About product warranty

I asked this question on the KS page:

Q: About the product warranty. 1) What is the warranty period for the
product that will be given by PIMAX? 2) In case of receiving the product
without working or with problems (dead pixels or other), will PIMAX
guarantee the exchange for another immediately and will bear the costs
of returning and shipping another product? After all in this case is
your quality control failure.

A: Thanks for raising this up. We offer one year warranty and will come out with the detailed policy later.

But it needs to be confirmed if “later” is actually before the end of the campaign in KS.

The sooner we have the warranty policy available, the better for everyone


Really important question. A VR headset is worthless with dead pixels. Asus has a 3 dead pixel policy on monitor returns but even 1 dead pixel in VR will drive you nuts

Pimax needs to work on their quality control process so these defects dont reach users in the first place. Too many P4KS left the factory faulty

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You guys REALLY need to set up a quality control testing process if your factories dont already have one. It’s VERY importontant for your reputation. Thanks


Very good questions. As for immediate exchange unfortunately unless an online product is sold in box Stores like Bestbuy an exchange will take longer than immediate.

For online purchases it will likely come down to a variety of factors including online retailers policied & negotiated deals between manufacturer & distribution channel(s).

In an ideal circumstance having the option to have a warrantee resolved through a local channel to the consumer would be ideal and possible.

However it will take some time to setup ideal procedures to help expedite warranteed repairs & exchanges. Issues of day 1 received concerns like DOA or quality issues of course should have methods to expedite exchanges. This is also where its important to negotiate to have quality vendors that will support merchandise they sell without unreasonable delays.

The good news if a box store like Bestbuy carries PiMax products. Bestbuy here in Canada you can purchase (at a premium) bullet proof in store warranties. Just bear in mind in box stores you pay for the convenience to visit them personally.

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I am still waiting for an official return on this subject(Question number 2). I do not know how the other pledgers are not worried about this.

It is a high value for the product and there needs to be a definition about the problem that unfortunately can occur. From what I’ve read, this is common with 4K.

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Your question no. 2 is definitely a good 1 & needs an official answer of sorts.

I myself have been present in the forums where users had quality issues upon receiving the 4k model and users with issues seem to be happy with how it was handled. Some issues minor like strap replacement to doa.

However considering this is a kickstarter & dealing direct with manufacturer it is good to hear a clear policy on details to ensure quick exchanges. Even if it needs to be updated/amended after it enters consumer release.

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Much happier dealing with Pimax direct. Did you notice their web store is up? Looking forward to when all the accessories are available


Good question, we are discussing internally,suppose will update these two days.


Thanks for listening. It´s really important to know this in advance for both parties involved in this wonderful campaign.

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Any new information about product warranty on delivery of this? Topics like this leave me unsure as to the quality control and the guarantee that you offer to the backers of this project.


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This issue you referred that will be solved as per the vendor’s policy, furthermore, we’re improving Pimax 4K itself continuously. As for 8K warranty, this topic is also related to the shipping channel we use. I think it will be confirmed soon after our further discussion : )

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The link I posted was just to illustrate that problems happen. But my concern is with the product to be delivered by Pimax through the campaign in KS and of being this product covered by the guarantee,
including the costs of shipping and return in case we receive it already defective. Thanks.

  1. In case of receiving the product without working or with problems (dead pixels or other), will PIMAX
    guarantee the exchange for another immediately and will bear the costs of returning and shipping another product? After all in this case is your quality control failure.

Still waiting for the answer!

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Yes,we are trying our best to improve the quality control and we are sure we would bring better product, if you unfortunately get a product without working or with other issues, please contact with our care center, we would provide the exchange service according to the detection situations

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And how does the procedure work.


And will you cover the costs of returning and sending a new one? I would also like to know how this procedure works.

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How exactly would contacting your care centre work? And if we did have a faulty headset, would we need to ship it to China to get a replacement or get it fixed?

what about sweat damage?

This is not getting enough attention. It’s a deal breaker!

Apparently there is more airflow with the 5k/8k so the sweat doesn’t have a chance to accumulate. And, condensation is less likely to occur as well.
So this should be less of an issue than it was with the vive. It’s still an issue, just less of one.

We are discussing warranty though… what can happen will happen