any time before shipping, so i put my name down so i’m good in the queue.

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$399 !? all I see is $599?

Arpara 5K Tethered VR Headset – arpara store (arparaland.com)