6900xt, 8Kx, 90Hz native 4K Working

8Kx 90Hz native 4k, in SteamVR
Beat Saber: PP on, SS off, looks good, working good.
Space Pirate Trainer: PP on, SS off, looks good, working good


After completely uninstalling all my GPU drivers using DDU and reinstalling the latest AMD software 21.3.2 and drivers, I tried the 90 Hz option.
So far I only played DCS and got between 50 and 70 fps. PP off, launched SteamVR from Pitool. No PE installed. Launched DCS from desktop icon.


i tried dcs today, was getting about 60fps too, was only in 60hzmode, not tried 90hz for DCS yet. I need to make it look better, first.

whats your specs?


My specs are
i9 10900k @ 5.0 Ghz, 32 Gb ram @ 3000 Mhz, MSI AMD RX 6900 XT gaming trio x, Steamvr @ 88% (4220 x 3748) default Resolution per eye. So far my AMD software settings are at default.

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That is quite impressive!

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Hi @Heliosurge,
You think? For a top of the line GPU, I was actually expecting better. Maybe my expectations are too high; with my old GTX 1080 TI, I had less fps, but a smoother experience. Sadly it died and I had to settle for the 6900 XT. Would have preferred a Nvidia 3090 card, but none are available at the moment, unless one has unlimited funds.


That’s the highest fps for DCS that I’ve seen mentioned on this forum. DCS seems to mostly depend on single CPU core performance and the GPU generally has a lesser impact.

I wonder if some of that is due to nVidia drivers. It may be that AMD GPUs perform better in DCS. If so, that’s a very interesting point in AMD’s favor.


Thanks for the compliment! Didn’t know how lucky I am. Lol.

I guess the key is that can I run all my simulators (DCS, XP11 and MSFS) with PP off. At least I get the green LED on my 8kx. I have mentioned it before that I launch SteamVR from within Pitool and then launch the games from their respective desktop icons to achieve this.

The only issue I have is that I get jitters whenever I move my head, irrespective of the fps. The only time I can avoid them is when I hit the Windows key on my keyboard. Then everything is absolutely smooth, but I am then unable to click anything in the game until I hit the Windows key again or move the mouse cursor back into the game window. Then the jitters start again with every head movement.

Hope this makes sense.


Your results as Neal said is quite excellent. It suggests that the Amd Driver is becoming more mature. Amd usually has good to great hardware; it is just there drives are slow to show what the card can do.

I initially upgraded to a 1080 ti and honestly if I had known how well my r9 390 8g card would work. I would have waited. What surprised me is rx400, rx500 series and vega gpus on pimax release of the p2 series was completely unplayable at that time. Not even simple vr titles would work on these cards on the p2 headsets.

Till considerably later in time.

Amd still has some features set to release on the 6000xt cards. So more improvements and stability are coming.

Also if you and other Amd gpu users are not experiencing blackouts on the 8kX then that issue maybe more on Nvidia’s end.

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Have you tried Process Lasso? It sounds like you may have a thread/core contention issue. It makes a noticeable difference for me in MS Flight Simulator 2020. It can be a bit tricky to set up, so just ask, if you want some advice.

Process Lasso - Bitsum - Real-time CPU Optimization and Automation



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Thank you for the heads up of Process Lasso. I have used it a long time ago with my old GTX 1080 TI in X-Plane 11 , but found out that I did not need it there. Have not tried it since. I might give it a try in the next days.

Today I played over 3 hours in DCS at 90 Hz and had two blackouts initially of about 5 seconds each within the first 10 minutes of play. After that all went well. Only my fps decayed from initially 60+ to about 46, depending on scenery and traffic at Kobuleti.(smoke) in the Aerobatic server.

Despite having real good fps in DCS, my frame rates in MSFS and XP11 are only around 25 - 30. Was much better with the old 1080 TI at 30 - 45 fps.


that’s great!! and which driver ?

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Hi @hammerhead_gal,

I use the AMD 21.3.2 drivers for my RX 6900 XT card.

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I just had Project Cars 2 80+FPS @90Hz.
Ultra settings with mirrors.

Still slightly underutilized GPU. I will need a bit of an overclock on CPU.

I will get a pic to show, but I want to play for a bit.

Adrenalin 21.4.1
Bios 3801 Beta Version

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DCS world 2.5
90fps @ 90Hz

Pitool 1
SteamVR 100%
Custom Resolution Multiplier 50% 2712*2232

Mostly Low setting

I am sure I can turn setting up and make this better, but at this point I just want to confirm 90Hz is working AMD.


How is your DCS performance with the 6900xt? I only play DCS and just ordered one, should arrive today.

Whats your CPU/ram setup and are you using SAM?

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Well 90 fps.
I am not sure how to compare, I have no experience with any other cards.
Absolutely flyable.
It seams that it is CPU that must be fast, then the 6900xt can deliver. But if total is a bit under the requirements, hitting 85fps @ 90Hz, then there is stuttering. That could need an update or maybe a setting change. I really can not play with stuttering. So, turn something down to hit the mark. In pic above I just 1/2 resolution. That is nowhere near dialed in.

I have not, yet, found the right settings and there is always GPU available. That could be another update needed.

SS seams out of focus. Looks a bit like two images with slight offset to there location.

I am flying a HU-1. If I set the 8kx to 60 or 75fps I can not fly (take off), I get dizzy. I do not understand how people fly at 30 and 40 fps. Is it different for fixed wing? Or is this a 6900xt thing?

SAM on all the time. Why would I turn it off?

AMD Ryzen9 5900x, AIO 360, TUF Gaming X570 PLUS WiFi, AMD Radean RX 6900XT 16G, 32G (16*2) G.Skill Trident Z neo 3600MHZ CL16-19-19-39, PM600 1TB NVMe M.2 PCI-E4.0, 4T HHD, GX 850W 80Plus Gold, HOTAS PXN-2119II, Logitech G27 Racing Wheel. (20H2)

8Kx, Valve Index controllers and 2x Valve Index Base Stations 2.0

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My setup is as follows:
CPU: i9 10900k @ 5.0Ghz, 32 GB RAM @ 3000 Mhz
Pitool V1.0.1.270, Normal FOV
Firmware: V2.1.255.298
PE (Pimax Experience): Not installed!
AMD Driver 21.4.1
AMD Settings:
DCS settings:

Hope this helps,


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Hey man, I just got mine setup last night, not getting as high fps as you are but I may just be running high steam SS or something.

I am also experiencing the stutter if I can’t maintain full refresh. Its odd because with my 1080ti I could run the fps as low as half of whatever the refresh rate was without stuttering. It only stutters if fps dropped to less then half of whatever the refresh rate was set to.

I’ll have to try 88%, right now I’ve been bouncing between 50-60% to try to not get stutters in 75hz mode, It runs perfectly in 60 hz mode, but the low refresh makes the image blurry while turning my head

Do you also get stutters/jitters when you can’t maintain the full refresh rate?