8KX vs HP Reverb, a new sample clip

Well, I dunno… Ive almost given up on trying to record a proper “through the lens video” between 8KX and HP. The HP lenses blurs everything out in a way I cant even describe, despite having the sweetspot set in the centre of the camera lens. It does not only look less sharp, but also “smears” out the SDE in this 4K video clip. I have tilted the camera like 10% in both shots - if I wouldnt, the HP would look like a total SDE-mess because of the interference between the camera sensor and the HMD panel.

All in all, this doesnt make it a 1:1 comparison, but at least it gives you an idea of the level of sharpness and visibility on the 8KX and HP Reverb in racing sims…

After watching this clip, I assume some ppl will scream “heeey HP seems to have less SDE”. Which is not really the case. But I guess you just have to come to VR Days and try the 8KX and 8K+ on your own. I wont try to convince you :wink:

Watch in 4K on YouTube: (Preferably using Chrome)

Oh, almnost forgot:
8KX on the left, HP Reverb on the right!


Bravo @SweViver they both look great.


Very nice - shows exactly what I thought it should!
The 8kx looks freaking good!
Just a look at the flags shows how fast the sweet spot in the HP is at its bad point - and there are many other things!
Thanks @SweViver for the Videos.
Did You get Asgards Wrath? Would be cool to have some 8kx vs. 5k or 8k Videos on that - I dont really care much about the other anymore until they tune up the FOV.

Kind regards


I truthfully have not considered wmr with those controllers and fov. I wouldn’t care if the sde and image blows everyone away for half the price. They must increase fov and controllers to catch my interest.


I think Pimax has reached a point in terms of picture quality where the only two things they could possibly do to improve the image in far future would be new lenses, or a high density LCOS display overlayed right in the center the way Varjo is doing to achieve the best of both worlds.

Pimax is in a field all its own at its price range, and that is awesome.


Custom headsets tuned perfectly to each user :wink: Just kidding…


Yes, new Lenses - may be as a “tuning” option would be awsome.
They really are the only thing I can thing of in terms of improvement until there are true 8k OLED’s (even though I found that the grays sometimes swap over to “too black” - but there is no black or intens color like on OLED.


Well could be the Luxery Edition :wink:


They could put some small flat panels to the far left and right and fill our entire fov. I would love to see it.

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Wow… I have been waiting to receive my 8KX as a Kickstarter backer… I guess Pimax has to be poked in the face to remember the ones that sent them money two years ago.

Guess I should start a Youtube channel… maybe THEN I might get my 8K X.

@SweViver Have you used beta WMR Plugin for SteamVr in this shot? As @evertec suggested to avoid potential bug?

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Mmmm…you do know that the 8KX has not been released yet right…


So why has the 8KX been sent out to a few people (check online)… so if it’s in the hands of a few people - why is there STILL no release date or communication to those who paid for their item 2 years ago? Problem is, the company lacks the leadership to determine the end state for it’s product line. This allows them to continue “announcing” improvements and ideas… and not shipping finalized items to way more than just the 150 (or so) 8K X supporters. I still see an embarassingly high number of people with other units, who also paid up front 2 years ago, that are still waiting and cannot use what they already have received (have one or two items out of the full set required to actually PLAY with the product).

Plus, as I re-read the emails I exchanged with the company back in May, the 8K X was supposed to be out months ago. I was waiting for a shipping number (sounds familiar to anyone else?) and haven’t heard boo from them. Chances are good that one of two things happened, either: 1. An idea fairy burped another goodie for them to run down a rabbit hole to develop or 2. The product line has some issues that is beyond Pimax’s capabilities to engineer/build around. The thing to remember is that this product line was supposed to be ready for FINAL testing, manufacturing and distribution - it was not socialized as a “oh we need seed money for a product that is just on the back of a napkin and needs 3~5 years of development, testing and manufacturing.”

If they had been honest and said that this was a multi-year endeavor for a product that was actually more vapor than reality then I’d definitely have budgeted more time for them. As it stands I’m out over $1K. And lastly, before someone misunderstands or figures I have no patience… I have backed over 120 projects between Kickstarter and Indigogo since July 2012, and am no stranger to long waits - heck, two projects are in their 5th+ years, but THEY have kept me in the loop and there are good reasons for the wait. This… is totally different.


I think all 8KX backers knew the 8KX was vaporware until recently. They are running checks etc to hopefully have a final release. I personally hope they take their time and not screw up the release in terms of quality control rather than rushing it.


@squidly1 the 8KX has not been sent to anyone. I have one here which is not even the latest sample. Not because Im a YouTuber but because I work for Pimax and Im testing it and looking for any remaining issues.

Regarding your long love letter above: The only embarrassing thing is that the most innovative VR headset today has been made from a Kickstarter campaign by a small company, and no other major company in the industry, including Facebook, have come even halfway to compete.

Regarding 8KX release date for backers, its all official already in case u missed it.

Your assumptions and conspiracy theories are just wrong, but I guess there’s no point wasting time to explain it to you once again…

Im sorry but posts like this are just hilarious and I can’t take it seriously.


To be fair it’s pretty easy to miss the official announcement topics. Which is likely what happened.


The current planned date for the 8KX is the 18th Dec 2019. Whether it will get delayed is another story.


Sadly i thought they 8kx would look so much better than that for the long distance objects. But we are still far away from having the required DPI for near real vision.

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