A Couple Requests for PiTool


  1. More control over contrast/brightness. I think something between 0 and 1 contrast is a sweetspot where we won’t see any color “crush.” Maybe increments 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, etc, or even better, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, 2, etc.
  2. Short push of the power button brings up the SteamVR menu, and a mouse dot in the middle of the view can be used to access desktop/settings/etc without using a controller(use head as a mouse pointer). The Index has this feature and I really miss it while using a Pimax headset. When racing and desiring to check the time, or a steam message, or change a setting, I currently have to find a controller, turn it on (and waste battery), and navigate with it, where with an Index I could just press the power button and then use my head as a mouse and press the power button again to “click.” The way to turn off the SteamVR settings is to point the “mouse” pointer off the settings/desktop screen and short click the power button again.



With Pimax Experience (EDIT: seemingly - judging by the quality of current beta releases!) very close to public beta I don’t think this is needed… :wink:

It’s started instead of the usual “Pimax Home” environment which means it’s available as soon as the HMD is connected/ready… :wink:

It takes care of PiTool settings (incl. profiles) and You can launch titles directly for the following “platforms”:

  • SteamVR
  • Oculus
  • VivePort
  • ReVive

You are welcome to mention your suggestions in this post. I have already moved your suggestion, and Alex will read it


if i’m already in steamvr is there a way to get back to the pimax experience menu? i’ve always wanted a pitool menu overlay in steamvr that works the same as ovr advanced settings or revive

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Yes. Just exit SteamVR :wink:

If nothing else is “in control” of the headset, Pimax Experience starts… :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t sound like what I’m asking for. So you’re saying I can access my steam chat or the Desktop without a controller while in a game?

Hi @Miracle, I couldn’t add/reply to that post, so I made this one.

Have you guys successfully changed the refresh rate with pimax experience without taking the headset off?

No, it’s not an overlay… It runs when nothing else is shown in the headset. It’s like an in-headset PiTool/launcher.

So will it switch the PP and other setting made for a game? Say I start FO4VR that needs PP, will it auto-enable it?

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That’s cool but not what I was asking for…I want to access the SteamVR menu while in-game, without a tracked hand controller.


this was useful on the old vive headsets (tapping the power button to get the steam menu)

Agreed. Incredibly useful to have a power button tap bring up the steamVR menu, and also having that same button press able to select items you are gazing at.

Really hope this can be implemented into pitool. Having to turn on controllers just to do simple navigation in steamVR menus is a big con for user friendliness in my opinion!

Yes, that’s the idea with cloud enabled profiles, but to begin with You’ll have to set up the profile for each game once (and it will switch profiles upon start of a game)… :wink:

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Sorry. Misunderstood… :wink:

So You want them to emulate whatever button presses the Index does.

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I have long thought both of these suggestions are good ideas.

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really? This is a big problem, let me check

@Miracle I can’t reply to that post either, which is a bit surprising, since I’m a “Leader” on this forum.

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My requests/suggestions:

  • Enable lower refresh rates for 8K-X like 64Hz: great for older flight sims like DCS or X-Plane
  • Backlight controls for 8K-X (potential per screen, my left screen seems slightly brighter)
  • Outside of PiTool: provide easy to understand, step-by-step instructions that can be published to game developers explaining how to update their games so that they no longer need parallel reprojection.

Any idea what the current lowest refresh is for production 8kX units at the moment? My pre-production goes down to 60Hz, and that works really well for flight sim and such.