5K+ to 8K+ Vision : Will the move worth it?

Do you think that the screendoor effect is going to be even less apparent or visible ?

Am I going to see objects even better and clearer at far distance when racing ?

The 8KX is not an option for me because 75hz is not what I’m looking for fast movements and now the new 8K+ is at least at 90hz like the 5K+.

Do you think the 8K+ is going to be more demanding on the GPU or not really because less supersampling is gonna be needed ?

Right now I could sell my 5K+ for about 450$-475$US and the 8K+ with the current owner rebate comes to 850$. So we are talking about a 400$ upgrade difference.

Is it worth the switch ?

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Yes, totally worth it if you are not satisfied with 5K+.
Also 8KX is still can be a option for you because it has switchable 1440P 90hz mode just like 8K+ and Pimax development team is working on native 4K 90hz for 8KX.


You can drive the 8k-X in upscaled 90hz mode as well, similar to the 8k+. The bonus being it might be possible to drive it at native 90hz.


@VoodooDE and @mixedrealityTV can give you an answer for sure…

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I want to know how virtual desktop looks in 8KX. Should be amazing


Have you tried 120Hz ,with smart smoothing on? I’ve tried it on DR2, PC2, AC and iRacing and its smooth as butter, I’m really impressed, maxing settings and everything runs great

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I am pretty satisfied with my 5K+ but you know how we are. We always want more and more better and better. It is like boosting your car from 250HP to 300hp like you always wanted and a year later you dream about what if I had 350HP…

Very good point about the 8KX. It explain why that unit shine at the top of the line and it means that you can get the best of both world with it. The price is even higher of course but it make it a safe choice to make sure to get a noticable difference.

The lack of backlight presence with the 120Hz mode totally turn me off ( It is so f… dark ) and I did go back to 90Hz without feeling the need to test it furthermore. If they correct that thing and the image color come back as before I’m sure I will appreciate too.

In a near future I’m sure we will see some videos doing the comparaison between those 2 headsets but I dont want to have to wait too long.

Most of reasons drive me not pre ordering 8kx

1- Not sure my PC wil run AAA games with 4k native at 75hz
2- I believe most of the time we will be playing in up-scaled mode

And the most important is the cable 2m … is that limiting even with up-scaling mode ??


Then you should have never bought Pimax HMDs. Have you ever checked the rendering resolution at SS 100%? It is already about 4K with 5K+ and 8K. Their refresh rates are higher than 8KX, which means that gpu requirement for 8KX is lower than those unless using upscale mode. Oh, you can also lower the SS to get better performance with small visual loss.
And where did you heard that 8KX’s cable is 2m long? Basically all Pimax HMDs have 5m long cable. With 2m cables, we can only play seated games.


I have no Pimax HMD before … they state from the announcement days to run 4k native 75hz the only limitation will be the cable ( 2m )

any way lets wait and see…

I remember that was about even 2m cable extension is probably not possible for 8KX.


You should try it, 120 with smart smooth on, even with PP works great now
If you can afford both great, if not I don’t know what to say, for sim racing

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They meant the extension on TOP of 5 metres.


Thanks to clear that out … I can ask to upgrade for 8kx ( already did no reply )

Your display is not dark as hell at 120 Hz like mine ? A race during the day look like a race at dawn, night ?

You can drive the SS way down on an 8kX as you don’t have to drive it into the stratosphere to reduce SDE and increase perceived distance viewing like previous headsets. The panel utilization and resolution are high enough that those things are vastly improved.

First time I tried an X it was running fruit ninja and it was one of those memorable wow moments for me (silly I know that a wow moment could possibly happen on fruit ninja). What the X and + *don’t do is 120Hz like the 5k+ can so if the added frame rate is something you require then a 5k+ or 144 on an Index might be for you.


Thank you very much …that’s drive me even more crazy

I pre oder 8k+ already and i ask for upgrade to 8kx ( waiting for reply )

Please create a ticket along with your order number and they will covert your place in line for the + to the X. That way it will preserve your delivery date.