Anti SDE for Pimax 5K+ / BE

@Matthew.Xu Can you please add an anti SDE layer to 5K+ or 5k BE like the one in Samsung Odyssey+ ?


Maybe someone will mod a diffuser themselves…

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not everyone wants everything to just be more blurry


It’s not blurry, it’s softer. Ask @mixedrealityTV


I don’t know about you but I think that Samsung probably already patented whatever they are using for those panels.

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Blurry : unable to perceive clear or sharp images

Soft= blurry the 5k+ pimax image is sharp and the od+ is blurry because the forms contours can’t discerned on one pixel.

But sde is gone this is a trade-off ! I prefer the 5k+ image but I bought the Od+ because of the colors and brightness and no visible sue. And it’s a very slight blur like the one you use in artistic photo portrait retouching


It just look so much better in my opinion. Also check out the color of the tongue, compared to the 5k+. This seems to be the way better panel, I’m impressed.

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Yeah, looks healthy.

LOL, yeah, on the Pimax 5k+ it looks like it needs to see a doctor

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on Pimax 5k+ it looks like it’s dead


you took your headset apart right? I’m curious if you had access to the front of the panels. just wondering for the potential of adding a diffuser as a diy mod.

Very interesting pics.
Odysee+ have a really nice one.

But when I see this, Iam glad to have a 8k and not a 5k+.
Long time I didnt see those pictures and now I know what the 8k looks like in headset.
More clarity yeah ok but more pixels and when you have them in front of your eyes they are pretty close and I would not be able to look far away with the 5k+, just looking at pixels, with the 8k the softness give you the “too far away” feeling, which is better for immersion than pixels.

Wrong! Don’t mix PPI with native resolution. Actually 5K and 8K got same pixels or PPD but we don’t even know is it possible because Pimax never try to reproduce 4K native resolution at all no matter on display speed just to show as proof of concept it is possible or is it real better.
And tell me pleas is this difference in picture worth this 200$ of difference in price between 5K and 8K?

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I do, we are not talking about a simple flat screen you watch at 70cm, its a VR headset where pixels are just big in your field of view.

Actually you are wrong, 5k+ pixels looks almost twice the size of 8k and we can clearly see that on the pics.
There is the last one but there are plenty others, this one is from the extracted info from firmware :

Iam not talking about native resolution, I know they are the same but one is upscaled etc etc.
Iam talking about what you have in eyes once headset is on when looking far away.
Away things are small, not much pixels, so on the 5k+ its blocky but clear ok, clear blocks, when on the 8k it is softer.

Does it worth it?
Probably yes, since I like sim games where you keep looking far away.

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So you want a 2,560 × 1,440 diffusion filtered SAMSUNG OLED panel on your next pimax 5k+ :wink:

Pretty sure they are Samsung panels. Small LG OLED panels are shit.

Yes my error, I was thinking about my LG TV !
100% sure SAMSUNG headsets don’t used LG Panels

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All the more reason for Pimax to give us color controls in PiTool.


Yes @Sean.Huang, give us color/brightness controls or we’ll demand better panels! :smirk:

You lose lot of clarity imo, it’s the future but we need more resolution.

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