5K+ owners! Please test your 5K+'s! Has the colour and brightness improved for you on .90?

I might be going crazy here but I was just doing a test with a 2D game in VR. Rocket League was my first pick.

Whilst trying it I suddenly realised ‘hang on a minute… this is brighter and more colourful??? WTF?’

So I quickly started up SteamVR home, default environment which is where I first thought it looks a bit dull…

The brightness and colours look a bit better to me!

I upgraded to .90 today, so are the ‘bugs fixed’ also colours/brightness tweaked???


Pleeeaaaase a luxmeter test :smiley:

Take a screenshot of something like Elite and compare with older screenshot? or is this more of a live eyes only thing.

live eyes thing, my phone camera enhances through the lens image too much to judge anything on that.

I’m not saying its night and day different, but I’m feeling more positive even if its just some games highlight it more and I then got fooled after :slight_smile:

Just want another opinion to check if I’m talking $#$# as usual here or not :wink:


Send your pimax to me and I’ll check it out


lol… :thinking:… no! :stuck_out_tongue:


worth a try I guess…


This is a good new which can make me to forget the 5k BE right now, lol.

And how about black level?

Blacks when in large areas are still very dark grey, unchanged in my perception today from previous. However where there are scenes with some brighter colours and/or smaller areas of black… in my eyes blacks look black! So far I don’t have a problem with them.



One wonders why Pimax can’t just say they tweaked the colors in the change log.

I swear, Pimax is their own worst freakin’ enemy when it comes to communication.


Or at least give us confidence they haven’t by properly explaining what they did do! Patch notes saying ‘fixed bugs’ are not helpful now these are in the wild with people essentially being beta testers for pimax.

I have done one other thing and that was move my USB connection to a powered hub. I know its getting power via the injector but when I get a chance I’ll compare to make sure there’s no influence going on there.


I think pimax may check about SteamVR direct mode, if we disable the direct mode, we will see headset in Nvidia panel and can set brighness and other for it too, but still not sure about some bug because I try with my vive and when I enable the direct mode, it not effect to my vive (but effect to other WMR).

May pimax should check this with valve. But if they can make it in the Pitool, maybe more convenient.

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE May you can check about new .90 and compare to the 8k.


With USB use the Red high speed ones.

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Why aren’t you playing rocket league in vorpx with geometry 3d on immersive screen mode is the real question


Their patch notes are horrendously brief

Meaning worse black levels…

We need game profiles in PiTool including a setting for brightness.

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I did, as per my other comment on my other setup impression thread :slight_smile:

your the only backer who got a 5k+ as far as I know.

there’s a handful, @Heliosurge has one


I have a 5k+ too now but I could not test it because my GPU is only Display Port 1.2 :frowning:
It says not connected. Check DP
I have pushed in the cable on the HMD. That was not the solution :slight_smile:

So I have to upgrade ASAP. I knew that I have to.

EDIT: Oh it was added next to my name by Heliosurge I guess.