Any updates on the 12K

as the title asks… and when do you expect to start registration for the trade-in program?


It has been officially pushed to 2024. We will see a similar roadshow/prototype situation as the Crystal about CES time next year (Jan I believe).

Trade-in program starting time will be along with orders I imagine, so perhaps pre-orders will go live late this year but realistically nothing of signicance with the 12k will happen until next year.


Why does it take so long ? Are they waiting on Nvidia rtx 5090 with display port 2.1 ?

I go with Jon Carmack: When it´s ready, it´s ready" or something like that. Do You really want to get a green banana product? I gues, no…
Me neither, so I am patient.
Maybe, a NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada will be a good fit for it. I do not believe, a 5090 to be seen next year either.
Of course, I would like to have a 12KX as soon as possible…

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I‘d politely suggest to not be too pushy towards Pimax here - history shows they gave a tendency to over-promise wildly. If they get pressured by the community on top of that, it will likely result in announcements which they make and miss by 6 months or (much) more (again). And when it eventually is „launched“ it may again take many months until it is commercially available - and feature-complete.

So what‘s the point.


I am content to let Pimax get on with it and get it right. Kevin said somewhere that eye tracking on the 12K is proving a challenge. With luck when they do the road show and beta testing they’ll be clear on the stage the HMD is at , and leave release date predictions out of it.
That’s a cow pie they don’t need to step in again.

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Well, by that time if there is a headset coming out that is better than 12K w/ decent FOV (doesn’t have to be 200 degree)…then no one will want Pimax 12K though. People will be fed up with the wait, distrust and lack of consistent issues.

Now, You need to be fair. Since years, PIMAX is the one and only Company that really cares about FoV and a consumer market product, even if it´s for enthusiasts.
StarVR, Varjo did not really continue going that pathway.
Others (Valve, HTC HP Reverb) constantly ly to the public with “state of the art” FoV about 110~120 degrees horizontal to be sufficient. It´s not, will never be, it just cripples normal eyesight.
Then we have Facebooks and Apples vapor ware (until now). Because of closed eco systems, the will face rejection from guys like me, who prefer a certain level of independency. OpenXR will be a true successor, brake even Steam´s jails. I see a certain amount of support from PIMAX, so let´s wait and see, what future will bring.


just stumbled over a new announcement about Apple´s new Headset on Bloomberg in June 2023.
Of course, this increases the pressure on competitors. Until then, still Vaporware…

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Yeah, getting more and more reports that Apple’s headset is due for june. So Pimax is going to take on Apple, that’s going to get interesting :smile:

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Hearing pundits gossip about Apple management pushing the headset out soon, against the opinion of its developers, kind makes me fabulate about whether Cook, rather than anything else, is aiming for it to fail on the market, so that he gets an excuse to shut down the department… :stuck_out_tongue:


Why would he - I think its fairly clear to everybody that one fine day iPhones, iPads & Apple Watch are going to be superseded by AR glasses/headsets, and VR/MR headsets pave the way to get the Apple internal & eco system technical know-how & use case experience to be where he wants it to be when the tech is ripe to create proper AR headsets.

Internally they will definitely be pushing into that direction, it’s just the question, does it make sense to release it now or only in a more mature state. From what I recall it would be more of a developer/early adopter device in 2023, limited to 1 mio. units made available on specific markets only, and the first true consumer device foreseen to be released is slated to arrive in 2024 at earliest.

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Limited availability always does work wonders to build up a product as a must-have status symbol. :7

I agree on not rushing it. i had just Been out of the loop for some time i wanted to make sure that i had not missed an registration… as i could see that the crystal that are build on a similar platform seem to have started registration. that is all :wink:

Thanks for all the answers.

Newest Snapdargon XR2 Gen 2 for more than 200mbit decompression wirless without WiGig module over network, DP 2.1, 500g lighter headset by reducing front weight and, like Apple will, move the battery to the waist and then make it redundant when tethered, plus adding inside-out tracking controllers would make the 12K a pretty perfect device and a nobrainer for highend in the price range. So yes please move it to be state of art.

While i would like to have the 12K already, as a new 8KX owner i’m really enjoing it, and my new pc already struggles with some gaming using large FOV, so…i think, with 8KX, i have plenty of fun with it, and i don’t feel the need for something more powerful than it.
I would love to see some improvements regarding tracking tho (Base stations 2.0 are quite sensible in my case, and prone to some shifting, losing track), and i hope 12K will work well without the need of them.


I love my 8KX too… but the Crystal is really growing on me. Still, that wide fov on the 8KX is hard to give up!

That’s kewl.

Though, I think there is a trade up program from the 8K > Crystal for those who want to.

I’m sure PIMAX won’t abandon support for the 8K any time soon, but once the Crystal and 12K hit, I suspect they’re going to have their hands full trying to support those models.

Rumor has it, they’re working on a better FoV lens for the Crystal, but it’s been tight-lipped.

However, I personally think that one of the reasons they may be trying to up the FoV with some special lens is to help convince current owners of older greater FoV products to take the trade in.

The less headsets they have the to support, the less costly it’ll be for them.

Personally I’m hoping the rumors are true about a greater FoV lens/display adjustment.

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Tradi-in is if you buy from them now and its sold out, no? Cant imagine they trade in all old 8KX. Seems it was only to deplete the warehouse?

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I don’t know status/stock of the 8K. But current owners I believe can still use for a trade up to the Crystal.