About 5k+ DP converter

Just got my 5K+, but unfortunately my Laptop does not have dp port but hdmi minidp and Thunderbolt3(type-c). So it seems there is no converter that can work at DP 1.4 but only DP1.2.

Does anyone have solution?




I am facing the same problem, see here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/use-with-minidisplayport/14314/9\

I believe more and more people using laptops will face the same problem as the new brainwarp functions dramatically alleviates the GPU requirements.

In your case, however, have you tried the 5K+ with a mdp to DP1.2 converter? Is it flawlessly?

I just found out my thunderbolt 3 port is just a type-c not thunderbolt. Which means the best option is to get a DP to Minidp converter and working at dp 1.2 …
which made me very disappionted:rage: should think twice before purchase

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Dp1.2 might be OK, it is just I want to be absolute sure before I purchase a new laptop…
Recently the new pitool update allows choosing refresh rate, even if the bandwidth is not enough for 90Hz, 72 Hz or even 64 Hz should be OK for DP1.2
Could you update the situation after you tried the mdp to DP converter?

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What exactly is the problem with DP 1.2? Technically it should be sufficient to work with Pimax.

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Bandwidth wise, DP1.2 only support 3840 X 2160 X 60Hz=497664000
Pimax 5K+ require: 2 X 2560 X 1440 X 90Hz=663552000

I hope I was wrong and DP1.2 works flawlessly with pimax

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DP 1.2 should support max. data rate of 17,28 Gbps (source: DisplayPort - Wikipedia), while Pimax 5k+ should require 17,14 Gbps (https://community.openmr.ai/t/can-we-run-virtual-link-on-pimax-somehow/14133/10). It is just at the limit but should work. The reality may differ however :wink:


You could buy a regular mDP to DP cable and add a coupler.

Supposedly the transmittion speed only depends on the cables connected to the coupler, but no guarantees.

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I hope your calculations are right, but even pimax specifications officially state DP1.4 or above, which makes me nervous…

Anyway, if some can post their experience with DP 1.2 and confirm flawless, that would be great!

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Thanks! But what is the difference between using a mdp to dp cable+the coupler Vs a mdp to dp converter, for example this one: Club 3D | Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adapter

Which way is better?

The adapter is guaranteed to be 1.2a standard, while with the coupler it’s anyone’s guess. Maybe the mDP is only 1.2 standard, so there is no chance anyway.

This is a passive adapter and simply does pin-to-pin pass through. Resolution depends on other connected components.

mDP spec:
the Mini DisplayPort can drive display devices with resolutions up to 2560×1600 (WQXGA) in its DisplayPort 1.1a implementation, and 4096×2160 (4K) in its DisplayPort 1.2 implementation.

Dunno if wikipedia is outdated, but if there are 1.4 cables for mDP to DP, then I would guess it is.

My feeling is the mdp to dp cable+the converter is the passive one and does simply pin-to-pin pass. There are 1.4 cables for mdp to dp: Club 3D | Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.4 HBR3 Cable M/M 2m/6.56ft.

The mdp to dp is an active adapter. (which I could not find one supports DP1.4)

So the cable+converter is better if there is a mdp1.4 port on the laptop. But for a laptop with only mdp1.2, both ways will end up with the same DP1.2,

Is it correct?

Please add to earlyadopter group @anon74848233.

In theory should work as some backers have tested on 970 & 980ti which are dp 1.2


DisplayPort cables are not classified by “version”. DisplayPort cables are classified only by their bandwidth certification level (RBR, HBR, HBR2, HBR3), if they have been certified at all.

If the mDP port’s bandwitch limited to what is specified in 1.2, then you’ve found your bottleneck. I don’t believe there is any need for an active component.


Ithink when it comes to minidp it is1.2 for sure. there is no 1.4 minidp. my laptop is 1070 and minidp is 1.2. will buy a adapter to give it a try. But if your laptop have thunderblot3 you can try dp to thunderbolt3 adapter.

just got my adapter will try later


Thunderbolt3 to DP could be a good option :+1: but a lot of controllers are only supporting DP 1.2.
DP 1.2 seems to be good enough and with a notebook it’s not the only thing affecting performance :wink:
Good luck.


Did you try Mini DP?

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@SweViver uses a cheap miniDP to DP adapter with his laptop with no issues:


sadly the adapter is not working well. you can see there’s block in the middle. And another problem is I can’t run simple vr video play what I can see is nothing but pure blue. Not sure if it because no tracking stations.

does anyone have the same problems?

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