8k plus delivery fedex

My order has been in Shanghai for 6 days suppose to be delivered 20th in the US just wondering what is going on.

I ordered an Artisan via AliExpress and it got to Shanghai very quickly and then straight away ‘exported to UK’. But that was 11 days ago and for some reason still not yet arrived in the UK - so I suspect it too is still sitting in some storage location the other side of the customs line next to a runway in Shanghai!

Or next to the harbour :wink:.

Sort of hoping that is not the case!

Same. Mine also stuck in Shanghai ready for export. I have access to useful help via work from FedEx.

There is literally no space on their planes.

Sadly love nor money nor abuse can solve it. They also won’t return to Pimax to get them to ship with another carrier.

It’s hard to be too annoyed when the planes are full of medical equipment but I also share your pain - although in my case they still need to ship controllers and base stations from Marseilles …

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(it’s literally scanned every day to see if it qualifies for the flight due to size / priority (eg is it medical) and how long it’s been delayed for)

Eventually the later factor will get in a plane but for the moment if you see that scan you know it’s missed the flight for the day so you can stop checking FedEx:-)

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Thanks for posting this info Stonewater. My Artisan has been stuck in Shanghai (‘exported to UK’ status) for 12 days now but your info makes me feel better. It’s been posted not FedEx (I didn’t have that option for some reason) but the service above there standard service but I expect it’s all the same problem. I’m fine if they are prioritising medical supplies over it though - just as long as they are not prioritising iphones over it!!). - they should name them ‘head masks’ to get them on the fast track!!!

Interestingly, in the last couple of hours Pimax seem to have pulled (or had pulled) all their items from Aliexpress. A couple of hours ago they had tones of stock of both the Aritsan and 8K plus but now it just comes up product not available for both items!

Generally the export notice is good news because it means they expect to allocate space on the flight so it gets moved airside.

Occasionally / but a lot at the moment. It still doesn’t get loaded onto the flight so it goes back into their near storage.

It’s happened to my 8k+ twice sadly although I just checked and I have my third ‘International shipment release – Export’ scan.

Hopefully the next one will be arrival at Heathrow and it’s usually same day delivery to (central London) from there.

Hopefully third times a charm !

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Wish you luck.

I just wish I had paid the extra for UPS now (I had that option). Once it lands in the UK I’ve got at least a week, probably 2, for it to get through customs and Parcel Force.

I’d be interested to hear when you get yours - just knowing things are moving might make me feel a little better!

Well progress (of a sort). My parcel has left Shanghai - which is good. But sadly it’s now slightly further away than it was in Japan! Last scan was 1pm local time which is roughly when the planes leave for London so I have some hope that (a week late but absolutely no fault of Pimax who handed it over to Fedex <24 hours after my order) - it will be in London tomorrow…

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So - having been collected on Thursday , 09/04/2020 - my 8k+ is now enjoying the sunshine in Germany; after a nice stay in Shanghai; and s brief trip to Japan - all courtesy of Fedex…

Maybe it will make it the last few hundred miles to London tonight… Maybe not. But it’s getting there !


Mine’s been stuck in Shanghai nearly two weeks now (I assume at the airport). Do you know how long your’s was there for by any chance?

It was there 12 days if I assume it took a day to get to the airport from Pimax but probably realistically there for 13 days !

Mine’s been there exactly 13 days now so assuming there’s some form of order mine should therefore get on a plane soon (he dreams!!)

I had the same FedEx round trips in Shanghai - if you look at Logistic Companys world wide, they have a lot to do - so I guess they are just storing it until there is room to get it going, for me, once it was on the plane things went fast.

You would need to contact FedEx - I don’t think PiMax can do much. I asked both, PiMax did look ASAP but only had a different view to the same information, so only FedEx could do something which was more or less, a “wait until its on its way”.

Good Luck none the less.


Just to cheer everyone up it’s now in France… I’m happy that my Pimax headset will see more of the world than me this year !


CDG is completely screwed atm so I have little hope it will leave quickly (at least by plane). Maybe it will be on a lorry in the tunnel overnight.

There is nothing Pimax can do - it’s totally Fedex’s fault for being useless and accepting parcels when they are actually too busy to deliver them.

By contrast (weirdly) I’m having no issues with China Post / UPS at the moment.

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So it seems my headset doesn’t like CDG. I don’t blame it. I don’t like CDG either. It’s gone back to Germany for a little R&R.

So just for anyone tracking delivery issues with Fedex out of China / expected ETAs - I’m now three weeks after Fedex collected the parcel from Pimax for delivery in London (UK) - journey so far. Shanghai - sat in a warehouse for 2 weeks (13 days). Then Japan. Germany. France. Germany (again).



Shipment exception

Delay beyond our control

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Well at least you can see your’s moving - my tracking information has not had an update for two weeks now - just hope it’s still in the system and not stuck under some pallet!!!

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@lloyd709 - I sent you a PM with someone at Fedex who might be able to help (I hope it was a PM anyway otherwise I inadvertently doxed her).

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And no update for 2 weeks isn’t right. Mine was scanned (mostly) daily - which is usual because in order for it to get on the plane - the man in the warehouse scans it with his magic wand and if it beeps - it goes into the box for loading - and if not - it stays on the shelf. But no scan…

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