8k vs 5k: is "bad" image due to the scaler?

After seeing many different comparison between 8k and 5k (thank you all testers!) I think that the blurriness of the 8k is due to the scaler. See below example:

@SweViver said yesterday in his (great) AMA that he thinks it’s because the scaler has a complex job to do, it’s not just 1px => 2px but rather some kind of average. I think he’s right, it looks like scaler is introducing artefacts when averaging two pixels, I can see red pixels on 8k picture on the gauges whereas it should be either black or white.

@deletedpimaxrep1 or anybody from @PimaxVR:

  • Is this something that can be improved?
  • Is the 8k scaler “programmable”? If so, what king of freedom do you have?
  • Is it possible to remove averaging?
  • Would those kind of settings open to modders later?

If there is a chance of having better scaling I’ll probably stick with 8K.


There was a suggestion made …
We could use some pre sharpening to give the 8k a better image …
Are you already looking into this possibility?
Please hury … Most of us super early backs have to fell a decision really soon…
Thanks !


Quite a few people here seem to think scaling is a bad thing. The Pimax 4k proves you guys wrong:


Not so much that it’s a bad thing in general. Just that it doesn’t seem to be working too well currently with the 8k for some reason.


Based on what? People are just guessing. I still think it’s mainly panel utilization. Or maybe a combo of scaler + utilization + some specific panel properties. Fact is … that we don’t have facts :slight_smile: Somebody would need to open his Pimax 8k and measure the panels, that would be a nice start.

Need to compare the 4k scaler to an rgb lcd headset.

It’s working all right. It’s just a compromise not everyone would choose. Sadly, the comparison is very hard to make without first hand experience. I think the big thing is simply that the panels of the 5K+, better matched to the optics, provides a double boost to sharpness.


What about that photo in particular is a bit naff and not properly indicative of the real image? We are all taking these images as gospel aren’t we.Perhaps that is where we are going wrong.

Sadly only few berlin backers are piping up since the reviews dropped.


Need to compare Pimax 4k scaler to Pimax 8k scaler.

Exactly my point indeed. I think panel utilization is much more likely to be the problem than the scaler.

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Even if you ignore the pictures, the testers said you need to supersample quite a bit on the 8k to match the quality seen on the 5k+.

All 3 of the youtubers recommended 5k+ over 8k. Yanfeng who also had the M2 describes being “blown away” by the clarity of the 5k+. Sebastian said that the 5k+ is always better no matter your GPU.

We aren’t basing this on the pictures alone.


Yes. But you can’t say the 4k scaler is better comparing Hi res Rgb vs a lower res Pentile to compare quality. You need to compare rgb to rgb.

Not following you. Who is comparing such scalers?

I believe that the failure may be that the 8k scaler is badly programmed or do not work.

I say this because every image I see gives me the feeling that interpolated pixels are making them black, so it does not work. That’s why the pixels we should see well look black.

Map of 8k pixels.

[Pixel on] [Pixel interpolated black] [Pixel on] [Pixel interpolated black] [Pixel on] [Pixel interpolated black]

I think that the interpolator is not working, and we are going to choose the 5k + for a hardware/software failure that is solved with software and it would be good to look at it well. Because in no case in a grid of 8 million pixels vs. 3 million pixels wins the 3 million pixels, unless the scaler does not work and we see 3 million pixels (worst used) (8k) vs 3 million pixels best used ( 5k +).

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But many of the Berlin meetup backers are sticking with 8k.

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You were comparing image clarity from the 4k rgb lcd to Vive Pros lower res pentile.

If you want to compare the 4k’s scaler you need to compare rgb with rgb.

StarVR looks great as it’s using an rgb-w oled; had they used pentile no one would be giving it good reviews.

@Sjef In theory 8k should be much better than what we can see in the photos. I’m wondering why it’s so blurry, without any details from Pimax we can only speculate on those screens.

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It’s a 4:9 ratio (2:3 squared), not 3:8, and we’re seeing that the 8K has more pixels all right. They’re just displaying a soft image. We expect that image to have slightly lower resolution than the 5K+, because the 5K+ had a 9% resolution improvement over the 5K (which lowers the relative panel linear resolution boost for 8K from 50% to 38%). The scaler is operating in one of the many interpolation modes that cause blurring, which is frequently a better choice than oversharpening an image. It physically cannot reproduce the edges that are present in the source image, and this is normal. We are certainly not seeing it turn off half the pixels.

Again, Only comparing to Vive Pro because most people seem to agree it has similar SDE as the Pimax 5k. You can even forget about all that and just directly compare the Pimax 4k to the Pimax 8k pics.

Would you mind listing the people that are actually saying this?