8K X - I noticed it gets hot even when the PC is off, but there's 2 stages for the off switch?

Hey Guys!
I just noticed something on the 8K X that I never noticed on the 5K+ and it could turn into an issue later (hopefully not)…

When i turn off my PC and pitool, the power led on the 8k x goes to a red color. But my brother just coinicidentally noticed that it was really warm on the top where the HMD Cable is on the left side/top of the headset.

I also held down the power button to see if it would turn off the chevron on the front since it always stayed slightly lit up even when the computer is completely off. To my surprise, the red LED power button glows much bright when you hold it down for 2-3 seconds, and the chevron goes completely dark after as if it’s a 2nd stage power button. Like it’s sleep and power-off…

I hope the 2nd stage off button cools it down, but thats scary knowing it’s still heating up where the cable is… Does anyone know if this can automatically go to complete power-off state when the pc/pitool is shut down?


For me the 8kX is first in „non operational on mode“ — the power led has a slightly dimmed shade of red and the front led stripe is lit. If I restart the PiService in that state then the 8kX switches to „operational on mode“, so the power led turns green/violet and the hmd screens turn on. When pressing the power buttons for a few seconds in either of these two modes then the HMD switches to „off“ mode where the power led shines in a more intensive shade of red and the front led stripe goes off.
Just switching off the PC leaves the 8kX in „non operational on mode“ when it was previously on, as you explained.
Imho the behavior of the 5k+ was easier to understand — green/violet for on, red for non functional (e.g. driver problem) and power led off was off.

My way to ensure that everything is off when not in use is to switch off the multi socket power strip the PC is connected to.


I unplugged the black USB on the 8kx, the blue one was still in the pc, and the red led was still lit, and i came back over an hour later, its super hot still.

I just found the major culprit but this is still NOT good.

I had ErP DISABLED in the bios. What that does for the Asus Motherboards is keep it powered, even though the pc is off (or in a “sleep” state where the PSU power is on, but windows 10 powered down the PC). When I enable ErP for S5, it turned off the RGB’s in my case during shutdown AND powered off all USB’s and the red light is no longer powered.


Sounds like something they will need to address in a firmware update

Do DISABLING ErP keeps the usb socket on?

but ENABLING it turns the usb off?

This is not great because I never turn off my pc

ErP Disabled like i had it, turns OFF power management basically, and lets your pc’s usb’s and rgb lights to have power, correct.


Good catch, I don’t even know what ErP stands for. Time for a google search

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Its in your bios settings and could be under usb selective suspend or power management


Easily put, the power saving states result from it


Yes ErP is just to save power. When you power off your PC, if ErP is disabled (power management is disabled), your USB’s will have power, RGB Lights, OLED Screens, etc, that are on the motherboard, will all be lit up/working even when the pc is off.

When you use ErP enabled, thats when the USB power will be cut off, along with the rest. On some motherboards, there are different states for ErP Enabled which can let you cut power to different parts, so you need to make sure you know which ErP Enabled state will cut off USB Power, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

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does this allow your pc to basically go to sleep and still download torrents?

kind of like how ps4 can keep downloading updates and games while sleeping?

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Lol no it doesnt do that


I just found this on amazon. This could be way more reliable to ensure that eye tracking turns off. which it currently doesn’t even when the head set is off.

@Octofox @Heliosurge fyi


In that case you might as well just unplug it then. It’s the same thing in principle.


you haven’t seen where my plug is. its a pain in the arse to get to

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Those short connections (i have one), dont help much. It adds about 6 inches length or so, and the button is in the middle. Plus you need to be sure that plug won’t have an issue with USB 3.0.


good thing amazon has a great return policy. Ill try it out


Very true! I’ve used their return policy so much I’ve gotten 2 emails about returning TOO Much stuff lol


In that case maybe i should wait until after I’ve decided if I’m keeping the Quest 2 to try this.

Lollll. Nah i did send back alot of stuff before. I slowed down though.