A new Pimax.com!

Dear all,

Introducing the new Pimax.com

Check out our newly revamped website!
Our team has been working tirelessly around the clock to bring you this new and improved shopping experience.
Every inch has been redesigned from the ground up with strong considerations from the community.

We hope that you enjoy it. Thank you for supporting Pimax. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us!


Pimax.com リニューアルのお知らせ




Das neue pimax.com ist da!

Schaut euch die neu gestaltete und verbesserte Webseite an!
Unser Team hat unermüdlich rund um die Uhr daran gearbeitet, um euch ein neues und verbessertes Einkaufserlebnis zu bringen.
Es wurde von Grund auf komplett neu überarbeitet, mit dem Feedback unserer Community.

Wir hoffen euch gefällt sie. Vielen Dank das ihr Pimax unterstützt. Euer Feedback ist uns sehr wichtig!


새로운 Pimax.com을 소개합니다

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모든 디자인은 커뮤니티의 강력한 고려 사항을 바탕으로 처음부터 다시 설계되었습니다.

재밌게 봐 주셨으면 좋겠습니다. 그리고 파이맥스를 지원해주셔서 감사합니다.
귀하의 피드백은 우리에게 매우 중요합니다!


Voici le Nouveau Pimax.com

Découvrez notre nouveau site complètement remanié!
Notre équipe a travaillé sans relâche pour vous offrir cette toute nouvelle expérience d’achats.

Chaque centimètre a été repensé de haut en bas avec de forts conseils venant de la communauté

Nous espérons que vous allez apprécier. Merci de supporter Pimax.
Vos commentaires ont beaucoup d’importance pour nous!

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It looks nice, but actual function seems reduced. Many of the links on the front page don’t even work. When you go to pages for the various products, much of the information about them… especially warnings and information about important limitations… no longer appears.


Strange. Why no info about Crystal, if the release date is so close?


Indeed i like to know that too…


It would have made more sense to wait with the launch until it has been populated with relevant information.

I hope that who-ever approved this website to launch is not in charge of approving the launch of the Crystal or 12K…


Looks good! It might be helpful on the Pimax Reality 12K QLED page to make a quick statement saying when more information can be expected. People who go to that page will be expecting something. And this will stop any annoyance at only seeing a picture.


A product advertized with “VR 3.0 is finally here” should be available, otherwise this is irritating and thus more annoying than helpful. There is not more info at all when clicking on “More info”.


Got better, looks more Professional by now.

Need still optimisation for new customers :wink:

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“Our Team”, and also the volunteer contest proofreaders?

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It will (probably) be here when the “full page” is live to buy/reserve from.

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What examples are you referring to? Is it just the limitations of the KDMAS vs DMAS 8K X versions?

Is this what you may have missed?

Edit: Added link

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For example, the fiberoptic cable page has no information about what models it is compatible with.

The previous page indicated that it only worked for USB powered models and curiously it said it wasn’t compatible with the new 8KX DMAS which I suspect isn’t actually true. The new page just says “Adapt to a variety of complex environments” which suggests that it works with all models which definitely isn’t true.

There’s a general lack of any of the accessory pages having any information on which models they’re compatible with. I think that should be an explicit section for every accessory.

Also they should get rid of this whole idea of “adapter models” and “USB models” on their website. Customers don’t necessarily understand what that means. If you haven’t been with Pimax since their early headsets, you have no reason to know that earlier ones used power adapters. It’s confusing to new customers to try to guess which models they mean when they refer to stuff like that. Pimax should instead always list the models explicitly.

Which headsets use the comfort kit? Which headsets are the “Facial Foam Replacement” for? This is confusing to new customers. All they know is they bought an 8KX. They shouldn’t need to know about the earlier history of Pimax headsets in order to understand which facial foam to buy.

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Yeah, probably… But just imagine Apple would upload a page that shows their new mixed reality headset. And an info button that leads to a page that just mentions “The future of VR is here!”. Without further info, buy button, anything. And then leave it like this for months until they finally release the headset. Hard to imagine indeed. :slight_smile:

Edit: They changed it, no more “is here”. Better, imho as long as it isn’t! :wink:
Edit2: “Is here” is here again… :confused:

Is it supposed to look like this or is there a bug? Maybe a browser issue on my end?

If it’s SUPPOSED to look like this I’d highly recommend to pay a professional website designer to design something, it’s not even expensive.The problem is Pimax always tries to cheap out as much as possible. They organize a ‘translation contest’ instead of hiring a pro. I’m sure it’s the same with website design. But man, it’s always like talking to a wall with Pimax …


It’s not meant to look like that, refresh the page and image will probably load. I’ve noticed it happen a number of times with various images across different pages, but inconsistently, along with some links also be very slow to load. If I was to guess, they need to improve the server they are using to deliver the website. I’m guessing it’s a cloud service like AWS or such so they likely need to just allocate more resources to it, put it on a higher tier or whatever.

Yes that works now. But from a content perspective it’s just still quite stupid. I mean ‘learn more’ when I click on that for the 12K, what do I exactly ‘learn more’ ?? It’s showing exactly the same info as on the front page. That’s just plain stupid. Who makes this stuff up? And why is it showing the 12K in the first place, when the Crystal is supposed to release first?? It all makes 0 sense again, as we’re used to from Pimax.

“Pimax, redefining amateurism” would be a pretty appropiate slogan. At least it would be spot on.

Sorry I’m not going to suger coat this “wow looks nice Pimax” when it just doesn’t. It’s bad.


Maybe the ‘new Pimax.com launch’ is a saving face move with regards to announced Q3 and Q4 launches?

Sounds insane but also sounds a lot like Pimax tbh.

The fact that Kevin is on here a lot and even engages in conversations about the advantages of standalone VR with regards to the new Crystal and 12K HMD but absolutely ignores any requests regarding confirmation of their respective Q3 and Q4 launch windows vividily reminds me what the last 5 years with Pimax have been like.

Which is why I’m banking on a super enthusiastic review by @Djonko for the XTAL HMD; lead time apparently is 3 months, would love for it to be my next upgrade.


Hahaha. HOPEFULLY I’m getting mine later today! Really anxious to try it out and see if it’s really the dream device they say it is. Or if it’s a big disappointment…


I’m just as anxious to hear what you report.

I fear it’s a brute force HMD right at the threshold when pancake lenses etc. make their way into the mainstream but if it’s as great as has been reported, it should be the ideal HMD for my motion rig.

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