About Head Tracking (Rotational Tracking) Quality improvement

The tracking quality of the Pimax 4K has not been updated in the meantime, so there is still a lack of precise tracking, a large moving section, and sometimes a distorted space.

In January, Pimax 4K was recognized as DK2 in the Oculus home. So I made a plan that was the Pimax 4K Oculus home run. Of course, it was to use Deepoon E2, which can run the Oculus home. The result was a very short time (30-40 seconds) but succeeded.
The experience at that time was:

I was surprised that the Pimax 4K showed very smooth and accurate head tracking.
It was the same as Deepoon E2. I still remember the feeling of that time. But now with the firmware update, the Pimax 4K is no longer recognized as DK2 in the Oculus home.

The following is the head tracking quality of my VRs.
A. Deepoon E2 & E3: Very smooth and accurate. There is no distorted screen. You can experience more natural tracking when connecting to the Oculus home with E2
B. OSVR HDK 1.4: Sometimes it rotates a lot to correct the error value. I have drift, sometimes there is a distorted space. With recent updates (Kalman filter applied?), The tracking quality has improved dramatically.
C. Pimax 4K: Sometimes it rotates a lot to correct the error value. I have drift, sometimes there is a distorted space.

Among them, the tracking quality of pimax 4K is the worst.

I know from experience that this is a software problem.
When will you improve? From this fact, I can not help but worry about Pimax 8K’s tracking also.

If you do not improve this problem, the tracking quality of Pimax 8K will be highly suspected.
I hope that Pimax 4K’s tracking quality will improve in the near future.
We have already waited long enough for this problem.


Your post of when it could be recognized as oculus dk2 in oculus demonstrates fixing the issue is quite possible through software.

@PIMAX-Support @deletedpimaxrep1

Definitely needed. While mine seems mainly stable it does drift a bit to the right.

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I agree with Crony. the drift while playin gElite Dangerous is so bad i had to bind a hotas button to recenter, and it does drift a lot!! hell of a lot in fact. have to recenter at least every min. after about 30 mins of gameplay the drifting reduces, but it is still sooo painful while it sorts itself out.

Yes. Smooth tracking on other platforms means that pimax still has to optimize more. The more VRs users experience, the greater the problem. We need software support for pimax.

Hurry up to improve tracking performance.
A lot of time has already passed.

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Even while using Nolo vr, we have to try a lot of re-centers. It’s not because the position of nolo vr is wrong, but because pimax causes drift.
In a virtual experience, this problem requires precise tracking because people can cause dizziness and vomiting.

Isn’t there an option to disable the built-in gyro tracking in the Pimax? If there is then wouldn’t the Nolo do all the positioning and eliminate drift?

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Of course , but piplay will not work that way.
Piplay will receive rotation data from pimax and position data from nolo.
Nolo has mentioned the possibility of solving the pimax drift problem.
Lisa Zhao said,

But who knows?

Our engineers are travelling from Pimax Shanghai office to Nolo office in Beijing to solve the tracking issue collaboratively. @PIMAX-Support please be aware of any new issue raised on the topic.

meanwhile, the 8K demo with positional tracking will be ready by July, we will hold roadshows for people to test the demo and give feedback.

Have you included mechanical focus adjustment in Pimax 8K?
This is VERY important and I get the feeling that is it ignored by Pimax.

we will offer VR frame together with Pimax 8K. we have tested and the frame performs better than other solutions in terms of focus adjustment.
besides, the IPD adjustment solution for Pimax 8K is hardware + software.

Can you say a bit more about VR frame. What is it and how would it adjust focus?

It is good news that you are working with nolo to solve the drift.
Well, then, as the head rotates, the scenes are transmitted to our eyes through the lens.
That is, distortion correction. Don’t forget.
This is a long-standing problem as drift.
The distortion correction of pima4k is worse than deepoon e2.
Not only me, but also those who have experienced both of these products have the same idea.

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I’m experiencing almost unacceptable drift in 1.2.85 as well.

Luke are you happy with the focal length adjustment mod you did? I’m considering doing the same to see if I can get it so I don’t need powerful readers to get past the center blurries.

Yes, distortion correction, tracking latency and drift, default bad color saturation, wrong focus adjust (too close for people without myopia), if pimax solve these problens its will good product.

I’m not so sure it is a good idea to be taking the Pimax 4k software along for the ride with the 8k software. It seems you’re breaking the Pimax 4k, sacrificing a perfectly good and affordable product that could take a large market share. I would have stayed with using the steam vr and oculus runtimes and assigned a developer to maintain and improve that, and hire more when you can to keep it strong. You’re going to find the 8k is not going to be adopted that fast in the beginning because very few people have a computer that can drive 8k VR in 2017, and it’s going to be more expensive (very few products come in at their dream cost) Your 4k is on the verge of being an excellent product. If you could deliver on the 4k aspect of it and clean it up the early adapters right in this forum and that are making videos about it will pull it along. The 8k talk is attracting people to the 4k, but the 4k is the hook, what is really working for Pimax. I am very happy with the 4k in spite of all the glitches at this early stage. You should take that one across the line, it will serve you financially much faster and better than the 8k if you maintain your lead with it, don’t let anyone overtake it. That will fund the 8k beyond what you think is possible now. Clearly there should be TWO development paths (I am a senior developer with over 25 years experience, application architecture, user interfaces).

xunshu, it’s also not a good idea to push product when people are expressing their concerns.

