8kx Questions from a noob

Hi everyone, I am very keen on getting this beast and just have a few minor questions/reservations.

I dug deep and after 3 hours of reading everywhere and in here, I am still unsure about the earphone situation.

Currently it seems I can buy the SMAS model and buy KDMAS earphones to go with it.

After reading in here, I see that the DMAS is not actually available for sale yet as they ‘apparently’ have just started production in March, so the backorders of backers need to be filled before someone like me can get it. And they are still yet to be shipped. Is that correct?

So KDMAS earphones are currently available with a SMAS strap but the DMAS is a step up and will be the best quality option?

I guess my reservation is, I obviously want the best possible audio so I want the DMAS. My understanding is the DMAS model, which is $100 more, is a slightly different head strap and will come with the earphones?

Those are all pretty much the same question, I have more, but I guess for now if I could wrap my head around this, that would be super cool, thanks.

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The 3 models are the same the only difference is the speaker assembly and you can quickly switch the speakers between the 3 (and 3rd party speakers as well when they arrive).

So there isn’t an smas model with kdmas speakers. They are all the MAS and the 3 options are the speaker technology.

Speaking of that the options are:
SMAS = above the ear down firing speakers. These are similar to the Quest 2 etc…
KDMAS = touching the ear cups (they must touch the ear for best performance). These are similar to the Vive DAS speakers but with greatly increased Bass response.
DMAS = Hover outside the ear. BMR style high end speakers.

Response to the KDMAS has been extremely positive so that would be my personal suggestion on the 8KX.

We are still working on the DMAS and will have more to say about that coming up.


Thanks for the fast response, I just found a video from SweViver that explained everything nicely.

Only qualms is that the ear cups look small and look like they will be pushing ears against my head unlike proper over ear studio headphones that I can wear all day.

I guess as you said, I can wear other headphones with it as others seem to be doing.

My only other questions were this:

  1. Is it possible / are you working on the 8kx to be wireless in the future?

  2. Why isn’t eye tracking part of the bundle options? Is it because both hand and eye tracking can’t both be plugged in at the same time and is this being worked on?

Thanks a lot for your time, appreciate it.


Here is Community Guide Category.


Re (1) Pimax has stated that they are working on a wireless option for their headsets. It’s not clear if it will support the 8KX’s 4K “native” mode, or just the “upscaled” mode.

(2) Good question. The eye tracking module is tricky to install and you can only use it -or- the hand tracker at the same time, unless you run an additional USB cable to your headset.


one more question, are the knuckles controllers the Valve controllers like the base stations?

No, they are Pimax’s own design. I bought a pair of Index controllers instead, which work fine with the Pimax headset and base stations. Note that I am using version 1 base stations, but version 2 should also work.


Yes. Knuckles was just Valve’s name for their controller project and ultimately they were just called the Index controllers. Knuckles and Valve Index Controllers are identical and all come from Valve. Knuckles is in effect just an early slang for Index controllers.

Our own controllers are called Sword controllers but are not released yet.


Thanks, just saw a video on the sword controllers, they seem cool, any eta on a release date?
I’m gettin itchy here but don’t wanna regret getting something now when I could have waited 2 weeks.

You won’t regret getting the Valve Index controllers as they are widely regarded as excellent.

We are working hard on our controllers but we don’t yet have an official release date for them.


There’s a lot of people that have had issues with the Valve Knuckles…

The video I saw of the sword controllers was at CES 2020, almost 18 months ago, can I get a date for when there will be an announcement at least?

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Save yourself some frustration and just get the Index controllers if you are really wanting something relatively soon. Pimax has made some good products but they are notoriously bad at giving time estimates for when their latest product will be available. Even if they give you an estimate now it would likely not even be close to correct based on past performance. The Index controllers do have a tendency to malfunction in one way or another for a lot of people but Valve has been really good at sending out replacements if needed.

I actually think the sword controllers have a chance of being better but there really is no telling when they will actually be available.


So I binged watched the last couple of streams in SweViver’s channel.

Some super exciting stuff.

2 questions.

1: Is there a chance both the sword controllers and DMAS get released at the same time… soon?

2: When they do eventually get released, will the change be made to have all units ship with the 6m fibre optic cable as mentioned in one of the streams?

So DMAS, sword controllers and FO cable all in the box.

That would be dope.

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