Your Top 5 Predictions for 2023?

Hi, happy belated New Year.

Here’s your chance to have some fun and make your top 5 predictions for 2023. It can be anything VR related.

Here are mine.

  1. Sony announce portable PSVR5 in Q4 2023 - release date 2024.

  2. Valve announce Index 2 in April - release date June 2023.

  3. Apple announce Reality Pro VR headset in March - release date September 2023.

  4. Pimax launch 8k headset May 2023 - release date Q4 2023.

  5. One high profile ‘VR employee’ leaves.

  1. PSVR2 will be a big success.
  2. Crystal will be a slow burner at 1st sales wise but will increase as the product matures (which it will imo)
  3. Varjo Aero 2 will be shown, shipping at the end of the year.
  4. I don’t think Index 2 will show up.
  5. I don’t think the rumoured Apple VR headset will show up.
  1. Valve Nanobots will be released. Nanobots crawl into the brain and couple directly to sensory-motor neurons. They simulate virtual worlds that can be experienced with all senses in better-than-real fidelity. Decoupling the motor system allows to get the feeling to really move in the virtual world without moving the real body. Which in turn is moved and controlled by the Nanobots in the meantime. Doing some payed work. Valve takes 60% of the money the body earns while the mind is hanging out in games like Half Life 3 Infinity. Of course the player gets ingame credits in return.

2./3./4. Apple/Meta/Google Nanobots

  1. Pimax releases the 12k QLED

Looking forward to 5!



The first version of “OASIS” is out.


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