5K BE OLED version has A LOT more Screen Door Effect when compared to the the normal 5K+ , This is worrying?

So everyone at CES is saying the 5K BE has tons an tons more Screen Door Effect than the normal 5k +, an im wondering why this is and if they are working on it still? Id appreciate a reply from a member of the Pimax team on this.

As someone that ordered the BE version im quite worried now, should i have just ordered the normal version since its quite a lot less expensive.

I was told they start shipping the BE on the 31st so not sure what to do, i just dont get why a more expensive premium panel would be worse.

Is this still being worked on or what?

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Probably because the 5K+ has RGB strip style panels and the 5K BE had pentile style panels


Honestly starting to re-think my order now, apparently the SDE is being compared to in between the original vive an the vive pro, this does not sound appealing at all. That is too much SDE.


Yep. I was all excited with MRTV’s first initial review, then the second review as you stated :pensive:

Yeah, an it sounds bad. Hoping Pimax will comment on this

Because it’s the Business version instead of the consumer version! Pimax has said in the past that the 5K BE does have more SDE and they DON’T recommend it for consumers. It was never designed to be for home usage for playing a multitude of VR steam games.


More SDE was expected from the beginning because there is only pentile OLEDS at that high resolution available today. Rather have a full RGB display of lower resolution or LCD than that…

For BE it can make sense, e.g for controlled theme park experiences with only dark scenes…
For some this version might work for Elite Dangerous for example, but some will still prefer less SDE and more detail with a 5K+


Maybe. ED has a lot of small text. The question is, will it be readable?

Had to make a lot of tweaks for the original OG Vive to make it playable but it worked well. However, when I switched to Vive Pro, there was no way I was going back to OG. I’m expecting the same with Pimax and is why I stopped investing in more assessories in 1st Gen and Vive Pro.

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I’m guessing I would take clarity with a bit worse blacks than more pixels and SDE.

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Even if it will forever have more SDE you can bet they’re still working on it and will continue to do so

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think im going to cancel it an get the normal 5k + instead then

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5k+ has black dot and worse black level.
5k be no black dot and worse sde, better black level and contrast.

Can’t tell that what is better.

I don’t know, but I will take lower contrast an lower colour levels over SDE personally. No way i could cope with the SDE on the BE version, it is just too much. SDE is a super deal breaker.

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I really wouldn’t call it “a lot more.” The deep blacks and more saturated colors are probably worth it.


So was it your choice of the three?

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As I stated earlier. MRTV needs clicks on his channel. It was well known that the SDE is bad before CES. It is OLED pentile after all.
He only played space pirate trainer. That game looks good on a vive even and he should know that.

Pimax themselves stated the BE is not their choice and only produced on contractors wish.

If you want true blacks and popping (not realistic btw) colors then go for it. Otherwise I wouldn’t.


My take is that the only people who should consider the 5K BE are those who already own an OLED headset and don’t mind the SDE. They are the ones most likely to miss the deep blacks and vivid colors.


I own both. Vive (oled) and oculus go. Yes blacks are better with oled - no question. I absolutely hate SDE though. Never was a fan of oled colors either. Started when samsung made the first phones. Yes the colors pop but they look like one of those wannabe photoshop artist sunsets - artificial and unreal.


Oled pentile matrix display - same resolution as odyssey and vive pro, spread over much larger FOV - much more SDE.

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