8kX achieves 120hz & Trade-in Program

Yes at least this is all through Pimax, so I have a record and hopefully so do they :sweat_smile:

I hope they accept it. Otherwise, with hindsight, I should have just asked for the money back and no voucher, and then paid the full price for the X.

In theory it’s the same, but now, depending on how they treat this, I could be $350 out of pocket :cry:

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You got that a long time ago, since the old panels were originally only intended for 75Hz. :wink:

Don’t they also have better compatibility? I thought the older 8KX works on AMD graphics cards for example.

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Indeed they do. Old supports GTX, Laptops and Amd Gpus.

Revised so far only supports desktop RTX cards.

90Hz native works on my older model 8KX just fine with my 3080 Ti. It works for a lot of people.

But it’s also true that 90Hz does not work in some cases. I don’t think we know what percentage of older model 8KX owners that applies to.

You mentioned replacing various parts of your system in an effort to get 90Hz working. Was that at Pimax’s direction? Did you open a support ticket with them?


Not at all at Pimaxs direction, hahah no I should clarify. Just people here saying its got to be the GPU “works just fine for me”, something wrong with my system etc. All thats been changed. I knew Pimax gave up when they responded with intent for me to turn off antivirus after suggesting 3 different firmware+beta pitool combinations, and having purchased the fiber optic cable as well. Its fine though. 75hz all day is fine. And the trade in program nullifies any concerns that Im stuck with a bad unit forever. Again, lower Hz might actually be better for myself. Might sound weird but if the duty cycle of the display could do 45hz without flicker I would probably like that more than 1/2 of 90hz. Also Pimax never advertised 90 hz when I bought it. It was totally an add-on and a surprise, that ended in a bit of futility. There was no false advertising and Pimax did try to help for sure. If they had responded with what serial number do you have? Oh that one doesn’t work, sorry, that would have been the best possible response.

For me, with 8Kx 2075 model, the 90Hz has never worked (black screen every 3/4 seconds), with an RTX 3090 and a 9900 CPU.
Ticket created, exchanges into forums, nevers succeed to find the root cause :frowning:
Could we expect this new FW will help to improve 90Hz compatiliby for our ‘old’ 8kx headset ?


You might want to explore a DP repeater as mentioned here to get 3090ti working. Can’t say for sure but may also resolve 90hz for original 8kX.


Sometimes it is extraordinarily difficult to pin down the cause in every case. There are so many different combinations of hardware and software possible that when you push the limits/boundaries there certainly will be cases that aren’t solved.
Best we can do is keep at it to solve each case.

That said, our general philosophy is when we find a way to push out improvements in a generally reliable way, even for headsets many years old we have and will continue to press on.


Will it maybe also works on the 2075 model?,i want to try it…Because every pc is different

The new 8KX and old 8KX require different firmware which is not compatible with each other because the chips being used, while performing the same function, are different and incompatible and require different code to run. This announcement concerns only the firmware for the new 8KX.

It’s possible that the same approach that reaches 120Hz on the new 8KX could be applied to the old hardware to improve compatibility for its 90Hz, but this seems unlikely. It’s probably utilizing capabilities that are only present in the new hardware. In any case, it would require an update to the firmware for the old 8KX to implement it if it was possible.

If you’re talking about trying to run the firmware for the new 8KX on the old 8KX, the headset will not be able to run at all. Don’t try this.

If you’re referring to trying the Lindy Repeater in the hope that this will cause 90Hz to work on an old 8KX which is having trouble with 90Hz, that is purely a flail that has been suggested on these forums recently. There’s no particular reason to think it will make a difference outside of the specific case (the 3090 Ti) where it has been recommended by Pimax as a workaround.

If using a repeater solved 90Hz issues on the old 8KX, that would almost certainly have already been discovered long before now. The Lindy repeater has been around for a couple of years.


Not necessarily as ppl have been more experimenting to extend the cables with the repeater vs using it more a simple signal booster. If you read the 3090 ti post it was iirc a customer whom tried a repeater with the 3090 ti.

As the 90hz issue seems to also be a potential signal strength issue on some Nvidia RTX gpus the possible solution is worth trying.


Ok, so I just did tried… and it fails.
The repeater is “no help”, at least for me (8KX 2075, RTX3090, Intel 9900KX).
Still having exact same behavior, without or without it :

  • Upsaling mode - 110Hz : perfect.
  • Native mode - 75Hz : perfect
  • Native mode - 90Hz : flashing blanck or black image every each second
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Sorry. Thanks for trying for us. Ive been behind the same symptoms for over a year and tried it all.

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The symptoms for the 3090 Ti issue and the 90Hz issue are different. As I understand it, the former won’t successfully connect at all.

Whereas with the 90Hz issue, it’s clearly connecting and sending frames which display just fine, but it resets every couple of seconds steadily. That’s not consistent with signal strength problems. It appears to be receiving signal, but it doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the rate. My impression is that it’s underrunning, resetting, working for a couple of seconds, underrunning, resetting, on and on.

Yeah is that due to DSC do you think?

Heyo! so i have a pimax 5k super that I bought with the normal headphones. I bought kdmass headphones for it and the optical cable. can I trade that in for more than the 5k super was worth? since I kinda upgraded it.

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Afaik, you just trade in the headset. Like you will literally ship back only the headset, you can sell the other parts on ebay or such and use that towards the 12k. That was my interpretation from reaching out to customer support (I was asking as I had originally sold my SMAS and was wondering if needed to be included when sending back the headset for the trade-in).

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I think you meant to ask @PimaxQuorra . However the 5kS is already boosted to $900 value(see pimax website for details) which is higher than msrp. Accessories are not part of the trade in program.

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You may refer to these 2 terms.

The 5K Super trade-in value is fixed for $900.
Unless the 5K Super was from Mystery Box, the value will be different.