5K Plus with AMD 5700 XT


I have a pc with AMD Ryzen 3700x, Radeon 5700 XT and 32gb of Ram and would like to know your opinion if you think the 5k plus will run smooth on max FOV in most games


Hi Rpinamendes,
i do not have a 5700 XT but for what i know they do not perform very well on 5k+
(If i am wrong someone pls correct me).


Thanks for the feedback. Would you say it’s a general 5700 xt issue with pimax or for example the artisan would work ok?


I run a R-VII and it’s fine. Same should be true for Navi cards. The Radeon ones lack the rendering optimizations with Pitool for Fixed Foveated Rendering or Dynamic Foveated Rendering. So software support isn’t as good as with the RTX cards from Pimax.

correction: AMD claims Navi2 would have the capabilities though. Since you already have the HW just give it a try. 32GB sound like a bit overkill atm…

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There has been some issues with the AMD GPUs and the pimax headsets, If you’re planning on buying a headset you should seek confirmation that it has been confirmed working with your GPU first. Someone may pop up to tell you or maybe there’s a thread somewhere.

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Issues are the foveated rendering doesn’t do and the Pitool always screems the driver would be outdated.
The main problem with Pimax is, they never do commit anything for AMD drivers nor do they try to get things fixed… at least to a point where it doesn’t look obscure to the end user, aka disable wrong message boxes…

so better buy another VR headset brand if that would make u feel unsafe…

Once again thanks for all the feedback it has been very useful

Apologies in advance if this is a silly question but I’m completely new to VR so bear with me

regarding the Fixed Foveated Rendering or Dynamic Foveated Rendering and AMD is this something specific with AMD and pimax or it will not be supported also if I buy an headset from a different brand.

Also with the new eye tracking from 7invensun would VRS be natively supported or it will face the same issue for AMD gpu because it does not support FFR or DFR


i don’t know enough about the amd cards and plans to say anything for sure. sorry.

That is an AMD issue, not a Pimax issue. Other headsets don’t use FFR, aside from the quest (AFAIK). The quest’s FFR is performed without the use of variable rate shading, so it does not require a specific GPU.

Eye tracking is the bigger bummer imo - I have a 2070 super which is very similar to your gpu. I can use FFR, and often do on the conservative setting which is a nice feature. However, my gtx 1080 does not support FFR, and I enjoyed the 5k+ for a solid year with that GPU. I wouldn’t let that hold you back.

VRS is the basis for fixed or dynamic foveated rendering. AMD will only support it from RDNA2 on, so is the sayin. Then it would become a Pimax issue to implement it in collab with AMD.
But in general the VR industry as a whole should use VRS in some way sooner or later. It is part of the upcoming consoles, we’ll see what PS-VR is going to do with it.

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So the support for FFR, DFR or VRS is currently an AMD limitation and not something specific to Pimax and I will have that limitation even if I buy a VR from a different brand. That is good to know and thanks for clarifying this!

I’m mainly looking to play sim racing with the VR headset. Based on your experience do you think I will be able to play at 144hz or at least 120hz games like assetto corsa or dirt rally 2.0 in the max FOV or you think my gpu will struggle?

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Assetto corsa is relatively easy on the gpu, not needing parallel projection. You should be able to run it at 120hz if you simplify graphics in the options. Dirt rally 2.0 is a different story. No way to get that game to spit out 120+ fps in vr (has 2.0 vr? I know there was a discussion before release that it would not support vr from the beginning). Also i would suggest to play with higher fidelity graphics but smart smoothing on @144Hz. In that case your gpu needs to supply 72fps and your headset reprojects a smooth 144fps out of it.

Also i would suggest that you wait until september when nvidia and amd will present their next generation cards. Big navi supposedly supports all for vr important features. And the price of the nvidia 2000ish generation will drop. I hope that we even can use raytracing in vr with the nvidia 3000 series. But that is probably only a wet dream of mine :crazy_face:

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Yes, you’ll be able to enjoy those games. I only use 120hz, and i definitely don’t reach 120fps in sims by preference (i like graphics). My preferred games are PC2 and automobilista 2 at the moment which are hard to run, but still very smooth on my setup with maxed out settings.

would be nice if you would post your “maxed out”, smooth settings in the software thread? Thnx

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I have Dirt Rally (not 2) with my Radeon and for me it’s fine.
Also Project Cars 2. Didn’t bother too much on the framerate though, so I don’t know. But surely no 120fps. I run the 5k+ at 90 usually, never got into optimizin for those racing sims…

Hi there,

In order to add another feedback. I own an Artisan (not 5k plus though), using 5700xt nitro+ and R5 3600 with 16Go 3200Mhz RAM.

I run Assetto Corsa and Rfactor 2 at 90Hz using Pitool rendering 2.0, Steam SS 50% (anti-aliasing are maximum in both games, but details are lowered).

It does run well like that, i’m comfortable and happy with the image display.

What resolution is reported in SteamVR-Video Settings?

Steam display equals to 3172x2980

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But i doubt you get steady 90fps. Maybe you play with smart smoothing on? because 45fps seems feasable.

Did you set MaxRecommendResolution to 16384? Could be that it is set to 4096 (SteamVR standard) This way your SteamVRSS setting gets capped.