About Head Tracking (Rotational Tracking) Quality improvement

It’s funny how much time compression affects our criticism. When you’re in the moment and all you want is your issue fixed, you can lose your sense of time and all time becomes relevant to your moment of despair, even though there may be solid plans to fix your issue. I hear of upgrades for the 4k, and lesser versions of the 8k. Who knows what the future brings.

Mechanical IPD adjustment sounds promising but flashing the screens to give a shutter effect Im sceptical about. Just like 3d movies it will make the screens look even duller than they already are. The biggest risk I see in buying the 8k is if they go ahead and use the same panels as the current model this headset will be outdated as soon as the new CV2 models are released using the latest samsung and kopin screens. It will be $900 down the toilet

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They may not be shuttering, but rather leaving it on for the two frames.

That’s right. Anyway, I’m watching pimax’s July 8k demo. When we look at the press release, we can confirm the current status of pimax.
If they are trying to start a kickstart with incomplete products, we will experience another case like 4k again.

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One of the trappings with startups, and I’ve been a part of 4 of them, only one succeeded and is a household name now, is that people in them get very hung up on their own dream of what their product may be able to do, and not what it Can do at the current time. It is So Vitally Important to get a product out the door that does something very well, even if it doesn’t fulfill dreams just yet, to Build Your Brand And Reputation. So many startups get caught chasing their dreams when what they don’t realize is the average person is Not chasing all those dreams they just want something that’s going to work very well and not interrupt their flow with what they’re doing and they’ll be very content then to hear about your dreams and be enthused. Their timing is so ripe right now, but I worry they won’t prepare the right crop for harvest (your customers do the harvesting, all you can do is prepare).

Well oculus has you covered (there not releasing a new hmd for another 2 years -not a good move). If there smart there next gen headset should be able to be marketed without requiring to be sold with tracking system be wise to be able to use previous tracking system & controllers; sure offer new revision. Just like Sony did with the move.

As for fixing our gen 1 PiMax 4k/BE adding extension plugins is what is needed so things like trackir/psmove service etc. & coming up with better gyro corrections.

Tho am interested in a redesign 4k/BE models hopefully with a wishlist of candy.
-Display Port (Support native 4k & can power display freeing up usb amperage)
-USB 3.0 upgrade with micro usb 3.0 ports (3-4 should be plenty) one top center hmd & 1 Left side & 1 Rightside. (more power more bandwidth)
-DP cable & usb 3.0 detachable for easy replacement.
-Psvr head mount like system
-Regular optics(20/20) with manual or electronic focus(if electric think camera toggle switch)
-Iluminated PiMax Logo. :sunglasses:

*** User Panel upgrade proprietary setup. PiMax team could release new Panel upgrades as tech advances. Perhaps a dual firmware? 1 for PiMax features the other for Panel specific options/cfg.

Would definitely buy something like that. :grin:

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Yes they could have nailed it with those few changes. Thats what I was expecting when I bought Pimax the minute it released. Its fustrating that all the componentry is available right now to make a great headset but no one can get it right. Since following oculus from kickstarter I never could have imagined there would be so many HMD variations here in 2017 all missing the target. And your totally right about oculus. They dont need to reinvent the wheel. Just release an upspec model with better screens all using the same trackers and version of oculus home. This one size fits all aproach is unfortunate


C’mon, Oculus is a overrated. They have how much money and they produced what? Sad. Don’t get me started, I don’t have that much confidence in that crowd. Steam and HTC woke up too late, not a good sign either. I consider Pimax to be a bunch of impatient nerds that if they had more money could make a big name for themselves.

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I think this link & pic put oculus Palmer into perspective.

Yes I’m very happy with the results.

Somehow I fluked the correct amount of adjustment and now the focus is spot on.
I still have to wear my glasses though, but this isn’t a real bother.