Advice for the upcoming ' Event ' or Pimax Day 3

Please don’t call it Pimax Day 3 if you’re going to announce more delays.

Please don’t have announce week(s) ahead of time when the event is and make everyone wait.

Please don’t make a 1hr long video that most people don’t have time for.

If you have to make a video keep it maximum 5 minutes long and put every detail there.

Upload the video before hand and then just release it.

Make a summary so people can sort stuff through and move on peacefully with their lives.

Thank you very much.

@PimaxUSA @SweViver

If Pimax actually has good news that it can actually act upon immediately and then by all means make a separate video about that good news.

  1. Why - is there any more fitting name for an announcement of delays, excuses of non-performance and vague future announcements ?
    I am sure that the urban dictionary in not too distant future will list “pulling a Pimax” as a recognized expression meaning that one carelessly, non-chalantly drops the news that one has no intention to perform in foreseeable future, while rather helplessly trying to veil it as being triggered by unforeseen circumstances.

  2. Which other name would have been more fitting - I can only think of Groundhog Day…


Well it’s more of a brand sensibility thing. Pimax might not have such a good rep but you really shouldn’t pile on the negative associations to make it worse.

The event had a name assigned about a month ago, it isn’t pimax day 3, the name will reflect the content. You will know when you see the name.

It should run roughly 1hr, have an online summary and will likely include some supplemental video.

I imagine one of the announcements (not the obvious) will be really well received and probably wind up being the highlight of the event.


Please be wireless!!! Hope the event goes well. I look forward to it.


Hi Kevin. How have the Pimax staff in the U.S faired? Well I hope.

I highly doubt we’ll see wireless so soon.


The question is…

Will there be an update plan for Pimax 8K X backers to the new … ?


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Me too but you never know. HTC have been rocking decent wireless for a few years now. Kevin hinted they were working with a large well known company intel maybe?? They would only need to improve and adapt the tec they already produce.

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I hope its not the same tech as HTC. That involved copying rendered frames through the PCI to ram, then having the system CPU perform the compression to send it back out over PCI to the USB 3 wireless card.

Much better to have a dedicated hardware encoder on the back of the GPU, rather than send it through the system memory multiple times.


Thank you for the details!

Online summary means a written version as Pimax newsletter? Using timestamps through the different topics of this 1hr video could be great!

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I hope their solution doesn’t involve needing a free PCIE slot.


Looking forward to seeing this entire package eventually…

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My advice would have been be to just not announce that there would be an event at all. Instead just drop it on us. Release the video without letting us know that it is coming.

Now we will have to experience the pain of waiting for this event, speculating about everything, and then having the event delayed so we can wait some more.


Too late now. Prepare for more disappointment


No chance of wireless - they are going to announce a couple of new headsets (but they are going to be REALLY good this time) - you are going to be able to pre-order them straight away!!!

Edit: that was a joke by the way - before I get banned for making fake news!!

Seriously though, how’s about letting us know when it’s going to happen.


Well the date hasn’t been announced yet, so I guess no harm done…


Likely need time to memorize the lines to avoid looking down too much. :upside_down_face:


Whatever happened to the good old days when a “celebrity” looked smooth and in control with an accomodating teleprompter in their face? :rofl:

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Maybe some nice AR glasses.