2023...February...and...Pimax 12k when?

What is happening with Pimax 12k? We would like to have more information and when it will be ready.

I doubt we’ll hear anything until after the crystal is shipping for a bit and that in turn will be a good indicator of the majority of process of the 12k.

Tbh, I would expect the 12k until end of the year at the earliest. Crystal is looking to still be a couple of months out and that seems like it will be launched without standalone, eye tracking, steam faceplate and a few more things. I think Pimax will get there eventually but honestly it will be like 2 years after the original release date before fully functional headsets are in the hands of consumers but at the same time, no one else is pushing things like Pimax are so it’s a mixed bag.

According to SweVivor last month, The 12K could be ready as early as August. But predictions at this point are more like guesses. I suggest Pimax should describe progress on the 12K before summer but refuse to set a release date.


I agree completely, give updates on progress and only mention a release date when absolutely certain. The constant false dates that are missed needs to stop.

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I doubt we’ll see the 12k until we see GPUs with Display port 2.0. That’s not going to happen until 50 series in 2 years.

Let’s face it the 12k got shelved and now Pimax are working on a new headset to replace the 8k. Lol

We have this chain of events - 12k saviour of the 8kX - Crystal saviour of the 12k - Portal saviour of the Crystal - Now 8K Pro saviour of the Portal.

@Atmos Do you have evidence for that assertion?
DP 2.0 may have issues -at least according to Kevin, and I thought the solution by Pimax was to use 2 x 1.4 ports. If that’s not possible then I don’t know what will transpire. Correct, the 4000 series GPUs do not have 2.0 ports. AMD’s 7900 radeon does, but that card has its own issues with VR right now. Did I miss the admission by Pimax that their 2 X 1.4 approach is impossible?

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DP 2.0 GPUs already exist, but they are AMD’s current offering that have issues with VR.

That said, they have confirmed multiple times that DP 2.0 won’t be a thing on the 12k. Would limit their potential market drastically, perhaps a revision down the line will but not the coming one. DP 2.0 only would be suicide before like 2026 imo.

Sure, but that doesn’t account for DSC or foveated transport. Those together might enable even a single DP 1.4a cable, which I think is the current goal, but if not then 2x 1.4a will be the solution.

DP2.0 isn’t needed, just would be a nice to have but makes no sense with current levels of adoption and likely won’t make sense for a few years yet.

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Who want 8k

Why are Pimax working on a new HMD that isn’t 12k then?

Don’t forget @SmallBaguette stickers aren’t needed but you still get them. Haha.

No idea, I have no reason to assume it’s because of DP2.0. Like they were originally intending on releasing it when not a single DP2.0 GPU had even been announced so clearly DP2.0 was never the intention.

Oh jesus lol. I am still in absolute shock at that, I love that even Sweviver didn’t think it was possible.

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I’m not. Wise man once said ‘Paperboy need not read to deliver paper’

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Surely the addresses for them to deliver to were written down in a list.

I can’t wait for you to get yours @SmallBaguette

Me too, I’m starving!

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As I think about this display port thing, I begin to doubt that it is the hold up on the 12K. Remember they had a working prototype at CES. However, the reviewers to whom they showed it had to sign an NDA.
Pimax has said all the way along that they have separate teams working on the 12K, Crystal, and Portal. No idea if that had to change due to exigency circumstances. And I still can’t guess when we’ll see the 12K. Our beta on the Crystal is supposed to be close though in terms of the paperwork and setting up the discord group.

Are we talking CES 2023? I don’t think that was the 12k. I think that was the secret HMD we can’t talk about.

Sweviver said, during the MRTV podcast, that it was like a prototype 12k. I forget his exact wording, but it was a wide FOV headset that showed off the possibility but wasn’t actually the 12k. I got the impression that it wasn’t a new headset entirely, just a prototype to show the 12k existed. It was kinda confusing tbh haha. I’ll go listen to that segment again tomorrow if I get a chance and parse it better.