8k+ First Impressions (Non-simmer)

8k+ impressions.

Yaya yaya – I have bunch of VR headsets – we all do ! I don’t know how much that matters in an objective review – it’s like saying having been married a lot of times must make you a great lover ! Maybe the opposite is true and we all make poor choices :wink:

In my case; I’d never heard of iracing (before reading this forum and googling it), I’ve played the odd flight sim – but I couldn’t reliably tell you what was aileron and what was air brake. So you can probably say I’m not really into sims !

I backed Pimax a couple of times on KS but I always cancelled before the funding ended – by the looks of the forum some KS backers paid about as much as me (or more) and are still waiting. Sorry for you I guess. r/(a sub that you can’t name here rhyming with bittylipmarters) is your friend – but the TL;DR – don’t buy 3d printers or VR on KS !

For me Pimax have pretty much delivered on their promises. Dispatch of headset and silicon cover was within 48 hours + ALYX code. Delivery took 3 weeks exactly door-to-door but this was entirely down to Fedex and Pimax were good enough to check for me what was going on when I asked them – so no complaints there.

Packaging is fine. Pimax it’s kind of a cute gesture to send face masks so I’m not going to moan about it but you’d be better not buying them in bulk so our governments here in Europe can….
Headset itself is fine. Build quality I would say is good. Nothing moves. Nothing squeaks. Coating is well attached etc.

Strap is – of course – a piece of crap. But that was expected.

I had to find my old V1 base stations – 1 of which somehow seems to have survived falling 20 ft from my lounge ceiling some years ago. Oddly – the other one is making a funny noise but they are working fine.

I had a VR less PC that I built recently so I was installing on a virgin machine (not even Steam VR installed) – it’s also a beast of a thing so it’s the perfect home I think for this headset.

Pimax software install fine. It took me about 2 seconds to work out that stopping the Pimax service would probably solve the ‘steam needs to update the f out of all your old hardware’ service failing each time – but Pimax should really fix that if they are going to use Valve hw.

And I start SteamVR. And play a bit of ALYX (of course) and spend some time on my roof in GE – the usual VR trifecta with a new headset – and….

It’s ok. No SDE – some texture that you can see which is the subpixels but it’s the best I’ve ever had.

I think the colours are nice. But folks are programmed to their OOB TV settings to like images to be more saturated I guess. For me it’s ok.

The FOV. Of course better than anything else. But at what price….

For me – the FOV benefit its completely stripped by the distortion. I don’t hate it – I’m not loosing my sh!t about it – and I can see if I was keeping my head still most of the time like you simmers – it wouldn’t be an issue – but yuck. It’s really immersion breaking.

You absolutely know you are not in the real world in a way that I think your brain can more easily compensate for when it’s a matter of reduced FOV but more real-world in that reduced FOV.

But man is that distorted image pretty !

So the big question – will it replace my Index. No. That’s the simple answer.

Do I regret parting with the money. Na – not really – I wanted some additional base stations in my study and it didn’t seem like it would be any slower via Pimax than with Valve (that could still prove to be wrong!)

The Index will stay in the lounge and it’ll be the one that gets the most used. The Pimax will stay in my study. Long term – even if the DAS made it more comfortable Pimax would need to get wireless working first before I swapped them over !

It’s definitely not crap though – even if the treatment of some of the KS backers clearly has been.

As always - YMMV.



For me it was exactly the same,so i am very scared for my upcoming pimax 8kx(when it ever comes)

I am even thinking for a refund for my pimax 8kx…Because of the problems and the wait has now been too long for me…


Yeah that’s exactly the difference between any Pimax headset and the index, in my opinion. And I’m pretty sure that my 8k-X (if it ever comes) will have the most beautiful display of them all. But in the end, we want to be tricked into thinking that what we see is real. And with the current Pimax lenses I just don’t think that’s possible.

But we just don’t have any other options. StarVR doesn’t seem to pan out like we hoped. So I’ll just keep my 8k-X order in.


I really wonder about this distortion stuff… I don’t have it except on the Last 4mm of the lenses (like on any HMD where you could see the edges).

What only takes me forever is to find the right spot on my face to have a good view and so on.
But distortions? I don’t see any… Maybe thos 24hz 640×480 monitors just burned my brain.
And I have only been playing Alyx for hours now on my new 8K+ so no Sims so far.

Can you describe your distortions? What you see that is messes up, I am just trying to figure out the cause… (if that is possible).


“I really wonder about this distortion stuff… I don’t have it except on the Last 4mm of the lenses (like on any HMD where you could see the edges).”

It’s not something that can be unseen. Maybe some people are more sensitive. Maybe your head is just the perfect Pimax model head.

