8KX is Pentile? How to cancel pledge?

Back when I pledged, they said nothing about the 8K/8KX using pentile displays. Pentile is TERRIBLE compared to a real 3 sub-pixel RGB display. That is why the 5K+ even though much lower resolution, using RGB stripe, is easily superior.

Basically I would be pushing 2x 4K screens with the 8KX only to get about half the visual fidelity due to pentiles native 2 sub-pixel TERRIBLE display quality.

Using pentile on a native 2x 4K display with the massive GPU requirement would be self-defeating. Pentile is a fake resolution screen and a complete waste.


You can’t cancel a pledge, but you can sell it… Enough people interested in it (like me).
And it’s not pentile, it’s some sort of “rainbow” or “diamond” RGB :slight_smile:


Sell your pledge . go to eBay and make 4-500 profit.


Ya but how do you sell something with an unknown ship date?

Others have done it. Maybe contact pimax support, or sell entire kickstarter account
Or wait till it arrives and sell it physically

You obviously have no clue what you’re talking about. For technical noobs I simply recommend to take either headset because there ain’t any better ones in months to come for a consumer price.


I’m offering 500 for your 8kx pledge


And add-in that those that bought the full kit may not have sensors or controllers until sometime well into 2019, this KS is a clusterF.

lol even https://www.pimaxvr.com/en/ is trying to load unauthorized scripts and takes you to a web hostage site. LOL

Sell your kickstarter account if you don’t have any other running pledges on it. You can look up in this forum how others did it.
I would for example (as buyer) ask for a screenshot of the pledge (with personal details blurred out). You could give a bankaccount (or paypal), I would pay 50% of the amount on it, after that’s confirmed, you’d gave the account details to me, and I would change the personal info on it (my address and my email etc) and pay you the remaining 50%. I think that’s about the most fair and possible scam-free way to arrange it.

Wow the 8K panel is so TERRIBLE. It would be a crime to use that garbage in the 8KX.

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Maybe there’s no better panel available


It’s not pentile, it’s worse. Pentile has green for every pixel while the 8K panel only has it for half the pixels. It’s a checkerboard panel. The 5K+ has practically the same number of dots, but the 8K has the dots in a 45 degrees rotated grid.

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That’s something I don’t comprehend ( even though there might be good reasons for that )
Why didn’t they use the 4k panels of the pimax4K for the Pimax8K
It would be great if they could use them for the Pimax 8KX at least, or maybe a Pimax 8k+ ?

Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t they 60hz?


Yes, they’re only 60Hz so weren’t an option I guess.

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Pimax really need to switch to OLED panels when they become available.

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8k x fullset or headset only?
Little interesting.

…and create massive godrays and other negative effects? I think the RGB diamond in the 8k and RGB strip in the 5k+ are both better in a lot of ways vs. Pentile OLED displays. To be equal on pixels you need RGB OLED but even then the only thing you gain is really dark blacks.

I think the colors are usually better on OLED displays, but the blacks cannot be truly black. If the pixel is completely black, it turns off and takes a while to be turned back on. This causes “black smear” artifacts.

I do want Pimax to eventually switch to OLED panels, but right now LCD panels are a good choice for a consumer VR headset.