Z370 - Which Display Port is needed?!

Buying a new Z370 Motherboard and don’t know which display port to look for… Don’t even know if I need a display port on my motherboard for this :S
Currently looking at the MSI PC Pro variant which has VGA (D-Sub), DVI-D, HDMI
Will this do or do I need to keep looking? :slight_smile:

The port on the motherboard doesn’t matter you will be plugging it into your graphics card. Your graphic card will need DisplayPort 1.4


Then what are the ports on a mobo even used for?

The video ports on motherboards are used for many different applications, but VR is not one of them sorry. You need to get the best video card you can afford, and my I suggest you stick to Nvidia cards for example a 1080 TI being a great card but pricey. Good luck on your VR quest, Pimax is going to change the GAME BIGTIME!!!

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My GTX 980Ti only has DisplayPort 1.2 ports, yet I have read that this is a supported card for the 8K. However, DP 1.4 is mentioned as “needed” above.

What does this mean? Will I need to buy a new video card to use my 8K headset? Will it work, but be limited to a lower framerate, like 75 Hz?

Edit: Clicking the link will take you to the table. I don’t know why the forum pulled in the other garbage

I think this is the table you’re looking for:

Given that we are also passing audio through to the headsets via DisplayPort, it looks like those of us with DisplayPort 1.2 will be limited to 75hz

The video ports on the motherboard are because some motherboards come with onboard video which can be used to output to monitors (without a separate dedicated gpu)… Usually such integrated graphics are significantly weaker than a dedicated gpu.

In a lot of cases once you put a dedicated gpu onto the motherboard, the onboard video can be deactivated or set to defer to the dedicated gpu …The integrated video is still useful for troubleshooting, ie if the main video card dies or you are swappig it for a replacement…

In the end if you want VR, you should also be buying a decent separate video card in which you would use those ports instead.Once that is in place, you can pretty much ignore the video ports on the motherboard.

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Thanks for the info, AlurianNighthawk. I think 75 Hz will be fine, until I can upgrade my video card. The 1080 has been out for quite a while and I’d prefer to upgrade to NVidia’s next generation enthusiast card.

My primary VR application will be Elite: Dangerous and people are currently playing it on Pimax 4Ks at 60 Hz and say that the refresh rate is “OK”. That is, no nausea. I’m sure the 8K will be much better, even if I have to run it at “low” settings for a few months.

Right now, I’m playing E: D at either 4K res or 1080p 3D with LCD shutter glasses; both at only 60 Hz refresh. VR is going to be a huge improvement over that.

The ports on the Motherboard are used if you have a PC with no Dedicated Graphics Card and the PC would use the graphics built into the CPU.

You need the DisplayPort on your graphics card.
Preferably a DP1.4 which all 10-Series Geforce Cards have.
I believe Vega 56 and 64 have them too, but am not positive.