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Work Submission Reminder-- --It’s 8KX! @OpenMR Event

The event has started for some time, and many partners have signed up to participate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
The deadline for submission is the 26th ~There are still many applicants still in preparation
Come to the event to win your RTX3090!!


If you encounter any obstacles, please contact us for assistance


Gosh, we know that! If Pimax would start to deliver on their promises and have been able to send out my fricking headset and remaining KS items and orders in time I might even be a happy clown on this joke … now I am mor of the “it” type… GRRRRRRRRRR…

Oh yeah, and the “obstacles” have now been on communication for since September 17th.

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I am still stucked and cannot post anything on the site !!!
I want to participate to the 8KX event I am registered but cant post !!!

Please help me !!!

“Me and my 8KX Story - Tell your stories with 8KX and VR in general”


The story I am about to tell, is a simple love story. Like every love story, there is this particular moment that everyone wants to know, how did it all started? Let me tell you how it all happened.

At first, we were not meant to meet, to tell you the truth, at that time I didn’t even know she existed, I was having different adventures, but nothing really serious.

My very first love was called Oculus, I loved to call her DK1 in private, I had a wonderful time with her but she was older than me, so despite the fact that I truly loved her I knew in my heart that we couldn’t be together forever. Me and her experienced so many different things, went to so many special places, she really made me think I was special, she made me realized that everything could be possible…

Our love was really intense, but one day, after a lot of precious moments shared together, DK1 decided to leave. Memories are starting to fade now, I don’t remember if it was me or her, but we just broke up. I did keep a souvenir from her though, I kept her favorite accessory: The Razer Hydra. Sometime I look at it and old memories come back; beautiful flash backs form the past…

It was time to say good bye, but hey don’t worry, I know for sure that she found someone else that kept on loving her, at least when I left her. I was very sad when I left her, or when she left me actually, but when I look back it was all for the best.

After that first experience, I just knew that I couldn’t stay by myself anymore, I had to find my other half, I missed her so much but I couldn’t get back. I had to move forward.

After a while, I decided to move on and tried to meet someone else. You know that moment in life when you try to find yourself. So, like every young guy my age, I started dating…

I won’t tell you all the names, but you know, I’ve met a lot…

I even dated girls I wouldn’t think of, you know the type of girl you wouldn’t even look at in class:

Yeah, Google Glass! We all know her…

I know when I look back, I am not really proud of what I did… but one must learn. How can you tell what is good when you never experienced what is supposed to be bad?

I was always seeking for my life to change, for things around to get more beautiful, finding the way to live better and better experiences. Just didn’t know at that time If I could find that special one to fulfill my needs.

I did meet that very charming PSVR girl… Wahoo, she and I really had great times together. She was very attractive, you may say she was not sophisticated, a very pleasant companion. With her, everything was simple, maybe too much… She had this very big problem with directions that she couldn’t solve resulting in me being attracted to another one…

My eyes where everywhere, I was desperately looking for the one, the not boring one, and suddenly something happened.

I was on my phone and a new app just launched; you may call that a dating app, I am not sure. The app name was KS, you know you scroll down your screen until you find an attractive one, then when you do, you swap your screen and you may get a match.

THAT day I found THE one, for that I was sure, I saw her profile and as soon as my eyes laid on her, I knew she was the one. Every detail in her resumé was so perfect, it was even to good to be true. Her curves and all her other big arguments, you guys know what I’m talking about right? I had to try my chance and I swapped. But guess what, she didn’t swap back.

Since that day I only had eyes for her. Her username was 8KX, but I guess her real name was PIMAX. I dreamed of her every night and was obsessed by her. She looked so sophisticated almost out of reach, beautiful and very demanding; every man’s dream!

Being with her could get very challenging, but it could make you live the dream, the real deal…

That time I was too young to stay alone, so I continued dating. I was seeing someone pretty seriously.

I was still seeing PSVR time to time but I happened to meet that other girl named Vive, she was actually very nice, demanding but not too much, she was very touchy and unlike PSVR she had no problem at all with directions, that’s what made us stick together quite a long time. She wasn’t perfect, I knew, but we stayed together long enough to settle down together. We had our little home together we liked to called “Steam VR home”, I never left it since. But after some time, I was about to meet someone else and she saw it in my eyes, she knew she wasn’t the right one for me anymore, she naturally left. Not really actually, I can still feel her presence everyday as she left her sensors and wands so I could remember her forever.

Then, the unexpected just happened. I had this push notification from this KS dating app telling me that I had a match, I was so excited… Unfortunately, it was not my crush. Can you believe it? The app just asked me to choose between my crush’s TWIN sisters 5K+ or 8K+. That moment in my life was so painful. I knew I was in love with 8KX but she was snobbing me. It just looked like she was putting me to the test. I had to stay with one of her sisters to get a chance to someday meet her?! I’ve chosen 5K+ because she was very attractive and really looked like her younger sis.

Everything was almost perfect, we lived in perfect harmony, we even had a pet together, its name is Quest, funny name, right? I loved to play with the pet when I wasn’t with 5K+, I still do. I will cherish the marvelous moments we all spent together. What a cute picture!

We were so close, so happy together I was almost ready to propose. Why almost? Because I wasn’t ready to give up, I was still having hope, hope that someday 8KX swapped back at me. I was still in my fantasies, dreaming of a happier life, crisper and sharper life.

And one lucky day, 8KX finally showed up in my life, after more than 2 years she did swap back at me. Later she explained to me that her life was so busy because she was making YouTube videos and stuff and couldn’t get time to get to me, she told me she wasn’t ready, I was so in love I believed everything she told me.

I didn’t want to, but I had to stop my relationship with 5K+. It was a hard time for me and I was very sad to see her go, but I had to. I knew I was going to miss her and I cried the day she left…

8KX is all I ever wanted; she is the perfect match. It would be trivial just to speak about her Good-Looking appearance, no one can resist her sexy lines, you just feel Comfortable with her. She is what I was seeking from the start, she has everything that other have but just Better . Being with her is Magic , you just See life Differently . She just Frees my vision to new horizons in a way no one did before. She is so Smart that every communication with her is so Sharp and Precise , that every hour spent with her seems like seconds to me.

She loves me back, I can tell, always telling me Colorful stories, taking me to Vibrant places, making me see the world true her Gorgeous eyes. What we do together is Clearly fantastic .

I know that she is the one, I still get notification from other dating apps. I guess I am not too bad looking myself, lol. There are those girls always swapping me: Index, G2 etc. But guess what I’m not even tempted anymore… Should I uninstall those apps? Maybe?

Me and Pimax 8KX are living a true love story, hope we will live many wonderful Adventures together for years to come…

To be continued…

GU Daju



could you tell you ticket number?

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It had been solved I think,as I see your love stories with 8KX

thanks, seems it was finally shipped after I wrote this. Still, it won’t arrive before friday the best and thus not in time although promised repeatedly weeks ago… so all that’s left for me to participate is to contribute a sad “my not-8KX experience”

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I am registered and have received many emails about this but I cannot post in the main thread with my story. Help would be appreciated.

[EDIT - Figured it out. You need to poke around, look at some posts, do the little discobot tutorial to be upgraded to a trusted level and be able to post anything.]



My apologies Arthur. If I had spoted this message sooner would have bumped your user level. Glad you have it working.



You seem to reply the wrong post :see_no_evil:

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I want give you a hug now :see_no_evil:

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