8K screens same than the 4K model?

Are you sure they are using new screens for the 8K?
Because i see the same washed colors than on the 4K model and they clearly
avoid people to have experience with project cars where you could see
the ghost thing on the 4k panels. You can’t see it with lucky’s tale or
big screen etc…

They announced a new screen for the V3 but it is not there

Maybe you should visit oculist, seriously, there is so much info about it.

[quote]I was really happy to be able to try out the device a bit longer this time and in a more relaxed setting than at the exhibition where other people breath down your neck to let them try as well. I tried the following:

Project Cars

YES! As a big racing game fan, this is probably a dream come true. There is no better way to play Project Cars than with the Pimax 8k. The humongous 200° FOV together with the high resolution are just made for racing games. It was tough to get me off this game, and therefore I didn’t have more time to try out a First Person Shooter. But I can only tell you: just for THAT experience, it is worth it to get the Pimax 8k. Racing fans rejoice, this one is gonna blow you away.[/quote]

And there is like no one yet complained about ghosting, which is a huge thing with 4k.


No one was able to test project car except you. I mean driving the car with other cars on the track.

What did they say?

The panels are not the same ones used in the 4k they are low persistence liquid crystal displays, the material in the LCDs is designed for quicker response times.

Nobody who had tried it has complained of blur or washed out colors.


AFAIK the 4k uses 2*2k screen, not a single 4k screen

edit: I was wrong

No it uses a single 4K screen.

DCS 8K thru lens

DCS 4K thru lens

If i’m right they use the same screens and there will be ghosting with project cars.

No it uses two 4k screens. The reason you are seeing ghosting is because of the camera the crew used to take the video. They used a camera with a 30hz refresh rate which cannot accurately capture greater than 60hz content.

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What are you talking about?

If Project Cars somehow produces more ghosting than other titles for you, I suggest you turn off time-based effects like “motion blur” or “multi-frame antialiasing”. Motion blur is literally simulated ghosting. We call it ghosting when it occurs in a display device, while VRGIMP describes the most common cause in cameras (relatively long exposure). The effect is designed to emulate the latter. Either way it is temporal aliasing.

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Oh. I misread. Yes, the 4k uses 1 single panel.

The 8k uses 2 4k panels.

There is no motion blur activated in project cars 1 VR, settings are fixed.
With the Pimax 4K there was ghosting on far object distance, for example when cars in front of you was turning at the corner.
There was no ghosting when you look into the cockpit and turn your head, no ghosting in lucky’s tale, no ghosting in bigscreen, no ghosting in DCS except when you was looking at the ground.

As i said both views thru the lens look the same that’s why i think that the 8k still uses the 4K screens of the Pimax 4K.

Even if they did use the same panels (which seems unlikely) that wouldn’t cause the same view. The 4K uses a complicated arrangement including electronic shutters in front of each eye, while the 8K family use strobed backlights and did away with those filters. Those shutters had their own transition times and were run at approximately half duty cycle, which means relatively long exposure and some transition overlap for at least one eye. Both of these cause motion blur. The lower refresh rate (60Hz in 4K vs 80+ in 8K), which would cause more extra images in video but less in reality, also makes a difference.

Bottom line, we can’t judge from video footage (unless it’s actual high speed imagery - about 200fps or more) which of all these factors cause this type of artifact. Therefore your assertion they look the same isn’t necessarily true. Faced with that, you should pay attention to what people with personal experience have found, including mixed reality TV.

Another effect that would cause this class of issue is the “Brain warp” function, which mainly compensates for the low frame rate of the 4K. It can be turned off for the 8K family. Since this class of artifact depends on stereoscopic vision, it wouldn’t show up in most through the lens footage no matter what the frame rate.

Most of people who tried the 8K never had the 4K model.
From the beginning i think that the 8K thru lens videos show the same kind of image than the 4K model is able to do.

The videos you speak of are 30Hz rolling shutter, near full exposure material. Each frame in them shows 2 frames for 4K footage and 2.5 frames or more for 8K footage. Double images are expected, even if the display is operating perfectly.

Edit: Correction, that particular property would be different in the second video, which appears to be 60Hz material. Either way it’s not synchronized to the display panel and the recording would cause ghosting itself.

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gp20 No need to worry

This time they are using custom built low persistence screens

They have almost matched OLED performance

They should let people have a full demo with project cars.

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They have been letting people try project cars in private sessions since we asked them. Its not a good game for high volume exhibition demos

This is a genuine reaction to the visual improvements

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Let him be, he is just speculating…i don’t even know why , he can’t control his own mind according to this.
I don’t even know if he even bought the HMD, if he did, he surely didnt trust this HMD and should not pledge at all if thats the case.

Thats like starting a relationship with someone and as soon it begins you begin to question every move and motive…very bad bad situation. Thats why you need to learn about each other and then get into a relationship. The same is with pimax 8k , you had like 30 days to learn what its about, the ups and maybe downs, and if you liked it you pledge.


What a stupid comment.
I never started a relationship with an HMD but i want to know where i put my money.

You will have to explain me why project cars is not a good demo for exhibition.
If an HMD works great for simracing it will work great for all games.

Most of the comments if not all about PCars look like this one :
_ “Project Cars 2- Again, I couldn’t do much other than move around
physically and I was able to go forward by pressing the up key on the
keyboard but turning wasn’t mapped so didn’t get very far.”
And i wonder why.

There is a video on the Pimax channel about Assetto Corsa but you only see the monitor screen which is of course useless.

Having trust in Pimax is a long road too when you have had a Pimax 4K. :wink: