Any way of recovering serial

hi guys,is there any way of recovering the hmd serial? mine faded away and left only the gray sticker( i can see the area where the serial and the barcode where since they are a bit darker that the sticker but its still unreadable,

also i need to know if theres still warranty for the 4k since mine decided to appear something on the right of the screen,an ondulation that appears when i move the head,it wont appear if i’m looking straight/not moving the head

LOL warranty on a 4k…thats a laugh… They wont even properly deal with warranties on brand new 8KX sets. What a comedian

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the warranty would be way more than a bonus for me (non existant,i know) ,i just want to recover the serial

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On the off chance you still have the box for it, there might be a sticker with the serial on it.

Check pitool/piplay if memory serves one had serial number in it.

As for warranty the 4k should be out of warranty as it has been I believe more than 2 years since it was sold.

Can you provide a pic of the issue?

lost the box years ago,along with the cloth


Also if you kept the original box the serial number is printed on the box.

Edit just saw your reply.

checked both,the serial wont appear on them, just the name pimax 4k, tried to take a picture from the screen but its hard since its near the edge

edit:checked both piplay and pitools

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It’s been awhile but was sure at least piplay might have that info.

Maybe @Enopho, @Century and @Playa might have some ideas.

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Do you by chance have older piplay version it might give that detail. @playa has a topic here with a link to his collection of pretty much all piplay and pitool versions.

Here is a link to his topic

I would maybe try 192 in piplay.

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i tried piplay 1.1.92 and the headset gives me a red light,and the tool won’t detect it

tried pitool,,, and all worked except for not allowing full 4k (1440p max)
and none gave me the serial

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No piplay or pitool can give you native 4k. The p4k is only capable of 1080p and 1440p upscaled to 4k. It is one of this model’s limitations due to the mipi bridgechip used.

Strange piplay 192 didn’t work as it was a favorite of many for a very long time.

Have you checked piplay log files and json as it might also be stored there.

If I might ask why are you looking to recover serial number if it is out of warranty? (Just curious)

sorry for the late reply,went for dinner,

haven’t checked the logs yet,is it the same ‘path’ as the pitool?

just want to keep it safe somewhere in case i sell the p4k and the buyer request it or try to scam me (never opened it,still have the original warranty sticker in it),

also i’m obsessive over little things like this (i like to keep things complete with serial,stickers, even if i could find the box and the cleaning cloth again i’d be happy)

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Hey no worries. Replies can be slow from both sides and ppl need to eat. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

Yeah that’s understandable.

Not sure if pitool logs might have it or not. But think maybe piplay might. It’s been awhile. Both programs have logs in there install directory or sub directory.

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well s***,something bugged on my headset now,one side is darker and the other has a bunch of stripes on it

checked piplay ‘error.log’ and it keeps saying :

Nov 20, 2020 10:24:04 PM com.pi.piextend.z a
INFO: re connecting…
Nov 20, 2020 10:24:08 PM com.pi.piextend.z a
INFO: re connecting…
Nov 20, 2020 10:24:08 PM com.pi.piextend.z a
INFO: NULL reachable local IP is found!
Nov 20, 2020 10:24:09 PM com.pi.piextend.z a
INFO: Task get Connnection From Service! Socket is not connected
at Source)
at com.pi.pimanager.piServiceManager.b(Unknown Source)
at com.pi.pictl.pim.j(Unknown Source)
at com.pi.pictl.aH$ Source)
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source)
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.runAndReset(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ScheduledFutureTask.access$301(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
at Source)

I’m not sure, but perhaps generating a system report in steamVR can provide similar information.
At least it usually contains comprehensive information on both the headset and the controllers.
This is done while SteamVR is running:

if the numbers on “Device 1 - Headset Pimax 4K Pimax VR, Inc.” are the serial then many thanks,i just found it (i dont know if it is the serial,it have 14 numbers - 10071173004350 - )

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now i’m just bugged out by the vertical lines on the headset,really dont want to remove the warranty sticker to see the problem

Glad you found it :beer:

The vertical stripes are heating threads, most likely. And they must pass when it heats up.