After seeing the reviews will you go for a 5K+ 8K or 8KX? - Keep pledge or change?

      • 5K backer Staying with 5K+
      • 5K Backer going to switch to 8K
      • 8K Backer going to switch to 5K+
      • 8K Backer staying with the 8K
      • 8K backer wanting to upgrade to 8KX
      • 5K backer wanting to upgrade to 8KX

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Last 5K upgrading to 8KX didn’t add for some reason. Anyhow. For those who wanted more detail.

I’m an 8kX backer that also chose add an extra 8k but downgrading to 5k+… So will end up with 5k+ and 8kX, so what option should i choose


The one marked “special”.:smile:

Obviously then option 3. You really need me to spell this out for you. It’s kinda obvious fella.

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but i’d be wanting to upgrade thte 5k+ to the 8kX when it comes out too

Seems like the 5K+ is the better HMD. A bit weird in my opinion, as I don’t see the point to go the extra mile for the increased pixelcount if less do a better job but hey, I’m not an expert.

Oh how I wish to compare the two personally.

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And I want a pony also…


I will switch from 8K to 5K+, i hope i can choose controller as accerory as i don’t want hand tracking.

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@Heliosurge @neal_white_iii can you fix this poll please. It seems an option isn’t displayed properly and one entry is just empty.

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What colour and why ?

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Heck, if we can get things that weren’t offered… why not? Neon Yellow of course!

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You know you could get a white one and use neon yellow coloring on it though.

Once folks vote on a poll. It won’t let you modify it.

8k-X should be noted if offered & at this time is highly unlikely as the 8k-X is a limited prototype run of 400 units as per the Kickstarter stated.

Pimax did say they might offer upgrading the 8k to the 8k-X if/when released officially. But would involve sending the headset in.


This will be subjective to each person’s preference. The 5k+ will have a sharper image due to native signal & using a smaller panel. But will have noticeable pixel/sde; users of the Berlin Meetup have said this appears better than Vive Pro. I can agree that the Vive Pro SDE/pixels is reasonable as a 4k user.

The 8k will have a softer picture due to upscaling but will have minimal SDE/pixel. While softened because of the higher pixel count far off objects will be easier to see.

The 5k+ will be easier on gpu overhead compared to the 8k.

I imagine the 3 Musketeers @SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE. Will taje a couple lens shots to help with making an informed decision.

Sweviver already showed a nice 8k shot of Hellblade.

Unfortunately once a poll is voted on; you can’t modify it.

Only thing that could be done is to redo it. I had a similar issue when I made the hardware poll. :dizzy_face:

Unless I misunderstood… MRTV says differently. Did I misunderstand that part?

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Are the reviews active now? Was napping. Lol

I was goinf by what was said from the Berlin meet update.

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All but swevivers xxxxx


Cool will go get educated. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

yea what happened to him man, his opinion is important to me as well as Seb of course. Saw the MRTV review and it convinced me to go 5K+ rather than 8K.