Who can say. If it doesn’t affect you - be happy - swing your head around with pride :slight_smile:


Thanks, but being active here I also try to figure out how to solve problems - I wonder exactly like you said what factors cause it and what not.
I also notice that it really matters how your head/eyes and the HMD are aligned - maybe on smaller FOV it just gets unsharp and on the Pimax that is extended to having heavy distortions…
Makes it interesting to solve none the less
(barrel distortion?)


Well with knowing the comfort kit doesn’t work maybe they might include both Masks to improve user useability.


Yeah I am also not sure about it, it’s better but it’s definitely still not making it a pull on and it fits kind of thing. DMAS or what ever is needed badly to improve that truly.
Also some guid like going through a VR Testroom to calibrate and fit the HMD to one’s head would not hurt. I startet using the one that plugs in steam VR Home to get my IPD and stuff dialed in

The “cross test” and there especially the blue one helped me to find the perfect IPD to get it aligned left and right.


As your avatar has glasses - do you also have (strong) glasses in real? Perhaps the glasses distort the real world in a similar way as the headset - so everything looks perfectly normal :slight_smile:

Or fabrication tolerances perhaps? Would be interesting to have an HMD of somebody who doesn’t see distortions and one of somebody who does - and then switch HMDs (in a time after Corona :wink: )

Or anatomics like eye-lense distance.

Or simply a very adaptive brain that filters out undesirable stuff on the fly :slight_smile:


@MReis you’re such a human being what with your curious mind - it’s just going to get you in trouble.

It’s because you eye is circular and the panel is not circular. But my eye is different from yours; and they aren’t even in the same places - but mostly the panels are. So IPD fixes the alignment of your eye to the lens but…

To make a perfect lens you need to know about the eye / geometry etc.

Unless you have a custom lens (built for every user) it’s always going to be true that bigger (flat)
panels which you want for your FOV cause distortion far away from the sweet spot.

I feel like this could be resolved in software / particularly if you’re able to identify exactly where the pupil is but who can say.


I was thinging about glasses also, as each pair I had took a short time to have my brain figure out the distortion profile… That could be a reason
Currently I am glasses free - got lasered.


May the force be with the Eyetracking - if they can squeeze something more out of that…

Yeah I like being in trouble but it also got me where I am today and while not always easy that’s my path :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - being good in diplomatic approaching doesn’t hurt either :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@NoamLoop - that flexibility of brain you describe is usually called plasticity and actually we all have it in spades. You can give someone glasses that flip their vision by (some arbitrary amount).

Immediately after they put on the glasses obviously they struggle with basic manual tasks; but after 24 hours they can catch and juggle like they never wore the glasses. Until they take them off :slight_smile:

Actually that’s pretty much why I was advising @MReis not to devote too much time to this - if his visual cortex has adjusted to the distortion at edge of frame - it’ll be because of the plasticity of his brain.

But it’s an illusion - it’s not actually what he’s seeing and it’s a brittle illusion if you’re not careful !


But why then is the Index without any distortion at all? No matter how I put it on my face, tilt it left, right, up down etc, it’s always distortion free. So it’s possible for sure.

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I would agree but I am sensitiv to distortions on a monitor - I hate that some games don’t get the wide display correctly setup. Almost never have that in VR…
Well we probably would need a test group 10/10 distortion free and distortion troubled.
Scan our heads in three D and then also figure out stuff like glasses and so on.
Would be an interesting studY…


Small FOV = small panel = more flexibility of lens design = less likelihood of distortion.

Also you have an extra degree of freedom with the Index because you can move the panels back and forth.

To be clear. You do get distortion with the Index they just chose to limit the FOV to make it basically unnoticeable.

It’s a compromise until we find ways of building much higher res panels.


That is interesting also… I need to get my hands on an Index some time. Very likely that with larger FOV the trouble increases possibly exponentially or something none linear. There must be more then one reason the others are not going larger FOV (except the obvious)


Put simply… The larger the big flat things are relative to the small curvey things (your eye and the lens) the more sensitive the system will be to the lens not being perfectly designed for your eye.

At the closest point of the curvey things - everything is basically flat - so no distortion.

At the edge where you have curve on curve on flat at an extreme angle - you’re going to see the problem.

Like I said before - someone somewhere has the perfect Pimax eye and face (ie what they modelled the system on) and for that person - happy days. For everyone else it will always be a matter of how far away from the top of the bell curve.

  • I should add it’s a compromise I understand and expected. In practice it’s more annoying than I expected but that’s a personal thing. Your brain may be different. Even in this small thread that’s clearly true ! I still think it’s a quality product and I admire Pimax for making it. It’s called hardware for a reason right !

Once upon a time what seems like another life now I had a 5kXR. I saw no distortion on the largest FOV. Maybe I am the perfect user, I am really interested in what I might see in the 8kX, though I don’t want to pay for it to find out :slight_smile: And I don’t imagine I’ll get to try it anywhere ever unfortunately


What is your IPD? Are you over 64mm?