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I’m not going to be too harsh here, but I’m not sure what the point of posting this was without stickying it or allowing anyone to comment there.

Also I know they didn’t mean it to be so, but the title is kind of mocking the already frustrating situation. It’s the question they should be trying to help resolve, not making fun of how divided the difficult choice is. The fact that it’s so divided is telling, and I bet a lot of those folks are nervous about whether they made the right choice still.

I know this just wasn’t well thought out. so again I’m not trying to beat them up here. But I do want them to realize how they could be addressing this situation better. If you think it’s bad now, understamd that it will hurt sales too when the choice is this unclear.


I think that whether people agree or not is no longer relevant.

Pimax’s way of doing business right now is simply just the way they do business. They lack good PR. They have an almost non-existent sense of proper customer relations. They show constant examples that they do not understand the difference between the Asian and Western market/consumers.

That all being said, they are who they are and no matter what we bitch about it will not likely change until they get a lot more experience under their belts. In that light, I appreciate that Xunshu is at least occasionally talking to us. Is the posts timing, tone, and sensitivity a little off? Yeah probably…but none of us should be surprised at this point in the game.


I don’t understand the intention with that post either. The sde difference is something that we already found out via the testers. But we asked for technical specifications, to really help decide. Since we have to make a choice for ourselves, it does not help to know how much chose for 5k or 8k. And since replying on the topic is not possible…


I hear you. Unfortunately this is the norm with Pimax. I agree that it can be frustrating but I have changed my outlook so that it no longer gets under my skin. No matter what any of us do we’ve already invested our money and it’s not coming back. I’ve decided to take the high road and accept that communication and other factors will never be up to par from pimax. Instead, I’ve decided to focus on the constructive and positive comments from different forum member’s for my daily bread.


We’ve asked for more communication with Pimax, so (please) let’s try to see this in a positive light. I think the intent was to be jovial.

There is some good news here: Pimax is about to ship the first 100 headsets. That alone is worth celebrating :champagne: :beers: after the long delays and worries that the units wouldn’t be very good. Not all Kickstarters make it to this point.

There is some information: 48% of the backers have chosen the 8K. That is actually a bit surprising to me, given the discussions on the forum.

And there is a recommendation (which has now been deleted): “If you are sensitive about SDE, you should go for 8K”

Let’s try and guide them towards being a better international company. They have a great product (albeit with a few flaws) and personally, I’d like them to succeed. This is only their second headset and has many improvements since the 4K shipped. We need Pimax to be healthy, so that they can devote resources to improve the software and design new VR products.


But why put that single vague comment?

This is not directed at you Neal.

EDIT: by vague I mean a general statement without caveats or a minimum GPU requirement.

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I’m happy that people start to get their headsets shipped, it feels fortunate that this kickstarter ended successfully, although not without it’s hiccups.

I’m eager to read first impressions and videos from first backers, it’s gonna be fun.



Brace thine anuses for 100 reviews.


Hmmm… I guess it’s a matter of interpretation. I didn’t consider it vague, however, I would have liked even more recommendations.

The post was short, but it’s a LOT better than the silence we often get. I’d like to continue encouraging more dialog, so let’s guide them in that direction.

I really do think Pimax can improve their communication, but it will take time.

They are a young company and I think they may be a bunch of dreamers (in a good way). They are from a different culture (as many have said) and need to learn to think internationally (if they want to grow into a major VR company).


Exactly what I was thinking but with better words.

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Agreed - it’s great they are finally giving some more communication.

I do think however in this instance, it would have been better to have left that SDE comment off, especially without caveating it with the requirement of a GPU to handle it.

We just need more FACTS. Sweeping statements create yet more discussion. Clearly I’m guilty of that :smile:


Didn’t Xunshu say in a previous post that she was now working on the production line ? Does that mean that they are not using a manufacturing partner to build the headsets but doing it all in-house?

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True and at this point it’s well-known advice (at least on this forum).

FWIW, I think there may be some software improvements that can improve the 8K, both in display quality and performance, which I’ve shared with them.

Wow, I didn’t know that. Long ago I worked for a small startup. Even though I’m a software engineer, I found myself stuffing boxes, running the shrink wrap machine, answering the phone (no receptionist), etc. That sort of thing happens at small companies.

The headsets need to be built in a dust free environment, so I don’t think they are doing it “in house”. More likely, they haven’t been able to hire (or train) production line staff quickly enough.


I found the post but I don’t know how to copy and paste it with my iPhone.

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Glad to see the post has now been edited and the comment has been removed:


Thanks if that was you @neal_white_iii :+1:

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For the ones who chose the 8K, I wonder how many are not in the forums or follow any VR news about the issues that have come up. I know a majority do, being a small niche of us, but I wouldn’t be surprised if theres a few that backed the campaign and only read the kickstarter updates.


I’d be surprised if it only was a “few”… i think it’s far more than a few!


There is still alot of activaty on the kickstarter site not related to anything here ,i would say probably a third of peple backing havnt scaned the fourums like redit and alike ,i hope the diffrences aren’t that much besides a bit of clarity or we may have a bunch of kickstarter browsers here looking for an explanation why they knew nothing about what was going on with the screens ect ,

I should imagine lots of people are expecting complet transparincy as kind of laid out by kickstarter code

I think the only reason ,but i could have missed somthing for getting the 5k+ instead of the 8k given so far is it being easyer on the gpu ,that all

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The thing is the facts aren’t all that relevant. FACT: At this point both headsets are best on the market. The differences between them are minor, whether it’s sharpness, SDE, contrast, black levels, etc. The pixel examinations, specs, etc, won’t have a significant impact on the user experience, because the user experience is amazing with both headsets. The ‘fact’ is that those differences are so minor that reviewers pretty much split and swing depending on final use case. There isn’t any deal-breaker on either that makes the choice easy, so they don’t want to make that choice for anyone. As all these different reviews have shown, the variations are so small that the user themselves is likely to be the ‘deciding’ factor, as well as what tasks they perform with their HMDs.