5k Super ( 180 hz)

Does anyone know what happened with advertised on CES Pimax 5k Super headset ? Why is not for sale in Pimax store ?

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Likely because 100% of their effort at the moment is going into the 8KX. The 5K Super might show up much later this year, or even early next year if I had to guess.

Now that the normal 5k+ runs with 144 Hr there is also presumably not so much reason for the 5k Super anymore. Perhaps it might more or less silently replace the 5k+ at some point, but having both is presumably more confusing than helpful.

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No doubt it’ll be a 8K to 8K+ type situation where the 5K+ is discontinued, yeah. It’d be silly otherwise, especially given the increasingly common reports of non-Vision units beginning to use the RE/Vision housing (there was a thread today regarding 5K+ units being listed on Aliexpress with that housing, and Artisans are already shipping out with them direct from the Pimax store). There is a point to the 5K Super, though: it reportedly can reach 120hz without any sacrifice to the FOV, which is something the current 5K+ cannot achieve to my knowledge. In a video from Sweviver, it was stated:

Large FOV: 120hz
Normal FOV: 160hz
Small FOV: 180hz

Normal FOV seems to be the most popular mode for most Pimax users anyway, so 160hz at that mode would be a pretty great middle ground. Otherwise, 120hz at Large FOV is a very good situation too.


That’s true on the refresh rate but the Super does have other improvements like the higher power dual audio jacks and the newer vision series electronics among other under the hood things.

It’s also right we are highly focused on the X and the MAS right now. Eye and Hand tracking are also on deck as well.

We assumed the 5k+ would need to be re-energized but there was suddenly a large amount of demand for it. The Vision Series Super will be in the mix in a bigger way next month - we do already produce the super mostly for partners.


In the most recent update, it was said that a thread will be created to compile questions for the upcoming event. Can we go ahead and see that thread created, so that we have plenty of time to collect as many questions as possible?

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Good idea. You are welcome to go ahead and create a thread for that.


Any news for the 5K Super for the general public ???

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