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I agree with your opinion. Denali You are an expert. But I’m just a user.:sweat_smile:
During the past nine months of using pimax4k, I’ve given a message to pimax through a number of attempts, but now I am a bit less motivated. Perhaps this suggestion is my last message.
Because they seem to be gazing elsewhere.

It could take them less than 3 months to turn around the Pimax 4k, fix the software issues (keep or give an option to use oculus or steam vr runtimes) and get a proper displayport or hdmi 1.4b that can keep up with whatever screen is running, maybe even find a 4k oled. The work done so far proves the capability, but the direction with that capability doesn’t appear to be going to firm ground financially. You’re not done proving yourself on the 4k!! Complete the project!
It is completely acceptable to have different models even over the coarse of a several months. I’m not so upset about having a BE model except that I wasn’t told I was going to get one. If someone was assigned to fix the lens issue nobody would be talking about other headsets in the forum other than out of curiousity. When the time comes you can lock in an agreement to get 4k screens you’ll be ahead of everyone else and you WILL have wealthy early adopters picking up Pimax 4ks like candy, even if they are $600 instead of $300. And your 8k version will be looked at like a fine Autobahn ready automobile because of the 4k performance and people will feel confident in buying it because of “Pimax Quality”


While i agree with you on the 8k model for the most part. When they demo tge first 8k the idea is the gpu will render 1 display at a time. So in theory if you have say medium spec card you should be able to drive the 8k model. Possibly even with my r9 390 8g & nvidia 1060 6g model. This is probably why though thr 8k will require 2 (hint pimax) DP instead of chaining them to one output

@deletedpimaxrep1 of course can comfirm or quash this theory.

As for piplay it shouldn’t hinder the 4k or 8k as it gets its features from the firmware.

The key with the 4k/BE model needs Piplay to have the ability to have plugin support like OSVR & Steamvr.

Like i have said & maintain the end user should be able to pick the tracking system & controllers they want to use with the hmd.

Both oculus & steam have opened up their tracking systems.

Wouldn’t be cool to purchase an oculus cam & attach an ir constellation plate to our Pimax?

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I do realize that Pimax has succeeded in a good balance of performance and resolution through some of the methods they use in their software. And I do think I did miss the point on that in that last post. It’s that many here are asking for a true 4k screen, and that’s really not going to happen or be driven by current GPUs. This may be why they limited to 60hz, because any faster is pointless at higher resolutions, can’t be driven. I can tell you that if they advertise an 8k, they’ll have to at least drive it at 2k per eye, and increasing the FOV is going to increase the demands on the CPUs. I want the 8k pretty badly, but as a hobbiest in Flight Simulation for the past 30 years I know very very well the hard limits that hardware imposes on my flight dreams. There have been huge budgets thrown at the issue. Math is math. The desire to get higher resolution is a desire to see more clarity in the distance and details, and that cannot be done with a trick or extrapolation, it has to be there. Pimax 8k will cleanup, in the markets do very well, with lower resolution, no problem, but it’s not going to be wildfire. They need to lower their expectations and go for the long haul, BUILD A BRAND as a sense of a leading innovator, and be very careful not to be a leading bullshitter. So far so good, but sacrificing the 4k line for 8k is bottom line, as in financially, Foolish.

I give this critisizm with a balanced sense that Pimax is a good company trying their very best to do what the think is right for everyone, including us. This is just my opinion based on what little I know, and I only give it affectionately out of sincere concern. Pimax is already on the radar for VR out there, it’s not a small blip. They are building their Brand Right Now in 4k, not 8k.

The current 4k model can’t do native 4k input due to nvidia & amd not supporting dsc (Arm apparently supports this) Support has mentioned in another thread that it sounds like there is a redesign planned for the 4k model so hopefully the playstaion inspired head band would be awesome.

The hdmi 1.4 is the main limiting factor much was the same with first gen 4k tv only had hdmi 1.4 which only supports 4k @30hz.

Now with the 8k this is why they need native DP (not hdmi 2.0) DP can also help power the screens without needing to get power from the usb (but can still help to ensure stable power)

The 8k from their explanation will render 1 4k panel at a time

Left Eye | Right Eye
X. | 0
0 | X
X. | 0
0 | X

X represents displayed image.
0 Represents blank. 1 eye is blind while other sees image. Like 3d shutter glasses.

The GPU for native VR games will not drive you gpu as bad. Now for a game that is not Native your right will be very hard on the gpu as it has to render the complete image & then reprocess it into left & right. But again this is speculation based on information floating around. I could be entirely wrong. Lmao