8k + little review

UPDATE 24/02/20
I have my pimax 8k + from few days, it’s time to write a short review and then i will keep it update.

*almost 0 SDE, it’s visible a little only in dark scenes as aliasing, most of times at the edge of objects but still minimal, almost perfect.

*super wide fov, my first headset with this kind of fov, I love it! ( large fov, I want it larger as possible, I hate the old small potato fov of htc vive)

*clear image with smart smoothing off and steam 120%, almost real I can say.

*Build quality seems ok, nothing of special, my units have some little “bubbles” around the surface, but almost imperceptible, I like the coating.

*the comfort kit is cool, I like the big foam but the glasses spaces will let in a lot of light and cause light reflections all over lenses, i’m in conctact with pimax staff for resolve it.

*head strap, it’s terrible, even worse than the Vive one, the upper strap is way to short, the back can’t go down in my head so still quite not comfortable, the side strap hit my ears and become uncomfortable after few minutes, just like Vive one.
I will wait the MAS that will come with all vision headset during next months and then update this review.

*light bleed, the foam and the headset comfort kit are to wide for my skinny face, I can easily put a finger on headset side foam, a lot of light come inside from there and cause intense colorfull light reflection on my lenses, even if I play in a dark room I can see some reflection on my lenses but only in dark scenes, probably coming from the panel this time, they are not like god rays because they are all over the lenses, but they are just minor and occour only in a very dark scene, not in normal gaming so its ok. (happens with my vive too).

*With smart smooting on: my image get blurry, doubled and trembling, not always but almost, seems that it happens when frame drops from 90 to 89 so basically when it drop from 90 to 45 (smart smooting?)
Basically all the time cause frame drop of 1 fps happens all the times, i can show it with a video in steam vr home but for now only pictures, the pimax team is working on it.
Ive already reinstalled pitool latest version.

as you can see from image its not “a little blurry”, its sheet, even on the super big screen in steam home is impossible to read, seems as doubled overlapping low resolution image, and int even trebbling a lot as hdm shaking.

Smart smooting off comparison:

Another wold!

First time when i plug and played it i was like : WOW BIG FOV AN NO SDE BUT DAMN ITS BLURRY, still better than vive but… then after disabling it i was like: WOWOWOWOWOWWOWOOWOWWOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW :smiley:
(only in a dark room, if there is light in my room i will see only reflections :frowning: )

I really like it, MAS will improve the stability on my head and the general comfort , the sde is almost completely gone and it’s incredibly sharp when I can render at full resolution 120%, few bugs with pitool and few crashes but I will have very nice time with it in my space sim!

Hoping for a comfort kit without glasses spaces and smart smooting fix soon!


Why do you want to buy a DAS when a MAS is included in your purchase but will be delivered…soon?


Wait, I bought the standard version, cheapest one for 8k+, I have to receive Mas for free?

Standard Headphone Version


Where did You buy it?

On the Pimax store You have to choose which MAS You want:


I bought this… Ohhhh so I have to receive the Mas, standard head strap, not only the strap that I have now… Ohhhhh :smiley:

So now I have to wait until the summer for the full package… HAPPY To know that it’s included as it’s really necessary but even that I have to wait more… Aaaaaaaaa :wink:


You could buy a DAS und resell it later. You won’t lose money I think…

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nope i asked to support and the standard headphone version is withput Mas. here is the reply:

Your order is Pimax Vision 8K Plus (Without Valve Index Controller and Base Station, Standard Headphone Version.
We have shipped to you, nothing need send to you.

So basically Mas is only with deluxe?

No, it’s just the MAS without the on ear cups but with small speakers above the ears instead… :wink:

Check here (switch between versions):

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The 8k+ should definitely come with the MAS: https://community.openmr.ai/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8e92eb7f13e9d38144cfe8dee6db2220533a3c41.jpeg
At least that would have been my expectation if I would have ordered one. Better double check with customer service again, the slides from Pimax day were pretty clear.

MAS is not only for Deluxe. As I understood it the deluxe headsets can be attached to the standard MAS as an upgrade option. This deluxe upgrade won’t come with the 8k+ by default, you have to order it extra.


You must have MAS standard… it’s a strange answer


Have you used Pimax store online chat or raised a support ticket? Because of this support answer doesn’t make sense.

There are three options for 8K+:

  • cloth strap without any headphones/speakers (this is what supposed to come with 8K+ now because of MAS and Deluxe MAS are not ready);
  • MAS that have speakers, not headphones; this supposed to be send to buyers (when ready) who selected MAS option;
  • Deluxe MAS that is a headphone version, but it’s “deluxe” not “standard”; this supposed to be send to buyers (when ready) who selected Deluxe MAS;

@PimaxQuorra - can you please clarify that?


Our support response is incorrect - you will receive a standard MAS when they become available in quantity. All Vision series will get them.

One additional small note, I saw you comment on light bleed and we do have solution for that, we have a version of the face pad without the cutouts for glasses and this does cut down on the light bleed considerably. Right now the glasses version is standard but in the future we will offer both. A temporary solution is to wear the pad a bit tighter, that causes the glasses cutouts to compress.


Answer was from Elena of support ticket, I will asp again, @PimaxUSA @PimaxQuorra

The Mas is included in 8k+. Standard version,
Why the support told me that it’s not?
Of course now I have only the cloth strap but the standard Mas will come at my home right?

Edit, thank pimaxusa, now everything is clear. Waiting for it, it’s really needed with my tiny face :smiley:


This is the cause of my reflection problem ( even on my gf face)

Then I still have some God rays but nothing of special,

Another thing, we both can see the " nose", basically the internal end of the lenses and this cause some black bars in the middle of 3d vision, like having a big nose i suppose :), this with our ipd 64mm set with the wheel on the headset, now I’ve set it to 61,5 and then 2 pm ipd offset, like this is way better, less distortion on sides and the " big nose" effect almost disappeared, still no eye strain but tested only 10 minutes, I will keep tuning it :slight_smile:


Nice! I will buy it, make it thigter didn’t help, already now it’s pushing hard on my nose, just tiny face I think :), well for now I just close the windows and 70% of reflection is gone, still an amazing experience, waiting the Mas for a perfect one!


As a temporary solution you can add some double sided velcro (maybe 2-3 layers or more) between the foam and headset on the both sides to try to close the gap.

Something like that (look for the right width - this one is 2.5cm)
[Amazon IT]


Can the comfort kit be shipped with the other foam by going through support? I have the same issue as @alexsande79 wrt having a narrow face and getting way too much light bleed due to the cutouts. I’d like to order the comfort kit soon for my 5K+ as currently the HMD is quite uncomfortable for me. I plan on ordering the 8K X pretty soon as well, and I hope the foam on that model will be available without cutouts.

In this thread, I mentioned that the no-cutouts foam should be a cheaper solution for Pimax, and that I don’t see why that’s not the default given the split between glass wearers/non-wearers.


I use something like that.
Print with flexible plastic.
Its for og face not for comfort kit

I think i Can post it on thingiverse but not before tomorrow. I’m note at home.


Hello Alexsande79,

Yes indeed. The MAS will come to your doorplace once it’s ready to be shipped.

All the Vision series is comes along with the standard MAS.


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Pimax is on my case, review updated :slight_smile:

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