AMA this Friday on Discord, 11:00 to 12:00 CET

Tech questions, shipping times, setup tips, anything you want to know!

We’re holding an AMA session on our Discord, this Friday, 11:00 to 12:00 Central European Time.

Bring your best questions and we’ll try to answer all of them! Already got questions? Send them to me in DM or reply to this post.


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Please provide an overview on the commercial ETA (meaning one can order and receive it within 1-2 weeks) of the following features:

  • eye tracking suitable for reliable DFR
  • wireless per Wifi6
  • wireless per Wigig
  • Lighthouse sleeve
    • additional Q: how well does it track to the back if sensors are only placed in a front-facing modular sleeve?
  • MR sleeve
  • stand alone functionality
    • additional Q: does it support any other stand-alone source of games other than from the Pimax shop?
    • Is there a way to use XR2-based games/apps purchased in the Oculus store?

What is the current status of the 12K?
The Pimax website says “We are here at 70%”, but can you please share more details?

Will it still come with XR2 or is Pimax considering the successor (XR2+/XR3)?


Could a comfort kit be developed for Pimax Crystal in the future?

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