You sent me a 5K+ instead or the XR(BE) I switched to

I Originally backed the 8k but loving the Vives Oleds I jumped at the chance to switch to the BE

So, Whoever is doing your support needs sorting out, this is unacceptable

You sent me a 5K+ instead of the XR(BE) that I switched too,

I paid the $100 extra then you announced the XR and said we would be refunded that no sign of that money either.

Previous correspondence


so, WHAT NOW there’s not much more I can do my end to get this sorted…

Please send me what I ordered please read the requests I see everyone else in UK is receiving their XR’s if there’s left over stock in the UK send me mine please.

Backer 6056
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I believe I’m sort of in the same boat. I initially pre-ordered a “5K BE OLED” and today I received a headset marked as “P2” with PiTool recognizing it as a 5K+.

Box also states 5K+ EU

@BorgPimax Sorry to hear that mate, It seems their logistics system is a shambles at least in the UK we don’t even have a contact phone number we can call…

I replied to a questionnaire 3 days ago for yet ANOTHER different support person and have had radio silence since then.

This is my reply if it help you in any way,

Hi Derek, thank you for helping me.

1, I backed the 8k but switched to the 5k BE on the survey was not asked to pay the difference until I chased it up since then you as a company changed The 5k BE to XR and you stated any backer on BE would be switched to XR automatically unless they insisted on the BE (I didn’t) here are the forum posts

2, no I haven’t been refunded the $100 difference that I’ve paid.

3, no I have received a 5k+ which at no point did order or switch to…

4, I am backer no 6056 I have no order number for that only the order number for the price difference I couldn’t open another ticket without an ordered number so I used that.

So I need to be sent the 5k XR and would like my refund of the difference I paid.

The Ironic thing is I was personally responsible for 3 other people backing Pimax 8k’s all of which switched to the 5K+ on my advice all of them backed after me and all of them are very happy with their headsets (cracks aside) … its become a bit of a joke for them that I still don’t have a headset I can use. :frowning:

i think you must be replied, are you?
just find this post, is the problem solved ?

8 days later says it all for pimax “support”…

NO you know my issue has not been resolved you should be helping me not trying to close my case wtf is going on?? I’ve sent the pictures of the 5k+ as you requested…

@anon84525399 @mozi @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @PimaxUSA

the service desk down today, can’t check it.
who’s been contacting you ?

Are you joking? You… (DerekVVV) you have from the start…

LOL I don’t know your ID,

and the service desk is under maintenance.

This still not resolved I still have the incorrect headset It needs to be sent back where is my support?

@anon74848233 @mozi @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @PimaxUSA

please use the service desk ,


I’m not going to put my email in the post as its easy you someone to take over your account