200 degree FOV?

I can buy this today. I will if the indicated specs are true. Is this for real? https://www.amazon.ca/Crystal-Headset-Display-Tracking-Metaverse/dp/B0BRK1M9SX/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1AX4RCB7UUU6&keywords=pimax%2Bcrystal&qid=1672855133&s=electronics&sprefix=Pimax%2Celectronics%2C97&sr=1-1&th=1


all sorts of data jumbled up to make no sense and mind.
Check out the other items in the shop. :see_no_evil:

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I figured as much. I hope that price is fake too.

The price has already been confirmed, 1599 USD.

Why? its cheap. No more expensive than a Vive. :rofl::joy:

Btw, item weight only 1 gram!

or the 8kx

I had no idea the Canadian dollar was doing so badly. :joy:

Probably someone trying to profit off their reservation.

The closer I look at the seller and product description specs etc. provided, I smell a scammer. Does the seller have a license from Pimax allowing integration of hardware and or software? I would like to hear what a Pimax rep has to say about this. Exactly what the hell is the seller selling? Thanks all take care


Unfortunately this isn’t an official Pimax store nor authorised retailer.

You can always check with us if you are interested in our product via browsing the e-commerce platform.
We are happy to help you to verify the seller.

Uh… I would say no.

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I thought Amazon WAS the official site to buy Pimax in Canada. It was when I bought my first 8kx. When I bought my DMAS 8kx, it was available at Amazon. If Amazon, and or Pimax allow sellers to advertise the sale of Pimax products, then, in this case, someone failed Due Diligence. I almost ordered that Crystal. I wonder how many actually did make that purchase? I learned something from this. Don’t click on ANYTHING without a bit of research. Thanks to all again for responding. Take care Eddie.


It’s clearly a scammer

Amazon is a platform for sellers, anyone can sell on it.

This is painfully obviously a scam, and Amazon has great customer protection anyway so the odds of someone not getting their money back is next to nothing. If it is being sold on Amazon officially then the Amazon store will be Pimax’s one and not some random name.

Hello Eddie,

We do have an official Canada Amazon account.

Amazon is an e-commerce platform where others can sell any product, so it’s kinda hard for us to monitor or report if the seller is scammer.

You can always subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates from us!

I appreciate your response PimaxQuorra. I know that Amazon would allow a refund RMA if the advertised Pimax Crystal seller is indeed a scammer. When I posted this topic, many were quick to identify the Crystal seller as a scammer. Why didn’t Amazon pick up on this? Apparently, the Pimax Crystal has yet to be released. Amazon didn’t know this? Did Pimax provide Amazon with any official info as to a proposed release date, cost etc.? At any rate, it is what it is. I’m glad I brought this to the attention of my fellow members here at Pimax. Thanks again all take care Eddie.

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Scams are quite common on amazon. Try search for cheap SSDs for example, you’ll get a 32gb usb thumbdrive that is flashed to look like a 512gb SSD in an nvme enclosure. The hope there is that the person doesn’t fill it up with more than 32gb anytime soon, so by the time they eventually realize the mistake they have already gotten the money from amazon and closed up shop. Ultimately you’ll get your money back most likely and the scam is really aimmed at amazon (and their very strong customer service refund policy) moreso than the consumer.

I would wager more than half of all reviews on amazon are fake also. People seem to think the world’s largest platform has somehow rooted out scammers but that’s not the case at all. That crystal that was posted here is a particularly poor attempt at a scam tbf. Best to just report and move on.

That’s not how it works. Amazon doesn’t list the products. Think of it more like ebay. Sellers just setup a store and post their products. Amazon doesn’t care about release dates or MSRP etc.

In future, any Pimax purchases I want will be done in the Pimax Store. I’m a Prime member at Amazon, and I did so for one reason, and one reason only, to enjoy free 2 day delivery… I live In Northern Ontario Canada, and I seldom get anything from Amazon in 2 days. What I’m thinking right now is, order that Crystal as advertised, and see what the hell they send me. I’m really really thinking of doing this. Hmmmm I wonder… Thanks again all take care Eddie…

Purchasing through Amazon gets you a 30 day trouble free return policy though. I think that’s the bigger consideration here. If you buy from the Pimax store, their support policies about returns are lackluster.

Historically, Pimax hasn’t had the best quality control. That may change with the new Reality series. We will see. But I’d definitely go for the piece of mind of ordering through Amazon with their strong 30 day return policy whenever possible.

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You’re right Sargon. I had no issues with Amazon with regard to quick RMA etc. and I had no problems when I bought 2 8kx headsets as a Prime member. I will purchase the new 12K from Amazon for that return policy, and of course the 2 day delivery for Prime members. The 2 day delivery is the only issue I have with Amazon. I can’t remember any purchase I’ve made and had delivery in 2 days. The no question RMA is the reason I’ll stay with Amazon. If I ever get anything in 2 days, it will be a bonus. Thanks for reminding me of the RMA policy Sargon. take care Eddie.

I say go for it @eddie but be aware because

  • Immersive experience that makes people want to stop.


I jest, obviously, DO NOT make a purchase with that scammer.

You might reach out to Amazon and ask them to have this third party store not mi-represent the specifications of your product.

Amazon I’m sure, has the ability to identify scammers. Whether or not I bring this to the attention of Amazon would not in any way change their policy as it relates to scammers. I can’t prove that seller IS a scammer. Only way for me to find out, is to buy that Crystal HMD, and that ain’t going to happen. I brought this Crystal info to my fellow Pimax owners and forum members and that’s good enough for me. I gotta tell you though, I still am curious what would happen if I ordered that Crystal headset. I’m NOT going to do it, I just wonder…know what I mean? Thanks again all take care Eddie.